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Deck "Shachihoko Spring's Symphony"

Deck "Shachihoko Spring's Symphony"
Format: OCG - 48 Cards
created by nerafim activity icon
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Heard long ago mentions of Atsuto+Unified+Springs and it turns out this strat got around more than I was aware of, but either way this is what I thought about it when coming back and fortunately Entertainer really pulled up just in time to add it some depth.

Very precise and technical build if I ever made one. Shame I probably won't get to play it or perfect it nearly at all. Rustiness aside this should also be somewhat difficult to master playing and/or luck dependent at odd times. Pakurio abuse is basically the key to the whole thing but the really tricky part is reading and knowing which Psychics to activate against what matchup and at what time you managed to get Kaiser, and in that sense it's not the easiest of the possible Shachihoko builds.

Meh, that's speaking in an idealistic competitive meta I suppose. Also wondering if I may have went a bit too thematic on the self-destruct, and 13 rainbows is certain to be counter-productive often enough....Just one of those things that makes me curious to see how it can be tweaked and perfected further, but regardless, here's the proper way to play Unified Shachihoko Kaiser.


Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (40 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Aqua Jester Loupe DM-36 49 Creature Uncommon
4 x Atsuto, Duel Hero Strategist DMX-07 19 Creature Common
3 x Deadly Love DM-36 58 Spell Uncommon
3 x Entertainer of Stealing and Lying P-Y11 P70-Y11 Creature Promotional
4 x Formation in the Springs DMR-02 37 Spell Common
1 x Hyperspatial Dravita Hole DM-37 23 Spell Uncommon
2 x Intense Evil Promo 2 X1 Spell Promotional
1 x Kuragen DM-33 42 Creature Common
1 x Miraculous Snare DMC-57 16 Spell Very Rare
4 x Pakurio DMX-01 18 Creature Uncommon
2 x Rhapsody, Defender of Hope DMR-04 50 Creature Common
4 x Self-Destructing Gil Poser DMD-04 6 Creature Promotional
2 x Sonkun, the Blazing Meteor DM-36 33 Creature Rare
3 x Unified Shachihoko Kaiser DMR-03 5 Evolution Creature Very Rare
3 x Yuppal, Binding Guardian DMD-06 3 Creature Promotional
Section: Hyperspatial Zone (8 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Black WILLOW Kaiser/Shachihoko GOLDEN Dragon DMX-05 2 Psychic Super Creature Rare
1 x Intense Boiling! Hot Spring Gallows/Gallows Extreme Dragon, Brink of Despair DMR-04 V1 Psychic Super Creature Victory Rare
1 x Intense Sumo! Thrust Wrestler/Gallows Extreme Dragon, Brink of Despair DMR-04 55 Psychic Super Creature Common
2 x Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser/Gallows Extreme Dragon, Brink of Despair DMR-04 49 Psychic Super Creature Common
1 x Mother Alien (Gladly)/Captivating Dancing Alien DMX-07 8 Psychic Super Creature Rare
1 x Red ABYTHEN Kaiser/Shachihoko GOLDEN Dragon DMX-05 V1 Psychic Super Creature Victory Rare
1 x White TENMTH Kaiser/Shachihoko GOLDEN Dragon DMX-05 1 Psychic Super Creature Rare
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Civilization
Darkness bar 10 %  
Darkness//Light/Darkness/Fire bar 2 %  
Darkness/Fire bar 6 %  
Fire bar 13 %  
Fire//Light/Darkness/Fire bar 2 %  
Light bar 17 %  
Light//Light/Darkness/Fire bar 2 %  
Light/Darkness/Fire bar 10 %  
Light/Water bar 2 %  
Light/Water//Light/Water/Darkness bar 2 %  
Light/Water/Darkness/Fire/Nature bar 8 %  
Water bar 17 %  
Water/Darkness bar 8 %  

