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On (accessible once you log in) you can change the info about you that we keep on the site. This info is necessary for the correct working of the services we provide. It also lets you configure other aspects of your experience with our site. There are multiple sections on your profile:

Your type of subscription

On the top portion you see the type of subscription you are currently enjoying and you have the option to upgrade it to a Premium subscription or extend it if you already have one. To do this you just select the period you want to get and press on the 'upgrade' button. Any period you acquire gets appended to your current one if you are already a Premium member. For more information about the types of subscriptions and their associated benefits click here.

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Changing your data and configuring your account
On this section you see your user name and the web address of your public page, and you can edit your data and configure your subscription.

To change your password you must use the bottom form. You use the upper form for the rest of data. This includes:

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Your Merit Points and Levels

On this section you can check all the details about your Merit Points and your different Levels. It displays your current totals, you current Experience, Trader and Player Level, and it allows you to check the details on how and when you have earned your Merit Points.

It also includes information about the Friendship Points you have earned and the history of assigned and redeemed points.

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Your avatar and business card

On this section you can see your current Avatar image and your CCG-style business card.

Your avatar is used to identify you on the site: in our forums, with your comments, and also when posting your achievements on your Facebook profile (see next section). We use avatars stored and managed at so that you don't need to upload your image at every site where you want to use it. You just need to register on the Gravatar site once and associate your favorite image with the email address you have used to register on our site. That image will be used as your avatar here from that moment on (though it may take up to a day initially for the image to be available to us).

Your CCG-style business card is a special card image we generate for you with your basic data that you can use to identify you at other sites and to promote your web page here. You can choose the type of card you want to use and include an image of your choice. You can also choose to display your business card on your public page.

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Your Facebook connection

If you have a Facebook profile you may want to publish there some of the actions you perform, and the achievements you reach, here at Trade Cards Online. This way your friends can stay updated on your activities and check your contributions to our site. On this section you can stablish the connection with your Facebook page and configure what actions you want to see published on your biography.

The first time you visit this section you will only see the connection button:

Facebook connection button

By clicking on it you start the process to connect your membership at Trade Cards Online with your Facebook profile. You will be presented with a login form, if you are not already logged in to Facebook, and then with a confirmation message where you grant permissions to Trade Cards Online to publish in your name.

Once you have granted permission to our appliaction, the content of this section will change and will show you a list of all the actions that you can publish on your Facebook biography. Just select the ones you want to showcase in your Facebook page and click on the Update button.

Each time you perform one of the selected actions in our site a note will be posted in your Facebook biography. This way you can let your friends know when you publish a new Card Review, or win a duel in the game rooms, or reach a higher Level, for example.

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Change your password

It is important that you keep your password a secret so that nobody else can access your account, because you are responsible for whatever is done with your user name. On this section you can change your password at any moment. You just enter in the form the new password twice for confirmation.

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Cancel your membership
If you wish to stop being member of our community and give up the associated benefits you must click on the link 'Cancel your membership'. You will need then to confirm your decision by pressing the button you'll be offered on the next page.

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