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Deck "The Origin of DOOM!!"

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Deck "The Origin of DOOM!!"
Format: OCG - 40 Cards
created by nerafim activity icon
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Working around the idea of abusing Chirico and mass CiP swarming some more. It's just so stupidly and insanely awesome, yet still efficient.

The Perfect Galaxy one works great, though I do believe there just have to be better ways to directly take out the opponent in one turn, so Gajirabute looks too promising, and great against certain high level threats that I SHOULD at least be facing, but don't so often.

But I am kind of thinking Gal Volf instead due to the higher power, and even DB, plus the discard is critical. Even if it misses, one allows me to see the opponent's hand, so any other ones will hit their mark dead on, plus it seems to work better for and against more stall and control tactics. I don't think the dead on accuracy of hitting a specific shield will matter much with all the replaying of Chirico that I plan to use which should end up in burning most shields, or against Shield Force or Shield Plus but even Fortresses.

Mana Nexus is the superb addition for defense in here, and I think just 1 shall do. I am also thinking either Clone Factory or Mystic Dreamscape for mana recursion since it looks like I might need it with my chargers and Kiryu or benching important stuff.

Well then, on with the testing.

Card list Group cards by  
Type: Creature (12 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves DM-31 10 Creature Rare
4 x Core-Crash Lizard SWotSR S5 Creature Super Rare
1 x Crimson Mega Dragoon DMC-47-8 8 Creature Very Rare
2 x Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar VC 35 Creature Uncommon
1 x Orochi, of the Hidden Blade LoH 2 Creature Very Rare
Type: Evolution Creature (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Emperor Kiriko DM-32 S3 Evolution Creature Super Rare
Type: Spell (25 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Corpse Charger EDoHC 26 Spell Common
3 x Crest EVO Charger DM-35 55 Spell Common
1 x Crest of Mother VH 30-110 Spell Rare
1 x Cyber Brain DMC-50 24-30 Spell Uncommon
2 x Eureka Charger EDoHC 18 Spell Common
2 x Evolution Burst - Energy Spiral DM-32 22 Spell Rare
4 x Faerie Life DM-32 109 Spell Common
2 x Hell's Scrapper DMC-45 29 Spell Rare
3 x Living Lithograph BG 109 Spell Common
3 x Sanctuary of the Mother DM-33 20 Spell Rare
3 x Volcano Charger EDoHC 45 Spell Uncommon
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Civilization
Darkness bar 3 %  
Darkness/Fire bar 3 %  
Darkness/Fire/Nature bar 5 %  
Fire bar 23 %  
Nature bar 14  35 %  
Water bar 13  33 %  

Distribution by Cost
2 bar 18 %  
3 bar 10 %  
4 bar 12  30 %  
5 bar 5 %  
6 bar 13 %  
7 bar 18 %  
8 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 18 %  
- bar 18  45 %  
1000 bar 5 %  
13000 bar 8 %  
3000 bar 3 %  
5000 bar 13 %  
6000 bar 10 %  

Distribution by Race
- bar 25  63 %  
Cyber Lord/Origin bar 8 %  
Cyber Lord/Shinobi bar 3 %  
Lost Crusader bar 5 %  
Melt Warrior bar 10 %  
Origin/Knight/Samurai bar 10 %  
Tyranno Drake bar 3 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 13  33 %  
Rare bar 12  30 %  
Super Rare bar 18 %  
Uncommon bar 15 %  
Very Rare bar 5 %  

Distribution by Type
Creature bar 12  30 %  
Evolution Creature bar 8 %  
Spell bar 25  63 %  

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