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card reviews for the game Duel Masters

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Duel Masters

List of Card Reviews for Duel Masters

See how to publish your own Card Reviews. Remember that the author of the Review selected as Card of the Week gests a reward of 3 months of Premium membership!

Our current Card Review of the Week is "Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier, ", created by leonsouryuu  for the game Cardfight!! Vanguard
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Title  Card Type  Author  Date  Comments  Votes  Score 
End of the World, Dark Divine Dragon
Ready for the End of the World?
Creature  kazeblack  August 5, 2011 15 20
Double Revolver Dragon Creature   Premium Member  August 9, 2011 14 19
Ballcadeias, Overlord of Demons
It finally happened...
Evolution Creature   Premium Member  August 23, 2011 13 19
Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom
Black Flames of Death and the Shadow of Destruction... Avatar Reviews Part 5
Evolution Creature   Premium Member  January 29, 2012 12 12
Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate
The Dragon Princess
Creature   Premium Member  February 27, 2012 11 17
Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon
The Samurai Lord
Creature  warner_91  January 23, 2012 10 17
Bolpheus Heaven, Holy Super Dragon
The SkyFire General
Evolution Creature   Premium Member  August 30, 2011 10 14
Billion-Degree Dragon
The Ultimate Review
Creature  ahmad_tahir  August 31, 2009 10 18
Mobile Spirit - Mugen Ingmar
Lock and Reload
Creature   Premium Member  August 13, 2011 9 16
Bronze-Arm Tribe
rate it and get a cookie =D
Creature  hipporules1  October 5, 2010 9 2
Wedding, Zenith of "Celebration"
The real pawner.
Creature    January 21, 2013 8 14
Caribbean Moon, the Enlightened
How to defeat a player with his own weapons! the Enlightened Saga part 5
Evolution Creature  tudordan  February 11, 2012 8 3
Bolshack NEX
The Core of ANY Dragon Deck
Creature   Premium Member  October 29, 2011 8 3
Genji Aini Creature   Premium Member  September 18, 2011 8 23
Procyon Dragoon Creature   Premium Member  September 4, 2011 8 18
Dark Hydra, Lord of the Evil Planet
Hail the Necromancer King!
Creature    May 23, 2010 8 16
Ken Geki, Absolute Ruler ~Final Flare~
Absolutely an Absolute
Evolution Creature    April 23, 2010 8 15
Progre Sapphire, Divine Blue Brightness
Rebirth of the shield burning finisher!
Creature    December 28, 2013 7 21
Heavy Death Metal, End of the Century
As he creates,so he detroys!
Creature  tudordan  January 24, 2012 7 1
Dorballom, Lord of Demons
Destruction at it's best!
Evolution Creature  tudordan  January 20, 2012 7 4
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