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Total cards: 233 Trader akkhima Premium Member  in United States (Colorado)
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Most of my old Pokemon holos can be considered near mint condition. Most of them have tiny, light scratches on the holo part that happen from the surface rubbing against the back of another card, but they are otherwise flawless. If the condition is worse than this, I will note it in the comments section.

Most of my old Pokemon non-holos are in Very Good to Near Mint condition. Since they've been stored in boxes instead of page sleeves, they may have small white dings around the edges, but no other damage. This is generally minimal and is from hitting the sides of the boxes over the course of many moves, not from play.

I do have 1st editions of quite a few old cards. I've marked my holos as such, but had too many non-holos to mark them all. If you really want a 1st edition, ask me if I have one. I'm happy to check.

All of my newer cards are in Near Mint condition. If they are in any worse condition, I have just not listed them.

If you want to know the exact condition of any card, I am happy to answer.


I am also willing to sell cards.

I am also interested in trading for unused Pokemon TCG Online code cards.

I am also interested in trading for Pokemon game coins, especially the following: Shaymin, Raichu, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Pikachu, Victini, Gardevoir, Mew, Torchic, Tyranitar. Only plastic, and possibly others, I'm not sure all the ones that exist, so send me a message to let me know what you have.

I am also interested in some misprints, especially blank holo cards. Let me know what you have.
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Pokemon (22 cards)
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direwolf94 activity  United States November 18, 2013
traderpro activity  United States September 21, 2013
rahulpadia98 activity  United States September 3, 2013
toyou32 activity  United States August 12, 2013
smokeybros activity  United States July 23, 2013
firelordzuko activity  United States May 25, 2013
hitmusicwithtc Premium Member activity  Canada April 25, 2013
leukocyte32 Premium Member activity  United States April 20, 2013
wboyden Premium Member activity  United States April 17, 2013
demonshade activity  United States April 16, 2013
goldenboy27 Premium Member activity  United States April 11, 2013
eagle2010 activity  United States April 10, 2013
envoyofduels activity  United States April 1, 2013
wargreymon15 Premium Member activity  United States March 22, 2013

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