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Deck "Martell Marcello"

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Deck "Martell Marcello"
70 Cards
created by mattuoto activity icon
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Section: Draw Deck (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Black Raven ASoSm 2 Attachment F
3 x Blood for Blood PotS 20 Event F
3 x Blood of the Viper OSaS 94 Attachment F
3 x Burning on the Sand RotO 112 Event F
3 x Dorea Sand TftH 13 Character F
3 x Dornish Fiefdoms PotS 26 Location F
3 x He Calls it Thinking PotS 21 Event F
3 x Knights of the Sun ASoSm 15 Character F
3 x Maester of the Sun ASoSm 14 Character F
3 x Maiden of Poisons ODG 53 Character F
3 x Nymeria Sand OSaS 92 Character F
3 x Obella Sand DB 115 Character F
2 x Open Market ASoSm 19 Location F
3 x Outthought ARotD 113 Attachment F
3 x Snakeskin Veil CbtC 54 Attachment F
3 x Southron Mercenaries Blckwtr 113 Character F
3 x Summer Reserves SA 119 Event F
3 x Taste For Blood PotS 18 Attachment F
3 x The Scourge ODG 55 Location F
2 x The Shadow of the South CSec 16 Event F
3 x Tyene Sand OSaS 91 Character F
Section: Plot Deck (10 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x A City Besieged CD 59 Plot F
1 x A Song of Summer ASoSm 20 Plot F
1 x A Time for Ravens ACoSe 59 Plot F
1 x City of Lies CSec 19 Plot F
1 x City of Secrets Hand 60 Plot F
1 x City of Soldiers Blckwtr 120 Plot F
1 x City of Spies SS 100 Plot F
1 x Fury of the Sun AE 30 Plot F
1 x House Martell Core H4 House F
1 x Kings of Summer ASoSm 1 Agenda F
Deck Statistics
Distribution by House
- bar 12  17 %  
Martell bar 57  81 %  
Neutral bar 1 %  

Distribution by Rarity
F bar 70  100 %  

Distribution by Type
Agenda bar 1 %  
Attachment bar 14  20 %  
Character bar 24  34 %  
Event bar 14  20 %  
House bar 1 %  
Location bar 11 %  
Plot bar 11 %  

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