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Deck "Pony Destruction"

Deck "Pony Destruction"
120 Cards
created by noliveri7 activity icon
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Card Type: Event (13 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x A Letter from the Princess Demo 47 Event Demo
1 x Assertiveness Training Base Set 105 Event Rare
1 x Back Where You Began Base Set 106 Event Rare
1 x Eeyup Base Set 112 Event Rare
1 x Fall Asleep! Demo 46 Event Demo
1 x Good Hustle Base Set 101 Event Rare
1 x Good Morning, Friends Demo 15 Event Demo
1 x Gotta Go Fast Base Set 117 Event Rare
1 x Let's Get This Party Started Demo 49 Event Demo
1 x Let's Make This Happen! Demo 17 Event Demo
1 x The Fun Has Been Doubled! Demo 48 Event Demo
1 x The Horror! The Horror! Demo 16 Event Demo
1 x What Went Wrong? Demo 14 Event Demo
Card Type: Friend (64 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Action Shot, Shutterbug Base Set 65 Friend Rare
1 x Amethyst Star Demo 10 Friend Demo
1 x Apple Cobbler Demo 42 Friend Demo
1 x Apple Stars, Fruit Prodigy Base Set 51 Friend Rare
1 x Applejack Demo 41 Friend Demo
1 x Applejack, Barn Raiser Base Set 24 Friend Rare
1 x Big Mac, Immense Apple Base Set 199 Friend Ultra Rare
1 x Big Shot Demo 12 Friend Demo
1 x Big Shot, Wildlife Photographer Base Set 66 Friend Rare
1 x Blue Jay Demo 8 Friend Demo
1 x Bright Bulb, Seasoned Strategist Base Set 53 Friend Rare
1 x Charged Up, Energizer Pony Base Set 39 Friend Rare
1 x Cherry Jubilee Demo 40 Friend Demo
1 x Cloudchaser, Flexible Flier Base Set 11 Friend Rare
1 x Coco Crusoe, Thick Skinned Base Set 27 Friend Rare
2 x Couldchaser Demo 4 Friend Demo
1 x Craft Crate Demo 44 Friend Demo
1 x Dance Fever Demo 38 Friend Demo
1 x Diamond Mint Demo 36 Friend Demo
1 x Dr. Hooves, Unblinking Base Set 197 Friend Ultra Rare
1 x Eff Stop, Muckraker Base Set 69 Friend Rare
1 x Falcon, Fast & Furious Base Set 82 Friend Rare
1 x Featherweight, Editor-in-Chief Base Set 67 Friend Rare
1 x Felix Demo 37 Friend Demo
1 x Fiddly Faddle, Country Twang Base Set 68 Friend Rare
1 x Fluttershy Demo 6 Friend Demo
1 x Fluttershy, Guidance Counselor Base Set 83 Friend Rare
1 x Fluttershy, Monster Tamer Base Set 211 Friend Ultra Rare
1 x Full Steam, Smoke Stacked Base Set 31 Friend Rare
1 x Gala Appleby, Refined Farmer Base Set 21 Friend Rare
1 x Gizmo Demo 33 Friend Demo
1 x Goldengrape, Popular Punster Base Set 43 Friend Rare
1 x Granny Smith Demo 45 Friend Demo
1 x Gyro, Poindexter Base Set 56 Friend Rare
1 x Gyro, Poindexter Base Set f22 Friend Rare Foil
1 x House Mouse Demo 7 Friend Demo
1 x Jack Hammer Demo 43 Friend Demo
1 x Lemony Gem, Sour Grapes Base Set 57 Friend Rare
1 x Lilac Links, Superstitious Base Set 88 Friend Rare
1 x Lilac Links, Superstitious Base Set f29 Friend Rare Foil
2 x Lotus Blossom, Sauna Expert Base Set 74 Friend Rare
1 x Lucky Streak, One in a Million Base Set 41 Friend Rare
1 x Lyra Heartstrings, Bonafide Base Set 201 Friend Ultra Rare
1 x Mane Cureall, Veteran Vet Base Set 89 Friend Rare
1 x Mane Goodall Demo 9 Friend Demo
1 x Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth, Dam Builder Base Set 90 Friend Rare
1 x Mr. Breezy, Fan Fan Base Set 91 Friend Rare
