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Trader Public Page for jeniwan

Total cards: 672 Trader jeniwan Premium Member  in United States (Michigan)
This page viewed 2,519 times. Member since: July 1, 2005 (10 years, 4 months and 23 days ago)
*** Please message me with trade proposals before starting a tracked trade, so that I can confirm that I still have the cards available before we make it official. I am *not* willing to trade my best cards (Coruscant/Reflections III) for WB cards; the WB collection is secondary.***
I used to be really active in the SW:CCG community, but real life got too busy around 2005 and I have been away ever since. I've recently got back into it, and would like to finish off my collection now.

I'm also interested in the Wizards of the Coast SW:TCG game. I don't have any available for trade, but would be interested in trading Decipher cards for Wizards SW:TCG. This is a secondary collection, though.

I have a handful of Magic: The Gathering cards to trade for Star Wars, and will update that list periodically. Currently there are a few 2012 foils available.


I've been out of the trading scene for years now, but I do have an old list of 100+ references (and a handful of references from users that are still active here). You might even remember me from back then: I always traded using the name Jeni-Wan Kenobi and my email is iluvstarwars[at]aol[dot]com.

If you have any questions or offers, please feel free to send me a message here or email me at the address above.

Cards Listings
This trader HAS cards from the following games:
Magic: The Gathering (2 cards)
Star Wars (571 cards)
Star Wars TCG (44 cards)
jeniwan is offering a total of 617 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
Star Wars (83 cards)
Star Wars TCG (258 cards)
jeniwan is looking for a total of 341 cards.
Message Center
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Card Reviews
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jeniwan has not yet built any Decks
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The Buzz
Trades and References
This user has completed successfully 25 Tracked Trades, but also let one Trade to expire.
Check here all the details about the trades performed by this user.
Trade Evaluations Received
Concept Average rating 1 2 3 4 5
Communication 5.00
(16 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
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rate 5 100% (16)
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Speed 5.00
(16 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
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rate 5 100% (16)
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Cards Condition 5.00
(16 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
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rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 5 100% (16)
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Average delays
(13 trades)
(12 trades)
Shipment 35 hours and 50 minutes. 14 hours and 45 minutes.
Delivery 3 days, 15 hours and 55 minutes. 6 days, 22 hours and 15 minutes.

Shipments sent and lost: 3.8% (1 / 26)

Shipments not received: 0% (0 / 25)

These are the 25 references that trader jeniwan has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

11 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
leto_jr8 Premium Member LV9 activity Netherlands, The Netherlands, The June 23, 2015
gregory14 LV5 activity France France November 20, 2014
thrawn LV17 activity Poland Poland April 29, 2014
firehawke LV11 activity United States-Nebraska United States February 27, 2014
dush LV9 activity France France February 18, 2014
madmaxx0 LV20 activity United States-Missouri United States October 12, 2012
duff6551 Premium Member LV54 activity United States-Pennsylvania United States September 24, 2011
tristans LV13 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom September 17, 2011
guardian_a LV17 activity United States-South Dakota United States September 10, 2011
epsilonjedi LV28 activity United States-California United States August 5, 2005
fether LV30 activity United States-Wisconsin United States July 12, 2005

Plus 14 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
wayoftheforce United States-Illinois United States May 21, 2014
kemurth Canada-Quebec Canada January 31, 2014
cardfan72 United States-Oregon United States January 13, 2014
collect4keeps United States-Oklahoma United States October 13, 2012
greedo74 Netherlands, The Netherlands, The October 25, 2011
wookiebeck United States-New Jersey United States October 22, 2011
mindphaser Canada Canada October 14, 2011
kan_trader Canada Canada September 17, 2011
esteban Spain Spain July 31, 2005
tsunami Germany Germany July 19, 2005
sflamme Belgium Belgium July 18, 2005
crystalman62 United States-Washington United States July 16, 2005
thundercrassus United States-Pennsylvania United States July 12, 2005
misthunter210 United States-North Carolina United States July 11, 2005

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