Distribution by Cost
2 bar 11  23 %  
3 bar 11  23 %  
4 bar 14  29 %  
5 bar 8 %  
5/30 bar 2 %  
7/20 bar 2 %  
7/30 bar 6 %  
7/39 bar 6 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 15 %  
- bar 8 %  
1000 bar 10  21 %  
2000 bar 11  23 %  
4000 bar 6 %  
5000/17000 bar 2 %  
5500 bar 4 %  
5500/17000 bar 4 %  
6000/12 bar 2 %  
6000/17000 bar 2 %  
6000/390 bar 6 %  
7000 bar 6 %  

Distribution by Race
- bar 11  23 %  
Alien bar 2 %  
Black Command Dragon/Alien//King Command Dragon/Alien bar 2 %  
Cyber Command/Alien//Rainbow Command Dragon/Alien bar 2 %  
Cyber Lord bar 8 %  
Cyber Lord/Origin bar 2 %  
Dreammate bar 4 %  
Flame Command/Alien//Rainbow Command Dragon/Alien bar 2 %  
Guardian/Unnoise bar 6 %  
Human/Dark Lord bar 6 %  
Human/Hero bar 8 %  
Initiate/Alien/Hunter bar 4 %  
Liquid People bar 6 %  
Machine Eater/Alien bar 8 %  
Rainbow Command Dragon/Alien bar 10 %  
Red Command Dragon/Alien//King Command Dragon/Alien bar 2 %  
White Command Dragon/Alien//King Command Dragon/Alien bar 2 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 14  29 %  
Promotional bar 12  25 %  
Rare bar 10 %  
Uncommon bar 11  23 %  
Very Rare bar 8 %  
Victory Rare bar 4 %  

Distribution by Type
Creature bar 26  54 %  
Evolution Creature bar 6 %  
Psychic Super Creature bar 17 %  
Spell bar 11  23 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 1 vote:

bar 5.00
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
Romania activity icon

Avatar for nerafim
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 11, 2013 09:32 am

Well first of all, hyia there D_Cup!! And thanks for for the input and vote but y u no comment? I feel a tad silly to reply yet still be the 1st comment on my deck. I never really got why people here use the voting justification for remarks , you even get points for posting comments. ;/...But owell...

First of all, hate to be so anal, but this is not an assault (i.e. not primarily focused on breaking shields and enduring through it), it can't even be with so many effects focused on something else, including Pakurio and self-destruction. For that matter it's not even an aggro or a control...Maybe Terminus I suppose? And I may have went even too thematic on top of it all.

The Fast Attack recommendation is great on principle, thanks. I think that with so much shininess to come back to, Entertainer was just there and eyeing me, great timing and counter card, and a rainbow Civ-balance and bait and I actually like the part where he can't be attacked, so yeah.

Idk, I think 13 rainbows might be ok (with this deck there will inevitably be over 10 anyway), haven't tested too much, but at best I'd just reconfigure what baits to use from the start. Also, original Darkness Magnum would be better in this deck because I get to choose what to destroy and chain Shachihoko.

A while after I built this I sort of saw how it can be built better so I suppose I won't bother as much. Either way thanks. ;p

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United States activity icon

Avatar for deified_cupcake
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 12, 2013 02:10 am

Ah, I understand now. Sorry for being too naive there Nera. For some reason it didn't occur to me exactly what was going on as I was greatly overthinking it. When I read your preface to the deck, I thought there was some kind of win condition I just wouldn't be immediately aware of. Anyway, I see now that the deck is meant to revolve around the use of Shachihoko. For some reason when I saw Loupe, I immediately thought it was an assault deck.

Also, sorry for making you feel awkward replying to my vote. The only reason I left it as a vote is because I didn't have very much to say at the time and points don't matter to me that much . I'm going to look over it again and then edit this post.

Edit: So I thought that the best way to understand the deck would be to try it myself. The results were pretty interesting. I definitely found myself having to make some tough decisions, because although the deck is flexible, you have to plan mana placement for a couple of turns in advance at the expense of possible future options your hand might have. Because of this, reading is obviously very important. Also because some of the card choices have very specific applications, if you don't have them in hand at the right time or can't use them because of mana restrictions, cards like Atsuto because important for thinning your deck out and digging for different options. I also quickly realized my mistakes when trying the deck out for the first time.

