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Deck "Symphonic Draconica!!!"

Deck "Symphonic Draconica!!!"
Format: OCG - 40 Cards
created by nerafim Premium Member LV24 activity icon envelope icon
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This is one of my proudest and most brilliant creations ever, exactly for being so strong while formed in a pretty unexpected way! NEVER would I have imagined I'd be doing a FULL Dragon deck, let alone that I'd be liking it this much! This deck is kind of one of a kind in that it needs to be as close to this form as possible or it fails, yet I absolutely love how it has absolutely every game mechanic or move that I love and can do EVERYTHING!

For starters it has pretty insane mana acceleration but topped with amazing control of it what with mana bounce, indirect playing and grave revival. It has both very strong flat removal but also amazing combat initiation ability, topped off even with big multiple removal combos (Bazagaze) and alternate targeting (Odol, Beethoven). Yet on top of that the defenses are pretty strong too, very harsh attack stoppers, especially in late game when it needs to pull the big moves. After all that it still has glorious luxury abilities which are also close to my heart, best one being very hard anti-removal (I am so happy I finally got to use Infinity Dragon to perfection!) and lots of it, grave to battlefield revival and pretty strong one at that and last but not least MANABURN! The complete shutdown kind also (love to have finally mastered Bajulaterra <3).

The amount of combos, tactics and synergy you can pull from any 2 different creatures is quite amazing, basically any creature gives enormous benefits for every other one and unique combos with different advantages per card.

I went a bit fancy for the posting of the deck, with lots of 1x to showcase some cool stuff, but for maximum efficiency there are several engines that can be used such as 2x Eco Aini or going for Balga Raiser swarm or even just Bajulaterra rush. Or dayum, a Fate Dragon spam abuse (so amazing because Beethoven can take it with his effect)! I also wanted to add Forever Princess for fancy counter effects but she actually kind of went against the deck, but there are lots of other counters and techs one can play in this: Zombie Dragon blockers, Mozart, Ludwig, Wilhelm, Bolbazak EX, Eternal Meteor Kaiser, Deep Purple, Balga Raizou, Scrapper Dragon or Bolshack Superhero, Shadow Sword Yagyuu, Balgazarmas, Bolgress Bazz, Vorse and so forth.

TAGS: DRAGONS, Combo, Terminus, high tier, Beethove, Trueking Viola Sonata, Bajula, Bazagaze Ragon, Chopin, Abayo Shabayo, Odol Needle, Mitsurugi, Mendelssohn, Infinity Dragon, Heavy Metal, Golden Fighter, Codeking Cantaible, Balga Raiser.

Card list Group cards by  
Type: Creature (30 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Balzark "Fire Blast" Dragon DM-30 15 Creature Rare
3 x Beethoven, Zenith of "Horror" DMR-07 V2 Creature Victory Rare
3 x Chopin, Dragon King DMD-07 11 Creature Common
1 x Codeking Cantabile DMD-07 23 Creature Common
3 x Codename Bazagaze Ragon DMR-05 7 Creature Very Rare
1 x Golden Eagle, the Scorching Dragon DM-36 7 Creature Very Rare
1 x Heavy, Dragon God DMC-54 1 Creature Super Rare
1 x Infinity Dragon DMC-49 19 Creature Rare
1 x Metal, Dragon God DMC-54 4 Creature Super Rare
4 x Mitsurugi Boost, Matchless Dragon Demon DMD-07 7 Creature Common
4 x Necrodragon Abayo Shabayo DMD-07 19 Creature Common
4 x Necrodragon Odol Needle DMX-11 45 Creature Common
2 x Trueking Viola Sonata DMR-08 S2 Creature Super Rare
Type: Evolution Creature (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x ‹berdragon Bajula DMX-01 S1 Evolution Creature Super Rare
1 x ‹berdragon Bajulaterra DMX-12 12-b Evolution Creature Fixed
Type: Spell (8 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Mendelssohn DMD-07 13 Spell Common
4 x Pixie Life DMR-08 55 Spell Common
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Civilization
Darkness bar 23 %  
Darkness/Nature bar 3 %  
Fire bar 10  25 %  
Fire/Nature bar 20 %  
Nature bar 18 %  
Zero bar 13 %  

Distribution by Cost
10 bar 8 %  
2 bar 20 %  
4 bar 10 %  
5 bar 13 %  
6 bar 15 %  
7 bar 15 %  
8 bar 10 %  
9 bar 10 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 20 %  
12000 bar 10 %  
13000 bar 10 %  
4000 bar 10 %  
4000+ bar 5 %  
5000 bar 20 %  
5000+ bar 3 %  
6000 bar 8 %  
7000 bar 3 %  
7000+ bar 3 %  
8000 bar 8 %  
9000 bar 3 %  

