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Deck "Sango and friends"

Deck "Sango and friends"
61 Cards
created by makoclb LV34 activity icon envelope icon
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I've made some adjustments since I started this deck. The biggest changes are the elimination of all the Intoxicated cards and the addition of Baggage and Fish.

For this deck, I'm going to be using Cover Up as my Kaitou card.

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Regular Deck (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Baggage Saisei 141 item Rare
4 x Determined Kassen KP9 event Promotional
3 x Family Curse Saisei 50 event Common
4 x Fish Shimei 41 item Common
3 x Halt! (Saisei #137) Tensei C7 event Subset
4 x Hiraikotsu Tousou W4 item Subset
4 x Jewel of Four Souls Tousou W8 item Subset
7 x Kirara, Companion of Sango Tensei 36 character Uncommon
6 x Kohaku, Timeless Champion Saisei TC10 character Subset
4 x Miroku's Staff Tousou W5 item Subset
2 x Miroku's Wind Tunnel Kijin 27 event Common
7 x Miroku, Sango's Protector Tensei 68 character Promotional
7 x Sango Keshin FW6 character Subset
1 x That's Enough Tousou 111 event Rare
Section: Kaitou Deck (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Cover Up Saisei 148 sideboard Rare
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
character bar 27  44 %  
event bar 13  21 %  
item bar 20  33 %  
sideboard bar 2 %  

Distribution by Deck Cost
- bar 13  21 %  
1 bar 12  20 %  
2 bar 13 %  
3 bar 20  33 %  
5 bar 11 %  
8 bar 2 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 15 %  
Promotional bar 11  18 %  
Rare bar 10 %  
Subset bar 28  46 %  
Uncommon bar 11 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 1 vote:

bar 3.00
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
LV24 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for hikarilink
Member since
May 14, 2009
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Subject:    Posted: December 13, 2009 01:34 am

Much better than your earlier decks. Still needs some work, but a huge improvement. You may want to rethink which versions of these characters you run. The amount is decent, but the thing is, it's not necessary, because unlike things like Protectors or Three's Company, there is no reason to limit your character option, or you'll be swarmed. Inuyasha and Kagome would be a nice addition and then you could run Cat and Dog, one of my favorite cards. Plus, broken Wind Scars. Also, definitely needs more events and events of a better quality. The items could do with some minor adjustments too, but it isn't that bad. Like I said, it just needs a little overall tune-up.
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LV34 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for makoclb
Member since
June 27, 2005
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject: Changes for the Better   Posted: January 1, 2010 02:41 pm

After playing several games with this deck, I think I've spotted several of its weaknesses. And, I hope I've fixed some of them. The biggest change was getting rid of Intoxicated, since it wasn't really helping me much. Instead, I've added 2 new items cards in its place (Fish and Baggage).
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LV24 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for hikarilink
Member since
May 14, 2009
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 4, 2010 05:56 pm

Your event line-up is still pretty weak. Other than Halt, there is nothing to worry about.

Family Curse is a mild inconvenience at best, it is really better suited for a deck geared toward hand control, which yours isn't.

Enjoying Time Together does little more than delay the inevitable, considering the deck type. Since the deck revolves around Sango and Miroku, it can only be used as your first action, otherwise one of them will probably be defeated. It is better suited in an Inu Group deck, where Sango and Miroku are supporting characters and thus, less likely to be the primary target off attack.

A Girl and Her Cat is also kind of useless. Having to waste precious event space seems wasteful, when there are playable versions of Kirara that protect her. It also wastes an action in combat, so you essentially need to keep Sango undefeated to play it. That's doable, but in the end, it's a minor annoyance, considering Sango isn't even a game-making or game-breakng character in this deck anyway.

You should also probably just dump the Legends Kohaku and run Only Timeless Champion, the effect is more useful and the stats are just better in general. Legends is decent for the pump, but in a deck not specifically based on Slayers, it's iffy.

The item lineup is alright, but it just feels like there are too many. 2-3 of most of these would work just as well, honestly.

Ultimately, more events would probably be a better option. Stuff that increases your power on attacks and defenses are far more useful, but the majority should be game changing effects.

Also, Making Plans would probably be a better Kaitou Card. Cover Up is only really useful if you have a card that let's you abuse the effect and if items are an absolute necessity.
Back to top Modified on January 5, 2010 04:48 pm 
LV24 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for hikarilink
Member since
May 14, 2009
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: January 5, 2010 08:29 pm

Nice use of That's Enough. Definitely a worthwhile card. Though probably won't get it off much, it is definitely good.

More Wind Tunnels would definitely be good. That is a devastating card.

Determined isn't that great, because you usually attack with your highest color anyway and most defense cards pump all colors. You also might not have another legal color. I find Koga's Fury to be a better choice.

Burned is banned, by the way. It's just too broken. You can find the Current Ruling Document and Advanced Ruling Document here in the CRD and Rules sections of the Inuyasha TCG section. It has all rulings and erratas, as well as the ban list.

I also just noticed, but your character count is kinda low. 6-7 copies works in a deck with 5 or more characters, but at 4 or less, 7 is the bare minimum if you hope to save consistently.

Also, I still don't agree with A Girl and Her Cat, the high item count, or your choice of Kaitou card, but I suppose you'll see what I mean once we play. I understand you are still fine-tuning, but the deck still has a ways to go.
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