Anyway, the biggest thing the deck has going for it is obviously Shachihoko reversals. If you have a small army full of weenies and your opponent is going for you or your shields, suddenly you have an arsenal of double breakers with decent power alongside Shachihoko. Personally I think the deck could be slightly more menacing if it had more early game distruption. By this I mean early game tempo control, like raising the cost of the opponent's spells or something of the sort. Because of all the multicivs, the deck is most likely going to have a slow start.
Back to top Modified on January 12, 2013 03:17 am 
Romania activity icon

Avatar for nerafim
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 20, 2013 11:39 am

It's ok, don't worry about it one bit, I was just making conversation. Glad to hear you tried it, but you are right, it IS quite difficult to time it because I make decks all technical like that with so many precise roles focused on individual cards being played.

Atsuto is indeed great because of the thinning, that's what allowed me to build it like this with all the rainbows. But at the same time all those rainbows actually keep the deck very closely tied together and awesome across 4 Civs, because this wasn't about the Civs directly, it's about Shachihoko's requiremens as an Evo and effect activation, and that kind of forces and restricts what you can do A LOT. Could be smoothed around the edges tho', but on principle, you can never have less than 8 baits, I just added extra cause they were helpful cards.

Which reminds me, at the time you recommended Fast Magnum I thought the effect was the same as Entertainer, but I was SO wrong. The fact that it's double Edged makes it REALLY bad for this deck, especially with the Psychic summoning. Entertainer has better counter value, and heck, original Magnum himself is actually very good as an engine with Shachihoko because it helps you chain-morph your field into Psychics. But yeah, you thought I was building an assault back then. ;p

I can't quite follow you on what you mean by needing a bit more disruption tho'. I already have max Pakurio and Entertainer which alone is a major blow to plenty of opposing synergies/patterns. And as for removal there's max Gil, Yuppal with some bashing and Deadly Love. Sure its not as heavy as primary disruption focus, but I think as a "bare minimum" of sorts its actually quite good. What exactly did you have in mind?

Now finally, I agree that the deck can probably be made to run smoother, mainly in the early resourcing and especially in the Psychic conjuring via Shachihoko, but atm not interested in playing that. I DID remember one important tweak tho'...

-1 Mil Armor
+1 Miraculous Snare

Moar control and card synergy HAZZAH!

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India activity icon

Avatar for mighty
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 22, 2013 10:40 pm

Ah Nice to see the King of Synergy making a deck again! Anyways I've only seen a few of this type, and don't know much about it but Im sure Gonna Play it!. And yeah, why don't you try making a deck with those new Zero cards. I know You'll Invent something Crazy enough to troll everyone. And yeah Hello How are you! xD
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Romania activity icon

Avatar for nerafim
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 23, 2013 09:06 am

quote from mighty:

Ah Nice to see the King of Synergy making a deck again!

Nice to see some old familiar faces that know all that I'm about. ;p...And glad to be making them.

quote from mighty:

Anyways I've only seen a few of this type, and don't know much about it but Im sure Gonna Play it!.

You do that and tell me how it goes. If you interested I can also give you the "smoother" approach to try out also.

quote from mighty:

And yeah, why don't you try making a deck with those new Zero cards. I know You'll Invent something Crazy enough to troll everyone.

I already my head. I have a pretty great grasp on what needs to be done. I must have like around 30 or so deck ideas that I have done from base progression to within great detail in my mind, but I have yet to make them. I also have to end up with time to play them you know. ;p

I was actually building one just before you managed to post this but I left it incomplete on TCO because I was tired and should be posted like...right now.

But yeah I have to allow myself some time to play what I build (and not counter myself, lol), but I can post a good amount of decks within a relatively short time and I probably will, soon.

quote from mighty:

And yeah Hello How are you! xD

Pretty good, thanks. Still got some time to spend on my job but once I am free of it I'll finally be able to dive into DM freely. Good to see some of the KP regulars around here. ;p

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