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Deck "THE BLOOD of the Apocalypse"

Deck "THE BLOOD of the Apocalypse"
Format: OCG - 50 Cards
created by toshikikaii Premium Member LV18 activity icon envelope icon
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Crossride the Vanguard! A silver sword on white wings! Heavenly dragon...Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion "THE BLOOD"

This is Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion's evolved form, after it had incorporated the "Blood of the Dragon Emperor" into its body to forcefully unleash all the power slumbering within it. The Blood of the First Dragon Emperor is said to contain immeasurable strength so powerful that the bearer is able to kill weaklings by just flaring their aura. It is a forbidden treasure that burns out even the bearer's life in exchange for a temporary burst of incredible power. It drank the cursed blood, which everyone called a treasure but actually feared it, until the very last drop without any hesitation. For Vermillion, "Death" is unworthy of its fear. It only fears itself being defeated on the battlefield, and the loss for the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Emperor burns its own life, in order to pave the way to defeat the Radiant Lion, the Ancient Tear Dragon, and the unknown invader.

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Card list Group cards by  
Clan: Narukami (50 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Demonic Dragon Berserker, Garuda VG-BT06 BT06-038 Narukami R
4 x Demonic Dragon Nymph, Seiobo TD06 TD06-018 Narukami Fixed
2 x Desert Gunner, Raien VG-BT06 BT06-039 Narukami R
2 x Dragonic Deathscythe VG-BT06 BT06-019 Narukami RR
4 x Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion VG-BT06 BT06-006 Narukami RRR
3 x Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion "THE BLOOD" BT09 BT09-008 Narukami RRR
4 x Dusty Plasma Dragon BT09 BT09-039 Narukami R
4 x Malevolent Djinn VG-BT06 BT06-096 Narukami C
3 x Mischievous Girl, Kyon-she BT08 BT08-101 Narukami C
2 x Old Dragon Mage TD06 TD06-016 Narukami Fixed
2 x Photon Bomber Wyvern VG-BT06 BT06-040 Narukami R
4 x Red River Dragoon VG-BT06 BT06-091 Narukami C
2 x Rising Phoenix Promos PR-0058 Narukami Promo
2 x Spark Edge Dracokid BT09 BT09-099 Narukami C
1 x Spark Kid Dragoon VG-BT06 BT06-098 Narukami C
3 x Thunderstorm Dragoon VG-BT06 BT06-037 Narukami R
4 x Wyvern Guard, Guld BT09 BT09-016 Narukami RR
1 x Yellow Gem Carbuncle TD06 TD06-015 Narukami Fixed
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Clan
Narukami bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Grade / Skill
Grade 0 / Boost bar 17  34 %  
Grade 1 / Boost bar 14  28 %  
Grade 2 / Intercept bar 12  24 %  
Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! bar 14 %  

Distribution by Nation
Dragon Empire bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Power
10000 bar 6 %  
11000 bar 14 %  
5000 bar 14  28 %  
6000 bar 10  20 %  
7000 bar 6 %  
8000 bar 8 %  
9000 bar 18 %  

Distribution by Race
Dragonman bar 8 %  
Elf bar 8 %  
Flame Dragon bar 4 %  
High Beast bar 6 %  
Human bar 10  20 %  
Thunder Dragon bar 18  36 %  
Winged Dragon bar 12 %  
Zombie bar 6 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 14  28 %  
Fixed bar 14 %  
Promo bar 4 %  
R bar 14  28 %  
RR bar 12 %  
RRR bar 14 %  

Distribution by Shield
- bar 14 %  
- bar 8 %  
10000 bar 14 %  
5000 bar 32  64 %  

Distribution by Trigger
- bar 16  32 %  
Critical +5000 Power bar 14 %  
Draw +5000 Power bar 10 %  
Heal +5000 Power bar 8 %  
None bar 18  36 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 39 votes:

bar 4.15
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
United States activity icon

Avatar for twdeck
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Subject: Picture   Posted: January 15, 2013 07:58 pm

