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Deck "Shadowpact"

Deck "Shadowpact"
60 Cards
created by noobafried activity icon
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Based on Anthony Justice's deck from 2006 Pro Circuit

Card list Group cards by  
Card Type: Character (29 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Blackbriar Thorn, Druid of Cymru DCR DCR-044 Character U
4 x Detective Chimp, Shoeless Gumshoe DCR DCR-049 Character R
1 x Dr. Occult, Richard Occult DCR DCR-051 Character C
1 x June Moon as Enchantress, Bad Witch DCR DCR-054 Character R
1 x June Moon as Enchantress, Good Witch DCR DCR-053 Character R
4 x Madame Xanadu, Cartomancer DCR DCR-055 Character U
4 x Manitou Dawn, Spirit Shaman DCR DCR-056 Character C
2 x Nightmaster, Jim Rook DCR DCR-057 Character C
4 x The Phantom Stranger, Fallen Angel DCR DCR-065 Character C
4 x Zatanna, Magical Manipulator DCR DCR-067 Character C
Card Type: Location (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Chimp Detective Agency DCR DCR-070 Location R
Card Type: Plot Twist (27 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Abjuration, Magic DCR DCR-069 Plot Twist U
4 x Collecting Souls, Magic DCR DCR-071 Plot Twist C
4 x Divination, Magic DCR DCR-073 Plot Twist C
3 x Magical Conduit, Magic DCR DCR-074 Plot Twist U
4 x Magical Lobotomy, Magic DCR DCR-193 Plot Twist U
1 x Mystical Binding, Magic DCR DCR-075 Plot Twist C
4 x Stepping Between Worlds, Magic DCR DCR-077 Plot Twist C
2 x The Conclave, Magic DCR DCR-078 Plot Twist R
1 x Transmutation, Magic DCR DCR-201 Plot Twist R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 29  48 %  
Location bar 7 %  
Plot Twist bar 27  45 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 28  47 %  
R bar 13  22 %  
U bar 19  32 %  

Distribution by Recruit or Threshold Cost
1 bar 18  30 %  
2 bar 18  30 %  
3 bar 17  28 %  
4 bar 3 %  
6 bar 2 %  
7 bar 7 %  

Distribution by Team Affiliation
- bar 31  52 %  
Shadowpact bar 29  48 %  

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