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Trader Public Page for rosu

Total cards: 5,358 Trader rosu Premium Member  in Canada (Ontario)
This page viewed 3,401 times. Member since: April 24, 2012 (4 years and 9 days ago)

I'm a huge collector and trader of Pokemon and Harry Potter cards. I welcome all Trade Offers and do my best to avoid cancelling Offers (I'd rather modify the trade in hopes of having something worked out instead!). If you receive a Trade Offer from me, and you are not satisfied with it for some reason, please contact me with your concerns and we can try to work out a different trade. I typically determine the fairness of a Trade based on T&T prices and rarity of the cards to make sure it is fair on both sides.

I will trade anywhere worldwide, and I actually encourage it! There's nothing more exciting than receiving a letter/parcel in the mail from a different continent. Due to postage costs, however, I would prefer the trade to be 10+ cards (or as many cards that we can at a time).

I will cross-trade cards/miniatures that I have -- particularly from games that I don't collect -- for cards/miniatures that I do collect.

In terms of my wants from the earlier Pokemon sets (i.e., Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, Neo Revelations, and Neo Destiny), I already have the cards in Unlimited edition. I'm looking for 1st Edition cards from those sets only -- the only exception is any ultra rares (they can be any edition).

All and all, let's have fun and Happy Trading!

Curious about the condition of a card? Ask me to post a picture of it to my public photobucket album:
Cards Listings
This trader HAS cards from the following games:
Chaotic TCG (110 cards)
Digimon Digi-battle (1 card)
Duel Masters (2 cards)
Harry Potter (126 cards)
Magic: The Gathering (4 cards)
Pokemon (1,845 cards)
World of Warcraft TCG (112 cards)
YuGiOh! (254 cards)
rosu is offering a total of 2,454 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
Harry Potter (339 cards)
Looney Tunes TCG (210 cards)
Pokemon (2,043 cards)
Power Rangers CCG (80 cards)
rosu is looking for a total of 2,672 cards.
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rosu has not yet built any Decks
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Trades and References
This user has completed successfully 101 Tracked Trades, but also let Trades to expire 4 times.
Check here all the details about the trades performed by this user.
Trade Evaluations Received
Concept Average rating 1 2 3 4 5
Communication 5.00
(19 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 3 0% (0)
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rate 4 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 5 100% (19)
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Speed 5.00
(20 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
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rate 2 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 3 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 4 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 5 100% (20)
rating bar
Cards Condition 4.70
(20 trades)
rate 1 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 2 0% (0)
rating bar
rate 3 5% (1)
rating bar
rate 4 20% (4)
rating bar
rate 5 75% (15)
rating bar
Average delays
(26 trades)
(75 trades)
Shipment 26 hours and 25 minutes. 24 hours and 30 minutes.
Delivery 7 days, 0 hours and 40 minutes. 7 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Shipments sent and lost: 2.9% (3 / 104)

Shipments not received: 2.8% (3 / 107)

These are the 69 references that trader rosu has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

27 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
thenightspy LV4 activity United States-Nebraska United States December 11, 2015
hatsworth LV4 activity Canada-Ontario Canada July 15, 2015
mh07 Premium Member LV8 activity United States-New Jersey United States March 21, 2015
skittlz100 LV43 activity United States-Illinois United States November 19, 2013
shilomilo Premium Member LV11 activity Canada-Alberta Canada November 8, 2013
devilgo Premium Member LV17 activity Canada-Alberta Canada September 5, 2013
tomsche Premium Member LV28 activity Belgium Belgium June 19, 2013
kachu25 Premium Member LV13 activity Canada-Quebec Canada June 7, 2013
palmpixie LV12 activity United States-Washington United States June 1, 2013
machineboy78 Premium Member LV34 activity Canada-Ontario Canada April 28, 2013
joeschmoe07 LV10 activity United States-Kansas United States April 17, 2013
eagle2010 LV24 activity Germany Germany March 18, 2013
orkorojo Premium Member LV21 activity Spain-Málaga Spain February 12, 2013
residentweafer LV11 activity Ireland Ireland January 29, 2013
avenyet LV14 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom January 4, 2013
starlight_wolf LV15 activity United States-Washington United States December 19, 2012
caligra LV9 activity United States-Mississippi United States November 30, 2012
nikkifish LV11 activity Australia Australia November 5, 2012
hameljustin LV27 activity Canada-Quebec Canada November 3, 2012
drake92 LV12 activity Greece Greece October 25, 2012
letang_lover LV10 activity United States-New Hampshire United States October 21, 2012
sharpinthefang Premium Member LV16 activity New Zealand New Zealand October 17, 2012
harrypotterfan LV9 activity United States-Florida United States August 24, 2012
lilbandit LV48 activity Canada-British Columbia Canada June 21, 2012
riotkitty LV39 activity United States-Florida United States June 12, 2012
cuteassassin Premium Member LV28 activity Canada-Ontario Canada May 28, 2012
neopetstrader1 LV25 activity United States-New York United States May 4, 2012

Plus 42 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
frozenrapids United States-Massachusetts United States February 19, 2015
kaleefaith United States-Tennessee United States November 24, 2014
blasterr Australia Australia September 12, 2014
gr_yugioh14 United States-Kansas United States January 22, 2014
mrblimack Canada-Quebec Canada November 19, 2013
leukocyte32 United States-Ohio United States September 9, 2013
kitkatmeow99 United States-Missouri United States August 26, 2013
ilovechurros United States-Florida United States August 17, 2013
throwinturtles Australia Australia July 28, 2013
dollsqueen United Kingdom-England United Kingdom March 30, 2013
montdog95 Australia Australia February 27, 2013
aliviara United States-Georgia United States February 16, 2013
simbageoleo60 United Kingdom-England United Kingdom January 29, 2013
plastic United States-Wyoming United States January 26, 2013
t22sweet Canada-Quebec Canada January 22, 2013
hitmusicwithtc Canada-Nova Scotia Canada January 18, 2013
robbbyj Canada-Ontario Canada January 16, 2013
theresanguyenn Australia Australia January 8, 2013
eskimolegend United States-Illinois United States December 23, 2012
megadude United States-New Jersey United States December 11, 2012
razzjets95 United States-New York United States December 2, 2012
mahir99 Canada-Ontario Canada November 30, 2012
chael77 United Kingdom United Kingdom October 25, 2012
kittie United States-Pennsylvania United States October 22, 2012
alexie_rose United States-North Carolina United States October 22, 2012
supremegunman United States-Idaho United States October 20, 2012
atzunew Canada-Ontario Canada October 12, 2012
negi98 United States-Minnesota United States October 9, 2012
raikoublitz United States-Tennessee United States October 2, 2012
brittlebear United States-Massachusetts United States September 27, 2012
aleceast United States-Utah United States September 24, 2012
upsidetheface United States-Arkansas United States September 18, 2012
carmanman12 United States-Minnesota United States September 14, 2012
lrisler Canada-British Columbia Canada August 27, 2012
iwantcandy2 United States-Colorado United States August 17, 2012
corelle United States-Minnesota United States June 30, 2012
kiras_speaker_3 United States-District of Columbia United States June 18, 2012
ssmith90 United States-Michigan United States June 11, 2012
oshawott07 United States-Washington United States June 2, 2012
callmekaty Canada-British Columbia Canada May 15, 2012
mikey_mike United States-Arizona United States May 10, 2012
redt Canada-Ontario Canada May 6, 2012

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