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Total cards: 8,362 Trader caterpillars22 Premium Member  in United States (New Jersey)
This page viewed 2,927 times. Member since: October 28, 2012 (1 year, 9 months and 3 days ago)
Haves & Wants last updated on : 2/2014,

If there are cards I have that you are interested in trading for please let me know, then I'll browse your "haves", because there are plenty of cards I still need from the sets after "ex" series that are not on my "wants" list.

When it comes to trading I always ask about condition and will always let traders know if a card they are wanting to trade for is not in mint condition.
99% of the time when I trade, I'm wanting to trade for cards that are mint(no imperfections).

So far in my time using this website I've had good trading experiences.
And I hope it stays this way.

Other things I'm looking to trade for that are not on this website:
+Just about anything related to Caterpie, Butterfree, Wurmple, Sewaddle, Weedle, Beautifly, Mothim, Venomoth, Burmy(any cloak), Wormadam(any cloak), Larvesta, Volcarona, Scyther, Venipede, Whirlipede, Scolipede, Scatterbug, Spewpa, Vivillon

Other things I have for trade that are not on this website:
+Empty tins:
|--2013: Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, Keldeo,
|--2012: Kyurem, Reshiram, Zekrom
|--2011: Serperior, Samurott, Emboar
+TCGO code cards

To anyone who plays Pokemon X or Y
I'm looking for Monsoon Vivillon and will trade any other Vivillon for it.
please message me if you'd be interested in doing this trade.
Cards Listings
This trader HAS cards from the following games:
Digimon Digi-battle (21 cards)
Dragon Ball Z (89 cards)
Duel Masters (67 cards)
Harry Potter (19 cards)
Pokemon (3,692 cards)
World of Warcraft TCG (129 cards)
YuGiOh! (89 cards)
caterpillars22 is offering a total of 4,106 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
Digimon Digi-battle (1 card)
Pokemon (1,166 cards)
Sailor Moon CCG (6 cards)
caterpillars22 is looking for a total of 1,173 cards.
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4 Decks for YuGiOh!
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Trades and References
This user has completed successfully 44 Tracked Trades, but also let Trades to expire 2 times.
Check here all the details about the trades performed by this user.
Trade Evaluations Received
Concept Average rating 1 2 3 4 5
Communication 4.95
(21 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 5% (1)
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rate 5 95% (20)
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Speed 5.00
(21 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
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rate 5 100% (21)
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Cards Condition 5.00
(21 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
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rate 5 100% (21)
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Average delays
(44 trades)
(0 trades)
Shipment 38 hours and 10 minutes. N/A
Delivery 3 days, 18 hours and 55 minutes. N/A

Shipments sent and lost: 0% (0 / 45)

Shipments not received: 0% (0 / 45)

These are the 33 references that trader caterpillars22 has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

23 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
akikodesu activity  United States July 17, 2014
dlwickstrom activity  United States July 5, 2014
stevencan2 activity  United States June 30, 2014
tyler96 activity  United States June 9, 2014
restlessheart activity  United States June 2, 2014
singer5 Premium Member activity  United States May 15, 2014
aries_on_mars Premium Member activity  United States May 9, 2014
supremegunman Premium Member activity  United States April 4, 2014
falconfan02 activity  United States March 6, 2014
texascharizard activity  United States February 28, 2014
gr_yugioh14 activity  United States February 15, 2014
chi2 activity  United States February 12, 2014
reptieye activity  United States February 8, 2014
wargreymon15 Premium Member activity  United States February 7, 2014
traderpro Premium Member activity  United States November 4, 2013
darkenforcer activity  United States April 17, 2013
omnislash5 activity  United States April 11, 2013
goldenboy27 Premium Member activity  United States March 25, 2013
demonshade activity  United States March 22, 2013
riotkitty activity  United States February 17, 2013
ilovechurros Premium Member activity  United States February 8, 2013
nerddorkians Premium Member activity  United States February 4, 2013
razzjets95 Premium Member activity  United States January 19, 2013

Plus 10 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
phroggysmyles United States February 8, 2014
stbbrn12 United States November 5, 2013
navig8tor United States July 10, 2013
gizmo28 United States May 16, 2013
antonio_sp United States April 18, 2013
loverofscythe United States April 11, 2013
jbauman90 United States March 12, 2013
xxthes4ndm4nxx United States February 7, 2013
raidermaf34 United States January 14, 2013
delkaos United States December 27, 2012

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