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December 16, 2014: Holiday promotion
Our Christmas promotion is here!
You can now become Premium for half the price. For a limited time only.
Grab the opportunity now and get your Premium for less than 50 cents a month!

Pay 1 Get 2 Promotion

Attention: This promotion is applicable to Premium memberships purchased with Friendship Points too!

March 23, 2014: Detailed card lists
When searching for cards you can now list all the details for each card so that you have all the information displayed at the same time.

New detailed format for lists of cards in our searches

This way it's easier to identify the cards you are interested in when searching our database, or other users' lists, or when looking for cards to add to your decks.

Also, when browsing our card database you can also display just the cards images for a more compact view:

New display for card lists showing all the images

February 21, 2014: Trades reactivation
Our Tracked Trade system is designed and tailored to best accommodate the whole process of trading, buying and selling through the postal mail, with the corresponding risks and delays.

Nevertheless sometimes a Trade might expire due to extraordinary circumstances, like extreme weather conditions that delay the mail, or unanticipated personal events that prevent one of the parties to send or receive on time.

To accommodate for even these exceptional cases, we have now added the option to re-activate an expired Trade so that you can continue with it and take it to completion. This option has obviously its limitations:

  • it should be used only when both parties are willing to continue with the trade or purchase,
  • can only be used once per Trade,
  • and is available only during the 5 days following the expiration of the Trade.

So, when a Trade expires you will now be offered a "Reset Trade" button that you should use if both you and the other user are willing to continue it to completion.

I hope that will help to make the trading process even smoother on our site.

February 13, 2014: Increased prizes for our champions
As we have more and more participants in our monthly tournaments, we've decided to increase the rewards we offer as prizes: from now on the three top positions in all our tournaments will receive one more month of Premium membership. That is, one month for the third classified, two months for the second position, and three months for the winner.

Thank you all for your participation!

January 6, 2014: Improved Virtual Tables
I have improved our online gaming system and added quite a few new features to make playing much easier and much more fun.

Among other things:

  • A door bell rings each time a new user enters the game room so that you know there is a new player available for a duel.
  • Your hand has now a menu that lets you do 3 new things:
    • Show your hand to your opponent with just one click.
    • Choose one card randomly.
    • Shuffle the cards in your hand.

  • Players' avatars appear in the actions window to more easily identify who does or says what.
  • When viewing the large image of a card you now also see the text and details of that card for easier reading.
  • You can now peek at your face-down cards so that you can see what card each one is without revealing them to your opponent or having to take them into your hand.

  • Cards are now sleeved so that their backs are red for one player and blue for the other, so that you can know whom each face-down card belongs to.
  • In addition to flipping coins and rolling dice, you can now play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with your opponent.

I hope that you enjoy these new features and that they make your games easier and more fun to play.

September 10, 2013: Bring your cards to life!

Ancient Summoner
is a new collectible card game that you can play online for free! And without installing any software or downloading anything. Just go here and start playing!

In this game your cards come to life and fight for you against the cards of your opponent. You can watch as your characters battle for victory for you!

August 24, 2013: Games Stats for all
Have you ever wanted to know how many games you have played in total on our site? Or what percentage of them you have won, or lost?
Now we're providing just that information for you on your public page:

Games stats as displayed on a user's public page

Your public page now displays an abstract of all the games you have played, with all the info about how many you have won, tied, and lost, and also what your highest score in the tournaments has been and your highest rank too. If you have ever been on the podium, you can also see how many times you were the winner, or finished in second or third position.

And you can also check all this information for any other player on our site.
Check it out!

July 15, 2013: Another great ISA promotion!


From now until August 18th (the end of Gen Con) All non-sport cards are only $4 per card to grade!

All gaming, TCG, movie, entertainment cards all eligible for this discount! NO card limit! Orders over 50 cards get FREE return shipping!

June 20, 2013: Trade Evaluations
Each Tracked Trade completed on our site becomes part of your track record and tells others about your good trading practices.
To go beyond the simple fact that you have completed a trade and have received a reference, we are now setting up an evaluation system whereby each trader may evaluate their experience in each trade and give more information on how the trade developed. You can now evaluate each trade on three parameters: communication, speed, and condition of the cards. And you may also enter a short comment to support your rating.
These evaluations will combine into a reputation report that will be shown on your public page:
Combined trades evaluations for a user on our site
The report also includes the average time it takes for the user to prepare and send their items and the time it takes for the items to reach their destination, both for domestic and international trades. This is based on all completed trades so far.

So we have now yet another tool to gauge the trustworthiness of our traders, which will also encourage people to try and improve their trading skills so as to get the best evaluations.

Note: You can still evaluate those trades you have finished in the last 30 days, so we encourage you to take the time to give an evaluation to all those trades you have completed recently so as to help build these reputations on the site.

We have also added a couple of small features to make your trading experience easier:

  • Pending Actions: On the list of people you are trading with, you can now see the actions you are expected to perform so that you can easily identify the trades which need your attention.
    Pending actions being shown on the list of your trades
  • Address Labels: You can now easily print the address of the other trader so that you don't make any mistakes when copying it. The label also includes your address as the sender, so you can just print and stick it on your envelope or parcel.

June 5, 2013: New ISA Grading promotion
Here is another promotion from the nice guys at ISA Grading:

Another grading promotion for you with a chance to help others!
From now until July 4th 2013 we are running our 7/4 promo. For every 7 cards graded at regular rice you get 4 graded for free!
The chance to help others? 10% of all orders submitted with the promo code will be donated to the Wounded Worriers Project! You get to enjoy our professional grading services and help those who have served! Use promo card "ISA74WWP"
All order must be postmarked by 7/3/13

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