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Trader Public Page for daniel_san

Total cards: 375 Trader daniel_san Premium Member  in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Ciudad)
This page viewed 10,591 times. Member since: December 11, 2003 (12 years, 9 months and 18 days ago)
daniel_san's business card
Hola a todos, estoy buscando algunas cartas de los primeros sets para completar mazos y coleccion.
Las cartas del bloque Hunters las cambio solo por cartas de ese bloque.

Si necesitas alguna carta y no tenes nada que este buscando avisame y miro a ver si podemos concretar algun cambio.

Muchas gracias...

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This trader HAS cards from the following games:
Lord Of The Rings
daniel_san is offering a total of 375 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
Lord Of The Rings
daniel_san is looking for a total of 159 cards.
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Shipment N/A 14 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes.
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Shipments not received: 50% (2 / 4)

These are the 67 references that trader daniel_san has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

6 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
starchild LV32 activity Norway Norway June 25, 2012
star_man_20 Premium Member LV146 activity United States-Texas United States January 24, 2009
tron77 Premium Member LV33 activity Spain-Murcia Spain January 19, 2008
ferro1001 LV25 activity Spain-Sevilla Spain November 12, 2007
josephus27 LV31 activity United States-Tennessee United States January 8, 2007
prometheus LV44 activity Germany Germany March 4, 2005

Plus 61 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
fazzio Brazil Brazil May 23, 2008
apollo77 United States-Connecticut United States May 5, 2008
mat_ Spain-Murcia Spain February 19, 2008
vaelico Spain-Madrid Spain November 7, 2007
beerboy United States-Washington United States August 19, 2007
worf_vx Czech Republic Czech Republic July 12, 2007
boltzman Spain-Salamanca Spain May 15, 2007
darth_the_blade Spain-Cáceres Spain April 14, 2007
mox_elf United States-West Virginia United States March 15, 2007
mrg1 Belgium Belgium March 7, 2007
nacho_magic Spain-Madrid Spain February 20, 2007
jdmarrokin Guatemala Guatemala February 14, 2007
gamhet2 Colombia Colombia January 22, 2007
iribes Spain-Castellón Spain January 22, 2007
patricio_nazgul Chile Chile December 5, 2006
spanner Spain-Valencia Spain November 30, 2006
mhill98274 United States-Colorado United States April 30, 2006
ulaire_fenrir Argentina Argentina December 7, 2005
ulaire_mon Argentina Argentina December 4, 2005
crazychazz Slovakia Slovakia November 23, 2005
sflamme Belgium Belgium November 22, 2005
ralm Chile Chile October 1, 2005
theviking United States-Arizona United States September 23, 2005
sargun24 Argentina Argentina August 7, 2005
radu_pitis Canada Canada July 14, 2005
carol34 Argentina Argentina July 11, 2005
lean Argentina Argentina July 11, 2005
yerlingo Argentina Argentina July 11, 2005
davidd2 Spain-Barcelona Spain June 8, 2005
patriceb France France June 3, 2005
spankybruno United States-Texas United States April 29, 2005
bfettvanh United States-Indiana United States March 29, 2005
athelas Germany Germany March 23, 2005
luisma Argentina Argentina March 8, 2005
adm_green_wasp United Kingdom United Kingdom December 25, 2004
muster_uruk Argentina Argentina December 12, 2004
mithrandir Chile Chile November 27, 2004
ghghgh Canada Canada November 7, 2004
silentxac Spain-Barcelona Spain October 27, 2004
thomasf Norway Norway October 5, 2004
lionheart44 France France September 30, 2004
redoschi Brazil Brazil September 19, 2004
dauntless Chile Chile August 27, 2004
the_dragonman Australia Australia July 14, 2004
aule82 Spain-Madrid Spain June 15, 2004
sauronarmy Argentina Argentina June 11, 2004
meneldor Germany Germany June 7, 2004
frmanzanoy Chile Chile April 6, 2004
verdura2363 Argentina Argentina April 3, 2004
gianmarco_fabio Italy Italy April 2, 2004
fingolfin Argentina Argentina March 24, 2004
sanma Argentina Argentina March 3, 2004
olorin_hr Croatia Croatia March 2, 2004
prmpgomes Portugal Portugal February 19, 2004
andres_lol Argentina Argentina February 17, 2004
mexicano Chile Chile February 13, 2004
ulaire_loris Argentina Argentina February 4, 2004
balder Spain-Madrid Spain February 2, 2004
nockout Spain-Pontevedra Spain January 12, 2004
milamber Germany Germany January 3, 2004
redskin Chile Chile December 31, 2003

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