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Deck "Majhal"

Deck "Majhal"
73 Cards
created by shakezilluh activity icon
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It is a majhal deck that once it gets to lvl 4 pretty much wins
look at this board for example
Leader lvl 4 with Binoculars
Shou's new chimera
Marin - curious girl

forget not my lvl 4 can recruit from GY

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Alchemist Showdown FMA 154-240 Event U
2 x Alchemists' Duel AG 80-140 Event R
1 x Alex Louis Armstrong, Strong and Beautiful BW 18-110 Ally U
2 x Bald, Hostage Taker FMA 105-240 Ally R
3 x Binoculars HP 72-140 Attachment R
2 x Challenge the Sun FMA 163-240 Event R
1 x Claire, Schoolteacher BW 28-110 Ally U
1 x Edward, Parallel Soul SAC 70-140 Ally C
1 x Envy, Doppelganger FMA 69-240 Ally C
1 x Freelancer, Alchemist Mercenary HP 60-140 Ally C
2 x Frenzy FMA 182-240 Event R
1 x Frenzy HP 46-60 Event PC
1 x Gracia Hughes, Widow HP 47-140 Ally U
1 x Lyra's Pendant FMA 143-240 Attachment R
1 x Lyra, Budding Talent AH 55-110 Ally R
1 x Lyra, Not Who Greed Thinks AG 37-140 Ally R
2 x Marin, Curious Girl FMA 130-240 Ally U
1 x Mugear, Land Baron BW 14-110 Ally R
2 x My Turn for Fame SDS 111-140 Event R
3 x Nash Tringham, Reclusive Researcher HP 27-140 Ally R
1 x Outcast, Finally Accepted SAC 61-140 Ally U
1 x Policeman, Citizen of Linter FMA 5-10b Ally X
2 x Privileged Position HP 76-140 Attachment R
2 x Restauranteur, All You Can Eat SDS 76-140 Ally C
1 x Rioters, Citizens of Liore AH 36-110 Ally C
1 x Roy Mustang's Gloves SAC 81-140 Attachment R
1 x Roy Mustang, Playing the Game SDS 56-140 Ally R
1 x Russell Tringham HP 29-140 Ally R
1 x Scar, Cold Hearted HP 67-140 Ally C
1 x Scar, Stalker FMA 123-240 Ally U
1 x Sealed In SAC 110-140 Event C
3 x Shared Experience AG 104-140 Event R
1 x Shou Tucker, Accomplice HP 40-140 Ally F
1 x Shou Tucker, Civilian HP 55-140 Ally C
2 x Shou's New Chimera, Nina and Alexander HP 17-60 Ally PC
1 x Shou's New Chimera, Nina and Alexander FMA 59-240 Ally R
2 x Tank of Red Water AH 63-110 Attachment R
1 x Three-Way Battle AG 113-140 Event U
2 x Veteran Alchemists, Military Elite SAC 9-18 Ally PC
1 x Wrath, On His Own SAC 72-140 Ally U
1 x Wrath, Raw Emotion SDS 45-140 Ally U
1 x Zolf J. Kimbly, Lunatic Prisoner AG 42-140 Ally R
Section: Location Deck (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Alchemist Testing Grounds FMA 221-240 Location U
1 x Dublith Streets AG 132-140 Location C
1 x Ishbal Ruins BW 105-110 Location F
1 x Parish Church BW 107-110 Location R
1 x Red Water Chamber AH 106-110 Location R
1 x Resembool Station SAC 133-140 Location U
1 x Sensei's Shrine AG 137-140 Location R
1 x South HQ AG 138-140 Location C
1 x Streetside Pub HP 138-140 Location C
Section: Leader Stack (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Majhal, Friend of Mr. Elric FMA 38-240 Leader C
1 x Majhal, Monster Hunter FMA 40-240 Leader C
1 x Majhal, Soul Binder FMA 8-10e Leader X
1 x Majhal, Zombie Master HP 20-140 Leader R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card type
Ally bar 35  48 %  
Attachment bar 12 %  
Event bar 16  22 %  
Leader bar 5 %  
Location bar 12 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 14  19 %  
F bar 3 %  
PC bar 7 %  
R bar 36  49 %  
U bar 14  19 %  
X bar 3 %  

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Author Message
United States activity icon

Avatar for paul_a_cullen
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Subject:    Posted: April 29, 2007 10:26 am

You need to compact your allies. having one copy of most allies aren't really useful. So is having 35 allies.

You need to focus one or two attributes.
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