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Trader Public Page for star_man_20

Total cards: 23,097 Trader star_man_20 Premium Member  in United States (Texas)
This page viewed 13,735 times. Member since: August 23, 2007 (7 years, 7 months and 4 days ago)
star_man_20's business card
Updated 2 January, 2015!

I am currently working on finishing up my own trade webpage, with links to the several sites I use to trade all of my CCGs. This is the address: Feel free to stop by the site and check out the progress.

My Want List: is exactly that. Don't tell me I "need" something. ESPECIALLY if I have "Tradestock" as a comment for it. It will just start you off on the wrong foot. I have a want list so that you know what I am looking for. Do not send me a message asking me if you have anything I want to trade for - I will only ignore your email. Instead, make a trade offer. If you do not have anything that I want, offer to buy the cards from me instead. If I have a lot of copies of the card(s), I will be willing to sell them.

Selling Cards To Me: For MTG, I will consider buying cards I want if I do not have any cards you want. For other CCGs, I will only consider purchasing cards in my wants that have a "Priority 1" as a note. Traders/sellers that send me messages offering to sell me other cards or to the effect of "look over my cards" will be ignored. I also highly doubt I'll ever be interested in buying collections.

Card Condition: unless otherwise stated in the comment field, all of the cards I offer for sale/trade are in mint condition.

For MTG: Feel free to make me a trade offer.
CARD CONDITIONS: Most of the cards in my wants are for my personal collection, so they MUST be mint. Cards in my want list that have the comment "Deck" are to go into decks, so I don't mind trading for slightly used cards, just let me know if the cards are played. however, they must be VG or better condition.

For Star Wars: Offered URFs and AIs are 1-for-1 for Ref 2/3 Rares (URFs) or AIs on my want list ONLY.
CARD CONDITIONS: Cards MUST be in mint condition. I'm especially picky about my Star Wars cards. My grading for Mint SW cards have: no spots/splotches (where the cards have lost their gloss in "spots"), no edge wear, no bends or creases, are not off-center, etc (Decipher "scratches" are ok as long as it isn't excessive). The "two-toning" or "lines" on foil cards does not bother me. if you are concerned that your card might not meet my criteria for mint condition, please let me know before we agree upon a trade.
I have, as sealed packs/boxtoppers: 2nd & 3rd Anthology; OT & JP SD; Asteroid Sanctuary; Ref II Leia; R-3PO.

For B5: CARD CONDITIONS: Cards must be in mint condition.

For Warlord: I have the following promos not listed by this site: Logan's Ring (2003) x2; Kerebrus' Signet (2002) x1; Rescue (2006) x1; Strike With Impunity (2006) x2.

ALL OTHER CCGs: These cards are available for sale or crosstrade.

LOW REFERENCE THRESHOLD: you meet my low reference threshold if you are a trader in the US and have 5 references or less, or 10 or less if you live outside the US (international).

SENDING CARDS: ALL non-users, no matter what is being traded, WILL BE REQUIRED to send first. No exceptions on this rule. Sending first is also normally required for traders that meed my low reference threshold (see PROTECTED TRADES for your other sending option).

PROTECTED TRADES: If you meet my low reference threshold and would prefer to use the protected trade option instead of sending first, you must agree to pay any fees TCO would charge me as well as the fees TCO would charge you.

TRADESTOCK: Most of my Star Wars and Babylon 5 wants have the comment "Tradestock", and the wants are just that. This is to let both you and me know that these are cards I would be trading for so that I could sell or re-trade them at a later time, so as to balance out my current tradestock (my intention is to have a quantity of at least 2 of everything available for trade/sale in SW and B5). I will be willing to trade for a Tradestock card to complement trading for a non-Tradestock card I want, or you have 10+ cards I want that are marked "Tradestock", but the cards I will offer for the Tradestock card(s) will be limited (i.e. I won't trade my last trade copy of a card to fill my "Tradestock").

CARD SETS: I have or can make Uncommon and Common sets from expansions I offer a lot of rares from, which can be purchased or traded for.

BUYING CARDS: When inquiring about buying cards, offer me an amount or request the price. If I provide the price of the card, it is good for 2 weeks, and then I will re-research the card's price. Once a sale is agreed upon, payment is due within 1 week. I accept PayPal, money orders (in USD ONLY!), or cash (again, USD only). Also, when you agree to the total of the sale, let me know how you intend to pay.
I use online website's singles prices. For SWCCG cards, I use Category One Games' prices (I do 80% of the card's price if they have it in stock, or full price if they don't, and if a card's discounted value would go below 50 cents, I will sell the card at .50 or at the website's price, whichever is lower). For MTG I use StarCityGames' prices (although premium (aka foil) cards I will sell at a minimum of $.50). For Babylon 5, L5R & Shadowfist, I use House Atreides' prices.

NOTE: with the above said, those are the prices other persons set on cards, and I reserve the right to sell my cards at whatever price I choose to ask for.

SHIPPING: I normally use USPS First-Class when shipping cards. Once I put your cards in the postal system, I cannot take any responsibility for them getting damaged or lost by the postal system. In trades, using such options as delivery confirmation or insurance should be agreed upon with the trade. If purchasing cards from me, if you wish to have your purchase insured, have delivery confirmation, etc, the cost of these shipping options will be added to the S&H charge. If you wish to have your purchase shipped via priority, you pay priority plus $1.

Minimum First-Class Shipping & Handling prices (for singles purchases):
Shipping to: S&H:
USA $2
International $3

NOTE: Shipping prices could be higher due to postal rates to different locations and/or weight of your package.

NOTE: I have not yet had a package I've sent not be received. I print the address labels and seal them to the envelope with packing tape. I also put the recipient's address inside the envelope.

