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Deck "O=Modern(=White Humans=>"

Deck "O=Modern(=White Humans=>"
Format: Modern - 75 Cards
created by big_brother LV38 activity icon envelope icon
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O<==(OO((=Modern Mono White Humans==>

My favorite deck! It's fast and affordable! White has always been my favorite color because of its small but versatile creatures as well as its ability to answer almost any kind of threat. White weeny at its finest.. With 18, 1CC creatures in the deck, we pressure their life total early with tons of little guys and several ways to buff them up! The ideal situation is to play a creature turn one, then two creatures turn two, attacking if beneficial, then on turn three boost your creatures with Honor of the Pure/Thalia's Lieutenant and let them slip by defenses with Path to Exile and Brave the Elements for lots of damage!

The Match Ups:

Aggro: This matchup can go ether way depending on the draws. Brave the Elements helps us greatly against colored aggro decks, Stony Silence and Disenchants in the sideboard helps us deal with Affinity, as well as Blessed Alliance for additional removal or to deal with tricky creatures. We also run multiple copies of Auriok Champion to help with burn.

Control: This match up can go our way fast but once they stabilize we don't have many ways to come back. Cavern of Souls helps us dodge counter spells while our protection from color spells helps us get past their walls and removal. We have some removal options of our own to deal with their threats, but over all this is the class of deck that we have the least answers for and they have access to some of our decks best counters, therefore making it one of the tougher archetypes for us to beat.

Combo: Our deck can out race most decks that don't interact with our creatures. This is usually our best match up! But just in case we have Pithing Needle and Rest in Peace to deal with any shenanigans.

COUNTERS: As with any deck, there are some cards that once they hit the board, you know you're in for a rough game. Here is a list of some of the cards in modern that can make our lives miserable.

1.Chalice of the Void - Chalice with one counter on it stops us from playing more than half our deck. As early as turn one, and easily by turn two... Enough said. By far the biggest counter card to our deck. (Our way around it is Disenchant)

2.Ensnaring Bridge - While it wont stop us quite as quickly as Chalice will, it will stop our creatures from attacking rather early. Locking us out from winning and allowing our opponent to stabilize. (Our way around it is Disenchant)

3. Engineered Explosives - The fastest and easiest way to clear our bored, the only reason this is below the other two is because it doesn't completely stop us from attacking our opponent like the first two do. (Our way around it is Stony Silence)

4. Ratchet Bomb - The poor mans Engineered Explosives, a bit slower but still only requires one turn with one counter to destroy a majority of our creatures. (Our way around it is Stony Silence)

5. Mass Removal Spells - Honorable Mention goes to any mass removal spells. Wrath of God, Damnation, Supreme Verdict, Anger of the Gods, and Pyroclasm. Cards that destroy our entire bored hurt us a lot. These spells are a bit less oppressive as they ether cost more mana (We may have them beat by then) or deal damage (Brave the Elements).

Other considerations for the deck include:
- Thalia, Heretic Cathar
- Ranger of Eos
- Field Marshal
- Horizon Canopy
- Imposing Sovereign
- Aven Mindsensor
- Student of Warfare
- Selfless Spirit
- Runed Halo
- Proclamation of Rebirth
- Dusk / Dawn
- Fracturing Gust
- Tempest of Light
- Paraselene
- Damping Sphere
- Aura of Silence
- Graffdigger's Cage
- Relic of Progenitus
- Grand Abolisher
- Timely Reinforcements
- Nevermore
- Pulse of the fields
- Gideon's intervention

Card list Group cards by  
Cards without Section (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity Average price
4 x Brave the Elements Rewards P11-2 Instant P
2 x Cavern of Souls MM3 232 Land M
4 x Champion of the Parish DDQ 4 Creature R
1 x Eiganjo Castle CHK 275 Legendary Land R
4 x Flagstones of Trokair TSP/TSB 272 Legendary Land R
2 x Ghost Quarter MD1 26 Land U
4 x Honor of the Pure MD1 6 Enchantment R
4 x Icatian Javelineers EVK 14 Creature C
3 x Kytheon, Hero of Akros // Gideon, Battle-Forged ORI 23 Legendary Creature M
2 x Mirran Crusader MBS 14 Creature R
4 x Path to Exile [FNM] FNM F15-07 Instant P
11 x Plains UST 212 Basic Land L
2 x Shefet Dunes HOU 183 Land U
3 x Soldier of the Pantheon THS 32 Creature R
4 x Thalia's Lieutenant SOI 43 Creature R
2 x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben DKA 24 Legendary Creature R
4 x Thraben Inspector SOI 44 Creature C
Section: Sideboard (15 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity Average price
2 x Auriok Champion IMA 9 Creature R
2 x Blessed Alliance EMN 13 Instant U
2 x Disenchant CSTD 1 Instant C
1 x Grafdigger's Cage DKA 149 Artifact R
2 x Patrician's Scorn FUT 29 Instant C
2 x Pithing Needle M10 217 Artifact R
2 x Rest in Peace RTR 18 Enchantment R
2 x Stony Silence MM3 25 Enchantment R
Total price for the deck:
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Color
Artifact bar 4 %  
Colorless bar 11  15 %  
Land bar 11  15 %  
White bar 50  67 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 47  63 %  
1 bar 18  24 %  
2 bar 10  13 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 12  16 %  
L bar 11  15 %  
M bar 7 %  
P bar 11 %  
R bar 33  44 %  
U bar 8 %  

Distribution by Subtype
- bar 34  45 %  
Desert bar 3 %  
Human Cleric bar 3 %  
Human Knight bar 3 %  
Human Soldier bar 24  32 %  
Plains bar 11  15 %  

Distribution by Toughness
- bar 47  63 %  
1 bar 22  29 %  
2 bar 8 %  

Distribution by Type
Artifact bar 4 %  
Basic Land bar 11  15 %  
Creature bar 23  31 %  
Enchantment bar 11 %  
Instant bar 14  19 %  
Land bar 8 %  
Legendary Creature bar 7 %  
Legendary Land bar 7 %  

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