1 x Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol Base Set 35 Friend Rare
1 x Nill Neigh Demo 34 Friend Demo
1 x Noteworthy Demo 13 Friend Demo
2 x Octavia, Virtuoso Base Set 205 Friend Ultra Rare
1 x Philomena, Bird of a Feather Base Set 207 Friend Ultra Rare
1 x Pinkie Pie Demo 39 Friend Demo
2 x Rainbow Dash Demo 2 Friend Demo
1 x Rarity Demo 11 Friend Demo
2 x Scootaloo Demo 3 Friend Demo
2 x Star Hunter Demo 5 Friend Demo
1 x Zecora Demo 35 Friend Demo
Card Type: Mane Character (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Rainbow Dash, Flyer Extraordinaire Demo 1 Mane Character Demo
1 x Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student Demo 32 Mane Character Demo
Card Type: Problem (16 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Brace Yourselves, Y'all Demo 63 Problem Demo
1 x Clearing Gloomy Skies Demo 28 Problem Demo
1 x Cliff Collapse Demo 25 Problem Demo
1 x Clock. Is. TICKING. Demo 62 Problem Demo
1 x Doozy of a Downpour Demo 26 Problem Demo
1 x Hungry Hungry Caterpillars Demo 61 Problem Demo
1 x May the Best Pet Win Demo 29 Problem Demo
1 x Monitor Everything Demo 58 Problem Demo
1 x No Means No Demo 24 Problem Demo
1 x Official Bunny Census Demo 31 Problem Demo
1 x Raise the Barn Demo 57 Problem Demo
1 x Rest When it's Over Demo 60 Problem Demo
1 x She's an Imposter! Demo 56 Problem Demo
1 x The Quest for the Hospital Tome Demo 30 Problem Demo
1 x This Way, Little Ones Demo 27 Problem Demo
1 x Vanquishing an Ursa Demo 59 Problem Demo
Card Type: Resource (11 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Assault Cake Base Set 131 Resource Rare
1 x Carousel Boutique Base Set 132 Resource Rare
1 x Come'n Get Me, You Big Goons! Demo 55 Resource Demo
1 x Fancy Hoofwork Demo 23 Resource Demo
1 x Fighting For Friendship Demo 52 Resource Demo
1 x Golden Oak Library Base Set 138 Resource Rare
1 x Must. Keep. Buckin'... Demo 53 Resource Demo
1 x Picnic Lunch Base Set f39 Resource Rare Foil
1 x Picnic Lunch Base Set 146 Resource Rare
1 x She Did It! Demo 22 Resource Demo
1 x Ten Time Rodeo Champ-een Demo 54 Resource Demo
Card Type: Troublemaker (11 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Ahuizotl Base Set f40 Troublemaker Rare Foil
1 x Ahuizotl Base Set 152 Troublemaker Rare
1 x Brown Parasprite Demo 20 Troublemaker Demo
1 x Nightmare Moon Base Set 210 Troublemaker Ultra Rare
1 x Nightmare Moon Demo 50 Troublemaker Demo
1 x Parasprite Swarm Base Set 156 Troublemaker Rare
1 x Parasprite Swarm Base Set f41 Troublemaker Rare Foil
1 x Purple Parasprite Demo 18 Troublemaker Demo
1 x Red Fruit Bat Demo 21 Troublemaker Demo
1 x Timberwolf Demo 51 Troublemaker Demo
1 x Yellow Parasprite Demo 19 Troublemaker Demo
Card Type: Turn Card (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Base Turn Demo BT Turn Card Demo
1 x Turn Table Demo TT Turn Card Demo
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Event bar 13  11 %  
Friend bar 64  53 %  
Mane Character bar 3 %  
Problem bar 16  13 %  
Resource bar 11  9 %  
Troublemaker bar 11  9 %  
Turn Card bar 2 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Demo bar 70  58 %  
Rare bar 37  31 %  
Rare Foil bar 4 %  
Ultra Rare bar 7 %  

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