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May 8, 2013: Get money and Premium by promoting our site!
We could not survive without our thriving community of users, so we want to give back and let you take advantage of our growth.
We have just greatly improved the ways in which you can benefit from promoting our site and bringing new members to our community:

  • Affiliate Program: we have increased the commission you get to a 50%!, so that you get half of what your affiliates pay for Premium memberships.
    And you get this commission for each and every payment your affiliates make. For life! This means that you can keep getting money from your affiliates many years after you referred them to us!
  • Friendship Points: we have halved the amount of points you need to get a free Premium membership! You get a month of free Premium membership for just 250 Friendship Points!
    This means that you only need to bring a handful of friends to our site to be Premium every month from the points they generate for you!

Now is the time to take advantage of these great conditions, and bring as many new people as you can. Please check our Affiliate Program for hints on how to attract new users and to make sure you get credited for them.

Let's all grow together now!

May 1, 2013: We have winners!
We have winners for our April contest!

The month is over and we have checked our records for the users who have brought more affiliates to our site in that period. There has been a multiple tie at 3 affiliates each, so we have had to determine the ranking based on the number of Friendship Points those affiliates have generated.

And finally... the winners are...

  1. silverkp United States has won three graded Magic cards: a mythic rare, a foil rare, and a normal rare. And a year of Premium membership.
  2. lenceskymon Brazil has won three graded rare Magic cards and a year of Premium membership.
  3. plydjl United States has won a year of Premium membership.

Thanks a lot to all participants!

April 16, 2013: Anniversary Gifts!
We want you to stay with us for many years to come, and would like to reward your loyalty.
So we have decided to give you a little present as an anniversary gift for every year you stay registered on our site.

Our anniversary gift for you: a Premium golden star.

Every year, on the day you registered, you will receive an extra 15 days of Premium membership so that you can try again all our services without limitations.

For those of you who have been with us already for over a year: don't worry! You will be getting gifts for your previous anniversaries too! You'll get them one every day for each year you have been registered on the site.

Here's to hope that we will stay as a community for many more years with all of you! Thanks a lot!

April 7, 2013: Bad Traders, Beware!
At Trade Cards Online we take trading very seriously and are committed to ensure the safest trading environment for everyone.

Therefore, in our fight against cheaters and scammers, we are now making public all the information we have about old bad traders, including their full names and addresses.
This has two main purposes:

  1. as a deterrent for future bad traders, to make them think twice before they try to rip anyone in this site, and
  2. as a preventive tool, so that you can check any addresses for a history of bad trading before sending your cards there.

So, from now on, anyone who cheats in a trade on our site will face, not only expulsion and permanent ban from our community, but also having their private information posted for public shame so that everyone knows that they are dishonest.

We are confident that this measure will greatly increase the safety in all your transactions through our site.

Please let us know if you find this helpful.

March 31, 2013: Contest sponsored by ISA
During this month of April we are holding a contest sponsored by ISA (International Sports Authentication), who provided the prizes in the form of graded Magic cards encased in their sonically welded plastic holders.

To participate you only need to bring new users to our site. The winners will be those who get more affiliates during this month of April. Please check our Affiliates Program for hints on how to do this and for the extra benefits you will also get (commissions and Friendship Points). This is the moment to bring all your friends and colleagues and let them enjoy our site!

The prizes will be:

  1. Three Magic graded cards: 1 Mythic Rare, 1 Rare Foil, and 1 normal Rare. Plus one year of Premium membership.
  2. Three Rare Magic graded cards. Plus one year of Premium membership.
  3. One year of Premium membership.

Only new affiliates obtained during the month and who remain active at the end, will be counted, so that everybody has the same chances. So, start promoting our site now, and help our community grow!

March 18, 2013: Better management of your lists during trades
As soon as a trade gets accepted the cards you are expected to send should not be available for any other trades as they are already committed, and the cards you are going to receive should not be in your wants any more either. This prevents other people from getting matches for cards that are already committed to a trade and sending trade offers that are not really viable.

We are now managing your card lists in this way. Your lists get updated as soon as a Tracked Trade gets accepted, to prevent any confusions or double trades for the same card. And the lists get restored if the Trade expires before you send or receive.

We hope this will further improve the usefulness of our Tracked Trades system. Please let us know if you notice any issues.

March 8, 2013: Bulky Trade Binders
You can now store all the cards you offer for trade in a single binder, without having to split them by sets. This way people can browse all your cards in one place the same way they would do if you would hand them your binder when meeting in person. Though, of course, your binder at Trade Cards Online is visible to everyone around the world so that you can get more and better offers!

Trade binder displaying your cards offered for trade or sale

If you have more than 540 cards in your list they will be split into several binders, 30 pages each, so that they are not too bulky!...

March 2, 2013: Special offer from ISA grading
For you hard-core collectors out there, who want to protect and certify your most valuable cards, we recommend the services of ISA (International Sports Authentication) as our card grader of choice.

International Sports Authentication, our card grader of choice
With the best prices, a quick turnaround, and high-quality holders, they offer a great service which is now also available for collectible card games!

And they are now giving these special offers exclusively to our users:

  • 25 cards for $125. Get 5 free. (30 total, 10 day turn around time)
  • 50 cards for $250 get 10 free plus free return shipping (60 cards total, 10 day turn around time)

You just need to send a message to user isa_grading and they will reply with a promotional code that you can use in your submission form. Easy!

Try them out and let us know how you like their service!

February 23, 2013: Uploading your lists made easier
When you need to add a lot of cards to your haves and wants, the option to upload a text file is very convenient, because it lets you upload as many cards as you want in one single go. But generating the file with the data in the correct format can be a lot of work.

This is why we are offering now a utility that lets you download a template file correctly formatted that you can simply then update with the correct amounts and use to upload to the site. You just save the template in your computer, edit it with a text editor, and update the amounts for those cards that you want to add to your lists. The file is now ready for you to upload to the site so that the cards get added to your haves and/or wants.

Check it out and let us know if you like it.

We want to thank user emoss for suggesting this feature.

February 14, 2013: Search Haves and Wants
When other users' lists are very long, it is convenient to be able to filter them down to those cards that interest you. You can now do that with the new search form we have added to everybody's lists.

You can select from the cards a user has only those of a given rarity, for example, so that you can concentrate on those that may be of most interest for you. And you can do that with your own lists too, so it is much easier to make sure they are up to date and to explore your collection and your list of wanted cards.

We hope this will be of convenience for you all.

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