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Deck "Archer: The Military's Cheater"

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Deck "Archer: The Military's Cheater"
75 Cards
created by redlotus LV6 activity icon envelope icon
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This deck is based around Archer's abilities to gain a upper hand by attacking. Ride upon his lack of honor. Personally, I start with Rank and File to make sure you can be the first attacker to use Archer's ability.

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (62 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Abandon Your Friends FMA 152-240 Event U
1 x Aflame AH 65-110 Event U
2 x Alex Louis Armstrong, Strong and Beautiful BW 18-110 Ally U
1 x Another Perspective HP 86-140 Event C
1 x Antique Armor FMA 134-240 Attachment C
1 x Autofire FMA 158-240 Event U
2 x Awesome Presence BW 49-110 Event C
2 x Basque Grand, Brigadier General FMA 82-240 Ally U
1 x Belsio, Misunderstood Neighbor BW 34-110 Ally R
1 x Bull's-eye HP 89-140 Event C
1 x Challenge the Sun FMA 163-240 Event R
2 x Charge! FMA 164-240 Event C
1 x Cleaver AH 58-110 Attachment C
2 x Exhaustion AH 71-110 Event U
1 x Hakuro, General FMA 85-240 Ally R
1 x Hakuro, Ruthless and Heartless AH 40-110 Ally U
1 x Improvised Weapon FMA 186-240 Event C
2 x Jean Havoc, Second Lieutenant FMA 86-240 Ally C
2 x Kick FMA 191-240 Event C
1 x King Bradley, Always on Duty AH 41-110 Ally U
1 x Liza Hawkeye, Ambidextrous Bodyguard BW 22-110 Ally U
2 x Liza Hawkeye, Full of Advice FMA 88-240 Ally C
1 x Maes' Throwing Knives HP 75-140 Attachment U
2 x Military Guard, Enlisted Man FMA 93-240 Ally U
2 x Military Saber FMA 146-240 Attachment C
1 x Mindless Violence HP 101-140 Event U
1 x No Time AH 81-110 Event C
1 x Piledriver AG 100-140 Event C
1 x Pistol FMA 148-240 Attachment U
1 x Preparations FMA 196-240 Event C
2 x Rank and File, Nervous Recruits AG 50-140 Ally C
1 x Repair Job AG 102-140 Event U
1 x Roy Mustang, Benefactor FMA 94-240 Ally U
2 x Roy Mustang, Sarcastic BW 23-110 Ally R
1 x Scar, Stalker FMA 123-240 Ally U
1 x Shou Tucker, Civilian HP 55-140 Ally C
1 x Shou Tucker, Proctor FMA 99-240 Ally U
1 x Sidearm AH 61-110 Attachment C
2 x Smoke Grenade HP 79-140 Attachment C
2 x Street Gang, Citizens of Liore HP 68-140 Ally U
1 x Stunning Attack AH 88-110 Event C
2 x Suppressing Fire AH 89-110 Event C
1 x Test of Might FMA 215-240 Event U
1 x Vato Falman, Warrant Officer BW 24-110 Ally R
1 x What's That For? FMA 220-240 Event C
2 x Wheedling AH 100-110 Advantage C
Section: Location Deck (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Dominic's Auto-mail Shop AG 131-140 Location C
1 x Empty Fountain BW 104-110 Location U
1 x High Command FMA 228-240 Location C
1 x Hughes Estate FMA 229-240 Location U
1 x Library Ruins AH 104-110 Location U
1 x Rockbell Auto-mail AH 108-110 Location U
1 x Street Market BW 110-110 Location C
1 x Temple of Leto FMA 235-240 Location C
1 x Western Slum AG 139-140 Location C
Section: Leader Stack (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Frank Archer, Clean Conscience AG 12-140 Leader C
1 x Frank Archer, Dedicated to His Military Duties AG 14-140 Leader U
1 x Frank Archer, Kidnapper AG 15-140 Leader R
1 x Frank Archer, Negotiator AG 16-140 Leader C
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card type
Advantage bar 3 %  
Ally bar 26  35 %  
Attachment bar 12 %  
Event bar 25  33 %  
Leader bar 5 %  
Location bar 12 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 39  52 %  
R bar 9 %  
U bar 29  39 %  

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