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How to publish your card review

To publish your Card Review on our site you need to enter your text in this form.

The title of your Review is always the name of the card you are analyzing, but you can supply a subtitle that will show on the title after the card name.

Then you need to enter your text on the main text area. When creating a new Review you will see a text already there. This is a template, or skeleton of a Review that may be helpful for you to remind you of all the things you can say about a card. You can delete the sections you are not writing about, and modify the template as you please. It is there just as a suggestion.

When writing your Review you may use BBCode to format it and have a nicer appearence and structure. BBCodes are pieces of text in the form of "[b]" or "[/i]" that let you control how things are displayed on the final Review page. You can get help on the kinds of codes accepted and what they do by clicking on the "BBCode is ON" link at the bottom of the form, or just click here.

Before you submit your Review, you should always preview it to see exactly how it will look like once it is online. Press the 'Preview' button at the bottom of the page and you will see the final look of your Review. The form will still be there for you to make yet more changes until you are satisfied with the result. Then you should press the 'Submit' button so that your Review becomes visible for all users.