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Bad Trader Reports

Bad Trader Reports

are the official way to handle any issues while trading in our site when the communication with the other party fails.

In spite of all our security measures, and after following our if you still feel you may have been cheated by another user of our site you should immediately file a Report so that we can take any necessary actions.

You only need to access the and fill in the provided form with the name of the offending user and the full postal address where you sent your cards to. You may also include any comments that clarify the circumstances.

The offending user will receive a message and will have to resolve the issue in less than 7 days. Otherwise they face expulsion from the site and being banned for life.

During the investigation about a Bad Trader Report, a skull-and-bones icon (icon identifying a Report being investigated) gets displayed next to the name of the offending user everywhere on our site. This has two goals:

If the issue doesn't get resolved on time and the offending user gets expelled from the site, they won't be able to join ever again unless we receive confirmation from the affected user that they have finally received the agreed items. Even if they manage to circumvent our security measures and create another account we will identify them automatically by their postal address when they try to trade again.