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Deck "Low-Budget Corruption/Deceit"

Deck "Low-Budget Corruption/Deceit"
43 Cards
created by wapcaplets Premium Member LV58 activity icon envelope icon
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Type: Combat Fate (5 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Avasculate Base BASE-006 Combat Fate U
1 x Dark Genesis Base BASE-029 Combat Fate U
2 x Halve Base BASE-056 Combat Fate C
Type: Combat Minion (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Creature from Xhilo Base BASE-024 Combat Minion C
Type: Fate (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Killer Party LHE LHE-077 Fate C
1 x Sermon of Lies Base BASE-109 Fate R
Type: God (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
Type: Minion (30 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Agonel Base BASE-001 Minion C
3 x Baby Blood Monkey Base BASE-007 Minion U
2 x Blood Monkey Base BASE-009 Minion C
2 x Bringer of Sacrifice Base BASE-015 Minion C
2 x Callow Believer Base BASE-019 Minion C
1 x Cruel Reaper Base BASE-025 Minion R
1 x Dead Dog LHE LHE-031 Minion R
1 x Greater Cthugian Base BASE-051 Minion R
1 x Grim Judge LHE LHE-059 Minion R
1 x Lamia Huntress LHE LHE-079 Minion R
3 x Mecatl Base BASE-079 Minion C
1 x Nahual Base BASE-086 Minion U
1 x Screaming Star-Spawn Base BASE-108 Minion R
1 x Skin Melder Base BASE-113 Minion U
2 x Skinny Pete LHE LHE-113 Minion C
2 x Slimeoid Base BASE-118 Minion U
2 x Suckling Base BASE-122 Minion C
1 x The Amazing Bobo LHE LHE-005 Minion R
1 x Thulykos Base BASE-131 Minion R
Type: Relic (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Labrys LHE LHE-078 Relic U
1 x Signet of Loki Base BASE-112 Relic R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Doom
Corruption bar 21  49 %  
Deceit bar 22  51 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 21  49 %  
R bar 11  26 %  
U bar 11  26 %  

Distribution by Subtype
- bar 5 %  
Anubian bar 2 %  
Aztecal bar 9 %  
Chaos Incarnate bar 2 %  
Cultist bar 9 %  
Curse bar 9 %  
Demon bar 12 %  
Invocation bar 2 %  
Mishap bar 7 %  
Mutant bar 16 %  
Outsider bar 9 %  
Reaper bar 2 %  
Slime bar 5 %  
Thing outside Time and Space bar 2 %  
Undead bar 7 %  

Distribution by Type
Combat Fate bar 12 %  
Combat Minion bar 5 %  
Fate bar 7 %  
God bar 2 %  
Minion bar 30  70 %  
Relic bar 5 %  

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