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Deck "Madoka - End of Time"

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Deck "Madoka - End of Time"
50 Cards
created by lyzhenra activity icon
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GRB Madoka

Card list Group cards by  
Card Type: Character (34 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x "My Role" Sayaka / “あたしの役目”さやか MM-W35 MM-W35-081 Character RR
4 x Kyoko Shares an Apple / 林檎のおすそわけ 杏子 MM-W17 MM-W17-063 Character R
1 x Kyoko, Exterminating Nightmares / ナイトメア退治 杏子 MM-W35 MM-W35-065 Character R
1 x Kyoko, Intuitive Type / 直感的なタイプ 杏子 MM-W35 MM-W35-062 Character RR
4 x Madoka from the New World / 新世界のまどか MM-W35 MM-W35-030 Character R
4 x Madoka, Thinking of Homura / ほむらを想うまどか MM-W35 MM-W35-032 Character R
4 x Mami & Nagisa / マミ&なぎさ MM-W35 MM-W35-003 Character R
4 x SD Homura / SDほむら WPromos MM-W35-104 Character PR
4 x Sayaka Looks Up to Mami / マミへの憧れ さやか MM-W17 MM-W17-084 Character R
1 x Sayaka Miki / 美樹 さやか MM-W17 MM-W17-082 Character RR
2 x Sayaka, Guided by the Cycle / 円環に導かれた者 さやか MM-W35 MM-W35-082SP Character SP
4 x Sayaka, Second-year Student of Mitakihara Middle School MM-W17 MM-W17-094 Character C
Card Type: Climax (8 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Guide to Salvation / 救済の導き MM-W35 MM-W35-058R Climax RRR
4 x Sayaka's True Identity / さやかの正体 MM-W35 MM-W35-099 Climax CR
Card Type: Event (8 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Magical Girl Appears / 魔法少女現る MM-W17 MM-W17-078 Event U
4 x Sayaka's Wish / さやかの願い MM-W17 MM-W17-098 Event U
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 34  68 %  
Climax bar 16 %  
Event bar 16 %  

Distribution by Color
Blue bar 20  40 %  
Green bar 16  32 %  
Red bar 10  20 %  
Yellow bar 8 %  

Distribution by Cost
- bar 36  72 %  
1 bar 10  20 %  
2 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Level
- bar 28  56 %  
1 bar 16 %  
2 bar 10  20 %  
3 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 16  32 %  
10000 bar 4 %  
1500 bar 8 %  
2000 bar 8 %  
2500 bar 18 %  
500 bar 8 %  
5000 bar 10 %  
5500 bar 8 %  
9500 bar 4 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 8 %  
CR bar 8 %  
PR bar 8 %  
R bar 21  42 %  
RR bar 6 %  
RRR bar 8 %  
SP bar 4 %  
U bar 16 %  

Distribution by Side
Weiss bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Soul
- bar 16  32 %  
1 bar 30  60 %  
2 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Triggers
2 Soul bar 8 %  
None bar 36  72 %  
Soul bar 12 %  
Soul Arch bar 8 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 2 votes:

bar 3.50
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
Philippines activity icon

Avatar for ronelm
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: November 4, 2015 08:51 am

It could use Nightmare Extermination Kyoko and, you know, another decent backup like Kyoko Arrives.

Also, Nightmare Extermination Sayaka and My Role Sayaka is godly. Use it!
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Canada activity icon

Avatar for lyzhenra
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: November 4, 2015 10:40 am

Thanks for commenting my deck Madoka-senpai. All your suggestions are marginal cards in comparison to adding more level 3s to my deck (my top priority is probably to add a third lvl 3 Kyoko to win games). 1x Sayaka brainstorm is my 2nd priority just in case I'm unlucky drawing into my favorite one. I'm OCD on brainstorming. I'll probably cut Kyubey +500 (after testing him a lot, he's very marginal) and/or a Mami search.

Nightmare Extermination Kyoko is too expensive for effect (win-more if I can afford it while paying for my lvl 3s/wishes). My level 3s are too weak to backup and are wish targets if I'm facing On Reverse effects. I'll just crash my base power Kyoko lvl 3 even though it's a very nice perk to use her effect twice.

1.5k backup is not really relevant since Sayaka is not always 7.5k at level 1 and you don't always have the backup ready in hand (I'd rather keep my wish!). I can't go crazy on search for that early game since I'd rather search apples/brainstorms... Finally, I have to level 1 up first to be able to counter any on reverse shenanigans. It's not a guarantee even though I have 4x Kyubey Supporting for that.

Nightmare Extermination Sayaka is the problem you have with most level 2s. I'd rather wait for level 3s (usually next turn unless you triple cancel @ level 2 and you probably already won if you did anyway) and get a healer/finisher for an extra cost for same 2 soul and same/extra power. Kyoko lvl 1 reverser is my power solution when no Homura freefresh timing too.

My Role Sayaka is too expensive/win-more once again and I have nothing requiring On Reverse effects for a level assist at level 3. I'll just search anything with brainstorm late game and potentially double down with Homura freefresh. So fun.
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kojiros Premium Member
LV9 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for kojiros
Member since
May 8, 2016
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: June 11, 2017 10:25 am

Was a fun deck to play against. The Clock Kick Homura makes me salty though since...well most clock kickers with that profile are almost always much better than my Factory Tyrant in Divas. orz. Draw 2/Ditch 1, clock kick with a Treasure Bar.
My kantai has Akagi-Kai with the same thing but additional stock drainage for power for 2 turns to all my girls.
Then yours have a power boost on top of being a changer from level 2 being possible. I swear my poor Tyrant has no chance lol.
But I digress. That was a pretty fun match to play with against this with my main Kancolle. I thought I was a goner at the end but Homura clock kicks but no damage from the rest at all. Woot.
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