Distribution by Race
- bar 20 %  
Armored Dragon bar 8 %  
Armored Dragon/Featheroid bar 3 %  
Armored Dragon/Samurai bar 5 %  
Armored Dragon/Unknown bar 8 %  
Earth Dragon/Armored Dragon/Hunter bar 10 %  
God/Armored Dragon bar 3 %  
God/Zombie Dragon bar 3 %  
King Command Dragon bar 8 %  
King Command Dragon/Unknown bar 8 %  
King Command Dragon/Unknown/Zenith bar 8 %  
Zombie Dragon bar 10 %  
Zombie Dragon/Unnoise bar 10 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 24  60 %  
Fixed bar 3 %  
Rare bar 8 %  
Super Rare bar 13 %  
Very Rare bar 10 %  
Victory Rare bar 8 %  

Distribution by Type
Creature bar 30  75 %  
Evolution Creature bar 5 %  
Spell bar 20 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 17 votes:

bar 4.65
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
nerafim Premium Member
LV25 Romania activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for nerafim
Member since
January 14, 2009
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Subject:    Posted: May 5, 2013 01:15 am

Thanks for all the votes guys! I figured I should reply to your suggestions, let you know my thought process behind it.

I refused Wilhelm on purpose because I went with Viola Sonata. It has the same kill effect which is the core of the play and same creature body but the rest of the effects are clearly so much more powerful and give so much synergy with all the other Dragons. Also it's a lot more dangerous than Wil could ever be since I can swing it with Pixie Life however I like.

Then it's also a problem of mana. I have 9 rainbow cards, which is quite a big amount, I can't really spare more. If you have too many rainbows, especially high cost, your mana placement and topdecking becomes dangerous just when you need to play something for all the mana. You don't want those kind of risks.

Compared to that Wilhelm's mana burn is just a gimmick and I wouldn't really use him over more Viola Sonata. If I want more mana burn I'd just go with more Metal, Mildgarmus or Zalberg or something, because speed is more important in mana burning.

I built this starting with Mozart, then I added Cantaible because I realized I'd be graving myself a lot. But that was before I realized Beethoven also worked from the grave, lmfao! I still decided to keep it purely for the playing from mana, which is something I personally enjoy, my style preference, so if you want Mozart or something else Cantaible can go easy. But by my calculations Mozart shouldn't really KILL enough to warrant his incredibly expensive body that just comes too late anyway, he's the kind of card that you don't use in Dragon builds or slow decks, he's best used with indirect playing and the like.

EX and EMK are good choices, but only because they can counter-attack very well and EMK really shuts down attackers. I'll consider them but yeah, there are lots of variations this deck can have on top of the 30+ really mandatory cards, the changes just depend on what the meta is. But EMK can only go at 1 maximum, and if I want more Balga Raiser is better.

I forgot to mention them in the list, so I added some more stuff now.

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rks_blitzer Premium Member
LV22 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for rks_blitzer
Member since
July 18, 2010
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: May 15, 2013 11:01 am

This deck seems lacking in some areas, but I'll reserve judgment until I decide to try it in on DMvault. Considering I'm addicted to League of Legends right now, that might not be for a while.
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nerafim Premium Member
LV25 Romania activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for nerafim
Member since
January 14, 2009
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Subject:    Posted: May 16, 2013 11:08 am

quote from rks_blitzer:

This deck seems lacking in some areas, but I'll reserve judgment until I decide to try it in on DMvault. Considering I'm addicted to League of Legends right now, that might not be for a while.

Nah it kind of, but that's because you can only add so much in any one deck anyway. The idea is naturally limited, not much can be done. That's because it relies very deeply on full Dragon synergy, with Mendehelsson, Infinity Dragon and Bajulaterra especially. Not to mention great, constant support with Viola.

From what I can tell so far, early game is the only real offender, you depend a lot on that T2 mana accel and a T4 followup, especially Mendehelsson. But there's nothing that can really be fixed about it.

I always thought it was a Tier 2 deck with power boost depending on matchup, but in any case I built it mostly for the cool theme and synergies than just raw practicality. I really enjoy it when I can make very functional theme decks.
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LV3 India activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for eli_wolffe
Member since
July 29, 2013
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Subject:    Posted: March 27, 2014 08:48 am

A few months ago,i came across "Lugia's Legions" and i was like "WHOA!".So i decided to do a little digging into your decklist.Imagine my surprise when i saw Symphonic
I've learned SO much from this deck,and the whole Advent Draconis trilogy is a small portion of that.
Viola Sonata is a BEAST.Personal experience withstanding,it's got incredible synergy with the entire deck.Infinity Dragon could not have found a better seat and the mana accel issue that looms ever so slightly,isn't much of a problem in most cases.Although,i must admit Babelginus & Yabasgil Skill make pretty darn good additions to the fray as well.
And Storm Kaiser XX just whoops major behinds with this framework [Note : I kinda' added Storm Hole & him ].
I could go on and on,but i'll stop at another Thank You and this




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