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Bad Trader Reports

Bad Trader Report Procedures

If a Bad Trader Report gets filed against you you should act promptly to resolve it. You only have 7 days before your membership gets canceled.

The most important thing is to maintain good comunication with the other party. Most of the reports are caused by miscommunication or misunderstanding. The first thing you need to do therefore is to contact the other user and try to understand why they filed the Report, and what their expectations were that weren't fulfilled. As always, please be polite and patient.

The other user may cancel the Report at any moment, even if the Report was filed automatically on their behalf, so if you think the Report was filed for the wrong reasons you need to convince the reporting user that they can trust you. They can also extend the Report for as long as they want so as to give you more time to fix any issues and make sure they receive your cards.

You should only contact us if your attempts at communicating with the other party fail. You should then follow the instructions provided in the message you received when the Report was filed so that your message gets the appropriate priority. Please explain in detail the situation, what you have done to try and resolve the issue, and why you think the Report should be canceled or extended.