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Total cards: 760 Trader l3on_lockh3art Premium Member  in United States
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Hi,i am a yugioh duelist and a collector as well, a great majority of my cards r in mint condition and sum of them r in bad condition either from pack damage,me using them or was from a trade.... i am a serious trader no stiffs or prepare to have a life of living hell , wel if u c anything i have that u want jus write me and i'll give u the description bout the card condition ...i m currently livin in canada jus to let u traders know, and i also go by the price value for tradin , i am now looking for holos from lob-potd, and please note that i am not offering alot for the holos if they're not worth alot... happy trading ^_^
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Dragon Ball Z (52 cards)
Pokemon (359 cards)
YuGiOh! (283 cards)
l3on_lockh3art is offering a total of 694 cards for trade.
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l3on_lockh3art is looking for a total of 51 cards.
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4 Card Reviews for YuGiOh!
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72 Decks for YuGiOh!
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These are the 48 references that trader l3on_lockh3art has received,
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3 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
bamfreaper69 Premium Member LV24 activity United States-Rhode Island United States December 2, 2011
derelicte Premium Member LV34 activity United States-Florida United States November 29, 2011
stardustdragun LV21 activity United States-California United States November 7, 2011

Plus 45 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
coachey01 United States-Texas United States April 3, 2012
honesttrader United States-California United States January 4, 2012
cleage United States-California United States January 3, 2012
olbliterateec United States-Ohio United States January 1, 2012
kibainuzu United States-Virginia United States December 13, 2011
beanerboy62 United States-Georgia United States November 26, 2011
joker_of_god Finland Finland November 11, 2011
yugi_kid United States-Ohio United States November 5, 2011
yugizzz Canada-Quebec Canada November 4, 2011
ninjafanjt United States-Georgia United States September 7, 2011
zandse_07 United States-Montana United States September 7, 2011
mikedacardmasta United States-Florida United States May 3, 2011
gbeasts United States-New Jersey United States March 31, 2011
elcorboloco United States-Arizona United States November 23, 2010
m0h18 United Kingdom-England United Kingdom June 27, 2009
jay_kim551 United States United States March 28, 2009
fallcloud United States-Louisiana United States April 29, 2008
exodia80 United States-Kentucky United States April 17, 2008
lutes05 United States-Missouri United States March 20, 2008
yuval_r Israel Israel December 20, 2007
justinh United States-South Carolina United States September 17, 2007
kylecrystal United States-Missouri United States September 8, 2007
sapiencezen United States-Texas United States August 25, 2007
warwolf United States-New York United States June 18, 2007
gem101 United States-New York United States April 11, 2007
eagle United States-Wisconsin United States April 10, 2007
herosnowman United States-Louisiana United States March 31, 2007
s_giraffe United States-Texas United States March 16, 2007
silentwing United States-North Carolina United States March 7, 2007
spongebob8215 United States-West Virginia United States February 3, 2007
dbv36 United States-New York United States January 17, 2007
next_generation United States-Pennsylvania United States December 28, 2006
astro2191 United States-New Jersey United States November 14, 2006
strawson United States-South Carolina United States November 8, 2006
yamidartz United Kingdom-England United Kingdom October 17, 2006
elemental United States-California United States October 7, 2006
nchantddragon United States-Washington United States September 9, 2006
dollabill47 United States-Texas United States September 9, 2006
yugiohkid United States-Pennsylvania United States August 21, 2006
ultimate_d United States-Georgia United States August 18, 2006
aquaman United States-Texas United States August 18, 2006
xtallkillax United States-New York United States August 15, 2006
boogyman United States-Oklahoma United States August 13, 2006
asuka192 United States-Pennsylvania United States July 21, 2006
pniceguy4 United States-New York United States June 12, 2006

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