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Trader Public Page for glitchie

Total cards: 4,741 Trader glitchie Premium Member  in United States (Oregon)
This page viewed 3,028 times. Member since: August 25, 2013 (2 years, 1 month and 14 days ago)
Just got back from my trip to New Mexico to get the rest of my stuff and found the rest of my cards. I am redoing the Lord of the Rings card lists because it looked like I might have had some entered backwards; having the ones I had in the want lists instead. I found out that there will be some duplicates so I will put those up for trade as soon as I can. It may take me a few days. Please be patient for sending me a trade involving the Lord of the Rings cards. I am getting them up as fast as I can, but I have a LOT of cards to go through. I know for sure that I have cards up through The Return of the King set, but I also know that I have others around. Please watch the tracker below the dashes to see which sets are done.

If you know anything about the Yugioh cards, and which are considered foils and which aren't, please contact me. I have some cards from there but am not sure how to list them.


List for Fellowship of the Ring - Done!
List for Mines of Moria - Done!
List for Realms of the Elf Lords - Done!
List for The Two Towers - Done!
List for Battle of Helm's Deep - Done!
List for Ents of Fangorn - Done!
List of Fellowship of the Ring Anthology - Done!
List for Return of the King - Done!
List for The Two Towers Anthology - Done!
List for Siege of Gondor -Done!
List for Reflections - Done!
List of Mount Doom - Done!
List of Shadows - Done!

My haves lists for Lord of the Rings are OFFICIALLY DONE! I am now going through working on my wants list for the set. For trade reference for this set, I am NOT interested in foils UNLESS that is the only printing of the set. Once I have this done, I will be moving to my Yugioh cards. For trade on those, I am looking for Yugi's deck, Kiba's deck and Joey's deck.

My Lord of the Rings card list is done to the point where I need the following TEN card sets in their entirety:

The Return of the King Anthology
Black Rider
War of the Ring Anthology
Expanded Middle Earth Deluxe
The Hunters
The wraith collection
Rise of Saruman
Treachery and deceit
Age's end
Cards Listings
This trader HAS cards from the following games:
Dragon Ball Z (97 cards)
Lord Of The Rings (1,491 cards)
OverPower (832 cards)
YuGiOh! (130 cards)
glitchie is offering a total of 2,550 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
Lord Of The Rings (313 cards)
YuGiOh! (10 cards)
glitchie is looking for a total of 323 cards.
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Card Reviews
glitchie has published the following Card Reviews:
1 Card Review for Lord Of The Rings
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Trades and References
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Trade Evaluations Received
Concept Average rating 1 2 3 4 5
Communication 4.33
(6 trades)
rate 1 17% (1)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
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rate 5 83% (5)
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Speed 4.83
(6 trades)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 17% (1)
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rate 5 83% (5)
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Cards Condition 4.67
(6 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 33% (2)
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rate 5 67% (4)
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Average delays
(5 trades)
(3 trades)
Shipment 21 hours and 15 minutes. 0 hours and 35 minutes.
Delivery 2 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes. 6 days, 6 hours and 50 minutes.

Shipments sent and lost: 0% (0 / 8)

Shipments not received: 0% (0 / 8)

These are the 5 references that trader glitchie has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

Referrer Country Date
bentarabay LV1 activity Australia Australia July 21, 2015
antares LV79 activity United States-California United States July 5, 2015
colector LV19 activity United States-New Hampshire United States May 8, 2015
jredel39 LV15 activity United States-Oregon United States April 24, 2015
tomsche Premium Member LV25 activity Belgium Belgium September 24, 2014

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