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Deck "kujtaa"

Deck "kujtaa"
75 Cards
created by abiti activity icon
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mitrovica number 1 lol

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Type: Character (29 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Aline Probe TGO CH-017 Character Uncommon
1 x Aqualad TGO CH-019 Character Common
1 x Aqualad TGO CH-020 Character Rare
1 x Backfire TGO CH-004 Character Uncommon
1 x Beast Boy TGO CH-022 Character Rare
1 x Beast Boy TGO CH-003 Character Common
1 x Beast Boy TGO CH-021 Character Common
1 x Black Ravens TGO CH-023 Character Common
1 x Cinderblock TGO CH-024 Character Uncommon
1 x Cyborg TGO CH-026 Character Rare
1 x Cyborg TGO CH-005 Character Common
1 x Cybrog TGO CH-025 Character Uncommon
1 x Dark Raven TGO CH-049 Character Rare
1 x Fire Monster TGO CH-028 Character Rare
1 x Gizmo TGO CH-031 Character Rare
1 x Janus TGO CH-032 Character Common
1 x Jinx TGO CH-035 Character Rare
1 x Overload TGO CH-044 Character Rare
1 x Plasmus TGO CH-045 Character Rare
1 x Puppet King TGO CH-046 Character Common
1 x Raven TGO CH-006 Character Common
1 x Raven TGO CH-048 Character Uncommon
1 x Red X TGO CH-050 Character Rare
1 x Robin TGO CH-001 Character Rare
1 x Robin TGO CH-051 Character Uncommon
1 x Robin TGO CH-007 Character Common
1 x Starfire TGO CH-054 Character Rare
1 x Terra TGO CH-057 Character Rare
1 x Trigon TGO CH-060 Character Rare
Type: Field (5 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x City Streets TGO FD-001 Field Common
1 x HIVE Academy TGO FD-008 Field Uncommon
1 x Prison TGO FD-012 Field Rare
1 x Titans Tower TGO FD-003 Field Common
1 x Top of the building TGO FD-014 Field Rare
Type: Skillz (29 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Charge! TGO SK-013 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Concentrated Energy TGO SK-014 Skillz Common
1 x Crush TGO SK-015 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Defensive Leap TGO SK-016 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Double Team Special TGO SK-017 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Energy Boom TGO SK-009 Skillz Common
1 x Energy Cannon TGO SK-003 Skillz Common
1 x Energy Power TGO SK-018 Skillz Common
1 x Energy Rays TGO SK-019 Skillz Common
1 x Energy Storm TGO SK-010 Skillz Common
1 x Energy Weapon TGO SK-020 Skillz Common
1 x Enormous Strength TGO SK-021 Skillz Common
1 x Extreme Rage TGO SK-022 Skillz Rare
1 x Flight Of Darkness TGO SK-004 Skillz Common
1 x Flying Assault TGO SK-023 Skillz Common
1 x Group Attack TGO SK-024 Skillz Uncommon
1 x I've got a plan TGO SK-025 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Kick TGO SK-006 Skillz Common
1 x Morph Dodge TGO SK-001 Skillz Common
1 x Power Of Flight TGO SK-005 Skillz Common
1 x Power Punch TGO SK-026 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Punch TGO SK-007 Skillz Common
1 x Pure Energy TGO SK-011 Skillz Common
1 x Quick Reflexes TGO SK-027 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Rage TGO SK-002 Skillz Common
1 x Scheming TGO SK-008 Skillz Common
1 x Sneak Attack TGO SK-028 Skillz Rare
1 x Vanishing Act TGO SK-029 Skillz Uncommon
1 x Water Attack TGO SK-030 Skillz Common
Type: Storyline (12 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Dogpile TGO SL-004 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Finishing Blow TGO SL-005 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Just Bring It TGO SL-007 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Leave Me Alone TGO SL-008 Storyline Rare
1 x Masks TGO SL-009 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Robbery TGO SL-010 Storyline Rare
1 x Run Away! TGO SL-011 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Scard! TGO SL-012 Storyline Rare
1 x Super Deform TGO SL-014 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Take On The Team TGO SL-015 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Tied Up TGO SL-003 Storyline Uncommon
1 x Will You Shut Up! TGO SL-002 Storyline Uncommon
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 29  39 %  
Rare bar 21  28 %  
Uncommon bar 25  33 %  

Distribution by Team
- bar 46  61 %  
Azarath bar 1 %  
Centauri bar 1 %  
HIVE Academy bar 3 %  
None bar 5 %  
Other Dimension bar 3 %  
Slade's Army bar 5 %  
Tamaranian bar 1 %  
Teen Titans bar 11  15 %  
Teen Titans/Underwater bar 3 %  
Underwater bar 1 %  

Distribution by Type
Character bar 29  39 %  
Field bar 7 %  
Skillz bar 29  39 %  
Storyline bar 12  16 %  

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bar 3.00
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