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Deck "Beginning of Perdition"

Deck "Beginning of Perdition"
Format: Clan Fight (Old) - 50 Cards
created by chaos_br3ak3r Premium Member LV57 activity icon envelope icon
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This is My current Kagero deck. I do't like spending too much on card games, but i do like having my deck upgraded from the basic form that it was. Anyways, the main idea is that it's a combo deck, designed to have multiple retire skills go off, with Gatling Claw; Kimnara; Pain/ Menace Laser, and Dominate along with the starter Sadegh.
This deck is a good link between the old break ride sets and the new Legion sets, with Pain Laser and Dominate "R" clearing the way for the Blast Bulk the next turn, or to get Blast Bulk off of Dauntless for a multiple Critical hit, with the help of the unlimiter Mulciber.
I do plan to remake the deck, but a bit later switching out some of the G2 and 3 units.

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (50 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Blast Bulk Dragon EB09 EB09-003 Kagerō RRR
4 x Blue Ray Dracokid EB09 EB09-029 Kagerō C
2 x Calamity Tower Wyvern BT14 BT14-082 Kagerō C
2 x Chain Blast Dragon PromosEN PR-0101EN Kagerō Promo
1 x Crouching Dragon, Striken EB01 EB01-034 Kagerō C
1 x Dauntless Dominate Dragon "Яeverse" BT14 BT14-006 Kagerō RRR
2 x Dauntless Drive Dragon BT11 BT11-005 Kagerō RRR
2 x Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka EB09 EB09-026 Kagerō C
2 x Demonic Dragon Mage, Kimnara VG-BT02 BT02-032 Kagerō R
2 x Demonic Dragon Mage, Kongara EB09 EB09-022 Kagerō C
1 x Dragon Dancer, Arabella PromosEN PR-0100EN Kagerō Promo
2 x Dragon Dancer, Therese BT15 BT15-067 Kagerō C
1 x Dragon Knight, Sadegh BT14 BT14-034 Kagerō R
4 x Gattling Claw Dragon EB09 EB09-034 Kagerō C
2 x Lizard Soldier, Goraha BT14 BT14-084 Kagerō C
2 x Lizard Soldier, Raopia EB09 EB09-015 Kagerō R
3 x Perdition Dragon, Menace Laser Dragon BT17 BT17-012 Kagerō RR
2 x Perdition Dragon, Pain Laser Dragon BT17 BT17-003 Kagerō RRR
2 x Perdition Dragon, Rampart Dragon BT17 BT17-013 Kagerō RR
3 x Prowling Dragon, Striken EB09 EB09-020 Kagerō C
3 x Seal Dragon Sprite, Mulciber BT17 BT17-064 Kagerō C
2 x Seal Dragon, Artpique BT11 BT11-074 Kagerō C
2 x Seal Dragon, Shirting BT11 BT11-073 Kagerō C
1 x Wyvern Guard, Barri VG-BT01 BT01-015 Kagerō RR
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Clan
Kager? bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Grade / Skill
Grade 0 / Boost bar 17  34 %  
Grade 1 / Boost bar 14  28 %  
Grade 2 / Intercept bar 10  20 %  
Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! bar 18 %  

Distribution by Nation
Dragon Empire bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 4 %  
10000 bar 8 %  
11000 bar 18 %  
4000 bar 4 %  
5000 bar 17  34 %  
6000 bar 18 %  
7000 bar 6 %  
9000 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Race
Dragonman bar 15  30 %  
Flame Dragon bar 22  44 %  
Human bar 8 %  
Salamander bar 6 %  
Winged Dragon bar 12 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 29  58 %  
Promo bar 6 %  
R bar 10 %  
RR bar 12 %  
RRR bar 14 %  

Distribution by Shield
- bar 18 %  
- bar 6 %  
10000 bar 15  30 %  
5000 bar 23  46 %  

Distribution by Trigger
Critical +5000 Power bar 15 %  
None bar 33  85 %  

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