INTERNATIONAL: I am willing to trade and sell internationally, but there are conditions to trading based on what I am trading, your feedback score, and your location (country).

ALIASES: I am also:
Alien_Starfighter_Pilot on
star_man_20 on ebay/
Star_man_20 on CCG
star-man-20 on
Harry Clayton Webster II on

I have also successfully traded with the following users on this site that have not left me a reference:
ayuken (inactive user)
tommybrown (inactive user)
xaon (inactive user)
Cards Listings
This trader HAS cards from the following games:
7th Sea (300 cards)
Babylon 5 (2,393 cards)
Deadlands Doomtown (2 cards)
Fullmetal Alchemist TCG (2 cards)
Legend of the Five Rings (14,453 cards)
Magic: The Gathering (4,135 cards)
Star Trek (53 cards)
Star Wars TCG (2 cards)
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (3 cards)
Warlord (27 cards)
Young Jedi (1 card)
star_man_20 is offering a total of 21,371 cards for trade.
This trader WANTS cards from the following games:
7th Sea (8 cards)
Babylon 5 (638 cards)
Magic: The Gathering (211 cards)
Star Wars (20 cards)
Warlord (2 cards)
star_man_20 is looking for a total of 879 cards.
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19 Decks for Magic: The Gathering
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Games Stats
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Game Games played Tournaments
Total Won Draws Lost Max. Score Highest Rank
Magic: The Gathering 307 168
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Trades and References
This user has completed successfully 35 Tracked Trades, but also let Trades to expire 38 times.
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Trade Evaluations Received
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Average delays
(23 trades)
(12 trades)
Shipment 33 hours and 20 minutes. 36 hours and 0 minutes.
Delivery 4 days, 18 hours and 15 minutes. 8 days, 9 hours and 0 minutes.

Shipments sent and lost: 2.8% (1 / 36)

Shipments not received: 10% (4 / 40)

These are the 57 references that trader star_man_20 has received,
sorted by the date they were granted.

17 references from active users:

Referrer Country Date
dacdalus LV25 activity Spain-Valencia Spain May 11, 2011
redt LV29 activity Canada-Ontario Canada August 19, 2010
thoshmore LV14 activity United States-Washington United States July 19, 2010
tjesiong LV27 activity Indonesia Indonesia July 13, 2010
jedibrain LV22 activity United States-California United States June 26, 2010
ddzombie LV39 activity United States-Mississippi United States May 15, 2010
ssolidus LV26 activity Spain-Murcia Spain March 5, 2010
prometheus LV38 activity Germany Germany March 3, 2010
joserra LV31 activity Spain-Navarra Spain January 5, 2010
tararaboemdijee LV15 activity Netherlands, The Netherlands, The March 24, 2009
pieter2501 LV16 activity Netherlands, The Netherlands, The February 25, 2009
jcar Premium Member LV31 activity Spain-Madrid Spain January 31, 2009
zaphod22 LV18 activity United States-Illinois United States January 10, 2009
tron77 LV28 activity Spain-Murcia Spain October 27, 2008
artangeljmw Premium Member LV47 activity United States-Maryland United States October 26, 2008
lamar70 LV34 activity United States-Wisconsin United States September 28, 2008
kml666 Premium Member LV26 activity United Kingdom-England United Kingdom August 19, 2008

Plus 40 old references from users not registered any more in Trade Cards Online:

Referrer Country Date
josinperez Spain-Las Palmas G. C Spain November 5, 2010
viconia Spain-Pontevedra Spain October 3, 2010
lagooner7 United States-Connecticut United States September 19, 2010
voltmann84 United States-Colorado United States August 27, 2010
adolfnixon United States United States August 24, 2010
onyc United States-Florida United States August 20, 2010
chaosc25 United States-Alabama United States July 31, 2010
jacetherican United States-Florida United States July 29, 2010
voldgift Norway Norway July 18, 2010
greedo74 Netherlands, The Netherlands, The July 6, 2010
uberidiot Spain-Málaga Spain July 5, 2010
tbrandt08 United States-Missouri United States June 18, 2010
eljey54 United States-Tennessee United States June 11, 2010
northie7 United States-Vermont United States June 2, 2010
maverick United States-New York United States June 1, 2010
yuseifudo United States-Iowa United States May 25, 2010
duffcapers United States-Missouri United States April 15, 2010
jumelen Spain-Coruña Spain April 14, 2010
kingof Spain-Murcia Spain March 9, 2010
insectile34 United States-California United States March 1, 2010
lainse Canada-Quebec Canada March 1, 2010
mameluco Spain-Madrid Spain February 26, 2010
reelism United States-California United States January 22, 2010
franfreeman Spain-Jaén Spain January 20, 2010
vamcards_most United States-Utah United States January 7, 2010
rhandall Spain-Tenerife Spain November 17, 2009
gorila_maguila Spain-Murcia Spain July 20, 2009
nariconinc United States-New Jersey United States July 15, 2009
portico1 Spain-Barcelona Spain July 14, 2009
lolilin37 Spain-Murcia Spain July 7, 2009
darkforest United States-Michigan United States June 28, 2009
darthjedi421 United States-Maryland United States April 16, 2009
kan_trader Canada Canada January 25, 2009
daniel_san Argentina Argentina January 21, 2009
satch Spain Spain January 18, 2009
kelek Spain-Córdoba Spain January 14, 2009
gerard_koper Netherlands, The Netherlands, The December 30, 2008
xzibit_bcn_2007 Spain-Barcelona Spain November 7, 2008
whiteknight70 United States-Connecticut United States October 26, 2008
uoflhoops United States-Kentucky United States September 30, 2008

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