Erm I know this has nothing to do about your deck but I have been wondering how you add pictures to a deck?
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United States activity icon

Avatar for zeon12
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Subject: Triggers   Posted: June 12, 2013 10:28 am

it looks good but need stand triggers
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toshikikaii Premium Member
LV18 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for toshikikaii
Member since
September 24, 2012
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Subject:    Posted: June 12, 2013 11:07 am

quote from zeon12:

it looks good but need stand triggers

I disagree, vermillion is one of the type of decks that stands would be really bad in.
Back to top Modified on June 27, 2013 11:45 am 
toshikikaii Premium Member
LV18 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for toshikikaii
Member since
September 24, 2012
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Subject: Deck Explanation   Posted: July 4, 2013 10:32 am

I am going to make an explanation of the deck because i just finished this deck irl, and i made one for Descendant so why not BLOOD?

1. Starter: I run Spark Kid Dragoon because i personally think he is a better starter in a Blood Deck than Saishin, but i have seen alot of pro Blood decks run Saishin. But, i have seen too many blood decks to count, and i noticed there are alot of ways to build blood, but there is 2 major distinctions to it. I noticed that if someone uses Saishin as a starter, then they also run 4 Blood and 4 Vermillion. While if someone runs Spark kid, they would run 7 gr 3 (3 Blood, 4 vermillion usually). I personally believe that spark kid is more consistent cause it allows you to run less Blood which makes room for more gr 1-2, and the way i use him is that i put him behind the vanguard, and if i come across a photon bomber or if i am gr stuck, i will use the skill to search out for a gr 3. Saishin however, will only work as either a gr 0 killer (which may not always work) or maybe a 5k booster or att. It isn't bad, but i just prefer Spark kid because he's alot more versatile in my opinion.

2. Trigger Line Up: I run 7-5 triggers because it is the most consistent, but i have seen many pros use 8-12 crit sometimes, which isnt bad at all, i just prefer 7-5.

3. Rising Phoenix: I run 2 rising phoenix cause of reasons of consistency

4. Photon Bomber: I run 2 photon cause although running 4 was good. I decided to change it to run 2 photon and 2 raien cause I want to run 7k base cards and I don't need photon bomber behind the v all the time

5. PG: I run 4 pg because that is always the best option to go with. I tried out once using 3 pg instead, and for some weird reason i didnt feel right with the deck and i kept on losing, but when i changed back to 4 i went back to winning streaks, so now i run 4.

6. Garuda: I run 3 Garuda in the deck, cause not only is his pressure rlly good, but he also perfects all the combos in the deck. Yea, most of the combos don't even need garuda that much to do it, but with garuda on the field, he makes the combo just wonderful. The only problem with garuda is that he cant generate that good of a row sometimes, but he is usually the center of att some times, and when someone att him while you are at 5 dmg you won't have to use a 10k to guard your v. sometimes you will already have another in your hand so there's no point in guarding.

7. BLOOD: I run 3 blood because i use spark kid, it makes it more consistent, and i still get crossride alot even though i only run 3

8. Deathscythe: I run 2 deathscythe as a deck tech, and i only run 2. I have to say, deathscythe is one of the best cards in the game because he can take out annyoing gr 1 or even gr 2 rg. sure his cb can get in the way, but garuda can help with that. Also, if i dont need him i can just int (if hes on the field), use helena to drop him, or just guard in hand (if he's in hand) my biggest concern with running deathscythe was that i thought i wont be able to lb with him in the deck, but it turns out even though i run him, i can still find a way to lb/ub 2x. Which was the deck's original goal, but now i have more variety, and more combo's to pull off.

Here's a few links to see some pro decks i based mine around:

There's alot more, but you get the point.

Here is also a link to the deck in

This is a link to the deck profile on Youtube:

Heres is a link of the deck gameplay on Youtube:

Here is a link of the deck profile on Youtube, but irl:

And here's a link to the deck on pojo:
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