Trade Cards Online help

Gaming Room

Before you play a game of cards, you need to visit the gaming room in order to find an opponent. Here is where you meet other players that wish to play a match of your favorite game.

The gaming room has two sections. In the first one you will see all the other players who are, like you, waiting for a fellow player to start a game. You can choose one of these players to challenge him to a card duel.

For each of these waiting players you see their user names, the country they live in (and optionally their country state), the time the have been waiting in the room, and the deck they are going to play with. You can take a look to the deck by clicking on its name, as long as it is not a private deck. You can also visit the player's personal web page to know more about him, by clicking on his user name.

To initiate a game with a player, you only need to click on the link to his right which reads 'challenge >>'. This player will receive a message on his screen telling him that you want to play with him, and he will have the option to accept or to reject your invitation. If he rejects it, you will get a message indicating this and you should try with another player. If he accepts your offer, you both will be taken automatically to a Virtual Playing Table where you will start playing with your own decks.

The second section in the gaming room is made up of the tables on which other players are currently playing. You can see in it all the matches that are taking place at the moment in this room. For each match you can see the players participating in it, and the decks they are using.