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Deck "My Current DAVION Deck"

Deck "My Current DAVION Deck"
54 Cards
created by zaofan activity icon
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I currently have this actual Davion deck in play. I am new to the game and my Davion deck has some strong cards and, like all my decks, is based more on variety and actual canonical relevance than straight winning potential.

Card list Group cards by  
Card Type: Command (27 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Aerospace Fighter Mission Unl. 2 Command C
1 x Alex Mallory Unl. 3 Command R
1 x Civilian Settlement MW 11 Command C
1 x Coventry Metal Works Unl. 45 Command V
1 x Galen Cox Unl. 89 Command R
1 x Gearhead MW 33 Command C
1 x Misrouted Command Unl. 175 Command C
1 x Mobile Long Tom CS 62 Command U
1 x Morgan Hasek Davion Unl. 179 Command R
2 x NAIS Unl. 182 Command V
1 x Narrow Valley MW 55 Command C
1 x Outreach Mercenary Training Mercen. 64 Command C
1 x Prince Victor Steiner-Davion MW 69 Command R
1 x Silver Sunburst Pilot Limited 228 Command R
1 x Strafing Run CS 84 Command C
2 x Support: Assembly (Version 1) Unl. 239 Command V
1 x Support: Assembly (Version 2) Unl. 240 Command V
1 x Support: Assembly (Version 3) Unl. 241 Command V
2 x Support: Munitions (Version 1) Unl. 245 Command V
2 x Support: Munitions (Version 3) Unl. 247 Command V
1 x Support: Politics (Version 1) Unl. 248 Command V
1 x Support: Politics 1 Limited 248 Command V
1 x Think Tank Limited 258 Command V
Card Type: Mech (22 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Awesome AWS-8Q Unl. 11 Mech C
1 x Banshee (BNC-5S) Limited 15 Mech C
1 x Blackjack BJ-1 CS 11 Mech C
1 x Caesar CES-3R Unl. 25 Mech C
1 x Clint CLNT-2-3T Unl. 36 Mech U
1 x Commando COM-2D Unl. 39 Mech C
1 x Commando COM-5S CS 22 Mech C
1 x Crockett CRK-5003-1 Unl. 47 Mech U
1 x Enforcer ENF-4R Unl. 71 Mech C
1 x Falconer (FLC-8R) MW 25 Mech R
3 x Fireball (ALM-7D) MW 27 Mech C
1 x Prometheus (Dire Wolf) MW 70 Mech R
1 x Salamander PPR-5S Mercen. 79 Mech R
1 x Scarabus SCB-9A Mercen. 81 Mech R
2 x Stealth STH-1D Mercen. 84 Mech U
1 x Thug THG-11E Unl. 265 Mech U
1 x Victor (VTR-9B) Limited 277 Mech C
1 x Watchman (WTC-4M) MW 105 Mech C
1 x Yen-Lo-Wang CN9-YLW Mercen. 101 Mech R
Card Type: Mission (5 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Bait and Switch CS 7 Mission U
1 x Defensive Formation CS 31 Mission C
1 x Luck of the Fox Unl. 148 Mission R
1 x Missile Spotter Unl. 176 Mission U
1 x Overwhelm Unl. 189 Mission U
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Command bar 27  50 %  
Mech bar 22  41 %  
Mission bar 9 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 20  37 %  
R bar 11  20 %  
U bar 17 %  
V bar 14  26 %  

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