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Total cards: 867 Trader automatonsleuth Premium Member  in United Kingdom (Scotland)
This page viewed 4,063 times. Member since: March 13, 2011 (3 years, 7 months and 12 days ago)
I am a Magic: the Gathering player first and foremost, and mainly play Commander. I maintain a Standard deck at any given time (currently Jeskai Wins, though I'd like to try Dimir tap out control), and am finishing a Modern Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas deck.

I am mainly looking for cards for my Commander decks, particularly foils. My biggest wants are:
- foil Replish
- Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (need 1, foil or non-foil)
- judge foil Demonic Tutor
- judge foil Hanna, Ship's Navigator
- judge foil Nekusar, the Mindrazer
- judge foil Greater Good
- foil Keranos, God of Storms
- foil Copy Enchantment
- foil Reflecting Pool
- foil Ancestral Vision
- foil Detention Sphere
- foil Prismatic Omen
- foil Last Stand
- foil Greater Auramancy
- foil Sphere of Safety (in ENGLISH! you would not believe the trouble I've had trying to get a foil English language copy)
- foil Zendikar/Onslaught/Khans of Tarkir fetch lands
- Rob Alexander shock lands, from Ravnica, City of Guilds, Dissension and Guildpact.

However, I am looking for many other cards as well, for a variety of decks and purposes.

Everything on my list is for trade, though I do sometimes fall behind on updating my list, and mistakes happen I apologise in advance if you ask about a card and it turns out I no longer have it.
I also have another binder of cards, the contents of which are NOT listed on this site - while these are not normally for trade,if you have cards that I really want, I can take out stuff from there, so, even if I do not appear to have any/enough cards that you are looking for to make a trade happen, I might just have something you need unlisted. If in doubt, send me a message and ask!
As a rule I don't list commons or uncommons on this site, because they are too hard and too many to maintain accurately. If there are ever (un)commons you are looking for, let me know which, and I can look them out.

Trading overseas can be expensive. If its often cheaper for me to buy low value cards online or from my local gaming shop than it is to start an overseas trade. If the total value of the trade is $3 or less, I will probably not want to trade (but you are welcome to ask anyway - sometimes, if a card is tricky for me to buy elsewhere, I will trade for it even if the postage is expensive).
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adamavery LV1 activity United States-New Hampshire United States October 10, 2014
crazydiceguy LV2 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom October 8, 2014
pyrpoi Premium Member LV7 activity United States-Michigan United States October 6, 2014
altotman Premium Member LV20 activity United States-North Carolina United States October 4, 2014
jorcajo Premium Member LV30 activity Spain-Cádiz Spain October 1, 2014
x12eignofchaosx Premium Member LV3 activity United States-Ohio United States September 29, 2014
superbutrul Premium Member LV6 activity Spain-Coruña Spain September 22, 2014
mortadelo LV23 activity Spain-Coruña Spain September 22, 2014
nuke_boy90 Premium Member LV29 activity Spain-Madrid Spain September 21, 2014
nayrained LV13 activity Spain-Málaga Spain September 16, 2014
ingeniero LV36 activity Spain-Coruña Spain September 16, 2014
jiorjio LV3 activity Spain-Coruña Spain September 9, 2014
seye00 LV12 activity Ecuador Ecuador August 29, 2014
godrax LV30 activity Spain-Granada Spain August 19, 2014
goldenboy27 Premium Member LV57 activity United States-Pennsylvania United States July 14, 2014
davidsmith90 LV25 activity United States-Wisconsin United States June 30, 2014
seagle89 LV4 activity United States-Washington United States May 28, 2014
snifex44 LV6 activity France France April 16, 2014
arthous LV9 activity United States-Texas United States March 12, 2014
kludasch Premium Member LV11 activity United States-Colorado United States March 4, 2014
pituitaria LV17 activity Spain-Coruña Spain March 4, 2014
cursephilby Premium Member LV4 activity Spain-Madrid Spain February 24, 2014
psychdoc10 LV18 activity United States-Pennsylvania United States February 20, 2014
davidramon Premium Member LV17 activity Spain-Barcelona Spain November 15, 2013
nickyw LV17 activity United States-Tennessee United States September 30, 2013
flapjack89 LV24 activity Spain-Valencia Spain September 23, 2013
anmove6 Premium Member LV38 activity Spain-Valencia Spain September 16, 2013
bcollard LV4 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom September 7, 2013
javi_magic Premium Member LV15 activity Andorra Andorra August 8, 2013
tomsche Premium Member LV19 activity Belgium Belgium August 1, 2013
vpm74 LV13 activity Spain-Barcelona Spain July 24, 2013
norbe LV17 activity Spain-Cádiz Spain July 18, 2013
icabob Premium Member LV8 activity United States-New York United States July 15, 2013
karadormida Premium Member LV10 activity Spain-Guipuzcoa Spain July 1, 2013
timms LV7 activity United Kingdom United Kingdom June 26, 2013
buclemon LV29 activity Spain-Valencia Spain June 24, 2013
roderik LV25 activity Spain-Madrid Spain June 10, 2013
ellanua LV10 activity Belgium Belgium June 3, 2013
lord_dragon LV12 activity Belgium Belgium May 27, 2013
zigbog33 LV4 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom May 13, 2013
pelukas01 LV17 activity Spain-Toledo Spain May 10, 2013
marko33 LV5 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom March 21, 2013
darkstar LV30 activity United States-Pennsylvania United States September 1, 2012
dragonball_slyr LV17 activity Canada-Ontario Canada July 26, 2012
hyperion94 LV10 activity Greece Greece June 28, 2012
danebeaman Premium Member LV50 activity United States-Ohio United States June 27, 2012
iwork4beers LV10 activity United States-Kentucky United States April 16, 2012
derelicte Premium Member LV34 activity United States-Florida United States February 28, 2012
jaybird12 LV32 activity United States-Illinois United States February 13, 2012
zane123 LV21 activity United States-Colorado United States February 6, 2012
kallarien LV28 activity Greece Greece August 25, 2011
machineboy78 Premium Member LV24 activity Canada-Ontario Canada May 10, 2011
sl1ferm4ster Premium Member LV122 activity United States-Virginia United States April 13, 2011
fran04 LV20 activity United States-Maryland United States April 6, 2011
thore14 LV10 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom March 18, 2011

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Referrer Country Date
johnrussozirkel United States-New Jersey United States August 27, 2014
ninniach Spain-Baleares Spain May 5, 2014
deleitador Spain-Madrid Spain September 5, 2013
zaratos Spain-Valladolid Spain August 8, 2013
leafe United Kingdom-England United Kingdom July 11, 2013
weezyhood18 United States-Indiana United States June 29, 2013
rhandall Spain-Tenerife Spain June 20, 2013
slyblade United Kingdom-Scotland United Kingdom June 10, 2013
archangel93 United Kingdom-England United Kingdom January 7, 2013
chaosc25 United States-Alabama United States August 16, 2012
gussyboy United Kingdom-England United Kingdom August 15, 2012
avaricioushero United States-Texas United States August 1, 2012
black_brutdrago United States-Utah United States June 22, 2012
lkinglennon United Kingdom-Northern Ireland United Kingdom May 24, 2012
izanto Canada Canada April 27, 2012
novabarrage90 United States-Illinois United States April 17, 2012
greenhousedx23 United Kingdom-Scotland United Kingdom April 6, 2012
gadgetman Greece Greece September 14, 2011
yugiohtophat United Kingdom United Kingdom August 31, 2011
killerkempson United Kingdom-England United Kingdom April 19, 2011
canonsmarties Canada Canada April 5, 2011

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