Trade Cards Online help

Tracked Trade Details

You can see all the details about a Tracked Trade on this page.

If the Trade is in a status in which an action is expected from your part, this is indicated at the beginning of the page.

At the top of the page you can see the identifier of the Trade (its Reference) and the Status in which it currently is. If the Trade is waiting for an action from any of the users, you can also see the number of days left for the Trade to be timed out. For example, after it has been initiated, the users have 3 days to accept it; if they don't do that in that time frame the Trade gets automatically cancelled.

Below this generic info about the Trade, you have the list of the cards that user A must send, and that of the cards user B is committed to send. For each card all the details are shown, including any comments users added when creating the Trade. The addresses to which the cards will be sent are also shown.

The next sections show who is sending first their part in the trade, the money exchange agreement included in the Trade, if any, and the history of steps performed up until the moment in the process.