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Deck "Kurosaki Ichigo(Bankai Form)V6"

Deck "Kurosaki Ichigo(Bankai Form)V6"
Format: OCG - 50 Cards
created by welton22_abc activity icon
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Hey guys,this deck is Royal Paladin Galahad Build.This deck is good and
powerful.Please rate this deck ok,thanks

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Clan: Royal Paladin (50 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity Average price
2 x Alabaster Owl VG-BT03 BT03-067 Royal Paladin C
3 x Blaster Blade TD01 TD01-005 Royal Paladin Fixed
4 x Bringer of Good Luck, Epona KAD03 KAD03-007 Royal Paladin Fixed
1 x Drangal VG-BT03 BT03-036 Royal Paladin R
4 x Flash Shield, Iseult VG-BT01 BT01-011 Royal Paladin RR
2 x Holy Disaster Dragon Promos PR-0031 Royal Paladin Promo
4 x Knight of Godly Speed, Galahad VG-BT03 BT03-018 Royal Paladin RR
4 x Knight of Quests, Galahad VG-BT03 BT03-065 Royal Paladin C
4 x Knight of Silence, Gallatin VG-BT01 BT01-021 Royal Paladin R
4 x Knight of Tribulations, Galahad VG-BT03 BT03-062 Royal Paladin C
3 x Little Sage, Marron VG-BT01 BT01-042 Royal Paladin C
4 x Margal VG-BT02 BT02-059 Royal Paladin C
3 x Pongal VG-BT02 BT02-030 Royal Paladin R
2 x Soul Saver Dragon VG-BT02 BT02-004 Royal Paladin RRR
2 x Weapons Dealer, Govannon TD01 TD01-015 Royal Paladin Fixed
4 x Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine VG-BT01 BT01-047 Royal Paladin C
Total price for the deck:
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Clan
Royal Paladin bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Grade / Skill
Grade 0 / Boost bar 17  34 %  
Grade 1 / Boost bar 14  28 %  
Grade 2 / Intercept bar 11  22 %  
Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! bar 16 %  

Distribution by Nation
United Sanctuary bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Power
10000 bar 16 %  
11000 bar 8 %  
4000 bar 8 %  
5000 bar 13  26 %  
6000 bar 8 %  
7000 bar 14 %  
8000 bar 6 %  
9000 bar 14 %  

Distribution by Race
Cosmo Dragon bar 8 %  
Elf bar 8 %  
Giant bar 6 %  
Gnome bar 4 %  
High Beast bar 10  20 %  
Human bar 23  46 %  
Sylph bar 8 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 21  42 %  
Fixed bar 18 %  
Promo bar 4 %  
R bar 16 %  
RR bar 16 %  
RRR bar 4 %  

Distribution by Shield
- bar 16 %  
- bar 8 %  
10000 bar 11  22 %  
5000 bar 27  54 %  

Distribution by Trigger
Critical +5000 Power bar 16 %  
none bar 32  84 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 24 votes:

bar 4.00
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Author Message
Malaysia activity icon

Avatar for welton22_abc
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Subject: please   Posted: January 12, 2013 12:41 am

hi guys,please change your rating from 1-3 to 4-5 ok.i hope you can
change it.

i hope i can change it but if you dont want to change it i do not force you all.
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United States activity icon

Avatar for yuch
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Subject:    Posted: February 13, 2013 12:42 am

horrible deck very horrible

you could make this deck so much better.......
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Sweden activity icon

Avatar for sambasambero
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Subject:    Posted: February 13, 2013 02:23 am

this deck isn't too bad, i'd say its a 3 or 4 out 5, but perhaps that's just me.

some suggestions would be to remove young pegasus knight for 3 marron, in case u want some boosting power not related to soul charging, or 3 lien if u want further draw power.

also, a matter of personal choice, would be to switch out akane for either blaster blade or covenant knight randolf since u have some draw power, u can easily give him an extra 3k atk.

adding blaster would probably make it harder to use lohengrin's skill so then it might be a good idea to switch him out for marhaus or disaster dragon to get some extra atk power
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