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The Spirit Wars

The Spirit Wars: 233 cards
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old-169 Devastation of Beiden Pass (Unique) Spell  C / R  search
old-146 Back Banner Item  Common  search
old-195 Battle of Drowned Honor Action  Common  search
old-196 Battle of Quiet Winds Action  Common  search
old-197 Battle of Shallow Waters Action  Common  search
old-49 Bayushi Paneki Personality  Common  search
old-34 Chou-Sin Personality  Common  search
old-129 Clay Soldiers Follower  Common  search
old-10 Daidoji Hachi Personality  Common  search
old-201 Dark Secrets Action  Common  search
old-83 Dragon Dancers Holding  Common  search
old-121 Fields of Darkness Region  Common  search
old-35 Giuniko Personality  Common  search
old-205 Guard the House Action  Common  search
old-4 Hida Hio Personality  Common  search
old-5 Hida Kuon Personality  Common  search
old-6 Hida Kuroda Personality  Common  search
old-24 Ikoma Tsai Personality  Common  search
old-208 Infantry Charge Action  Common  search
old-134 Inkyo Follower  Common  search
old-150 Iron Mempo Item  Common  search
old-43 Isawa Metigaru Personality  Common  search
old-44 Isawa Nakamuro Personality  Common  search
old-25 Kitsu Dejiko Personality  Common  search
old-63 Kitsune Personality  Common  search
old-52 Kohuri Personality  Common  search
old-39 Lalesha Personality  Common  search
old-210 Last Gift Action  Common  search
old-211 Lay the Blame Action  Common  search
old-162 Let the Spirit Move You Kiho  Common  search
old-64 Lsinyuan Personality  Common  search
old-213 Mara's Farewell Action  Common  search
old-170 Master Smith Ascends Spell  Common  search
old-16 Mirumoto Ukira Personality  Common  search
old-67 Mizuichi Personality  Common  search
old-58 Moto Hideyo Personality  Common  search
old-59 Moto Vordu Personality  Common  search
old-152 Nage-yari Item  Common  search
old-154 New Kimono Item  Common  search
old-137 Old Debts Follower  Common  search
old-70 Oni no Fushiki Personality  Common  search
old-90 Oni no Yamaso Holding  Common  search
old-138 Oni Spawn Follower  Common  search
old-54 Otomo Hoketuhime Personality  Common  search
old-217 Personal Sacrifice Action  Common  search
old-92 Poorly Placed Garden Holding  Common  search
old-126 Quiet Tombs Region  Common  search
old-222 Scholarship Action  Common  search
old-45 Shiba Aikune Personality  Common  search
old-156 Shuriken Item  Common  search
old-96 Simple Huts Holding  Common  search
old-157 Sodegarami Item  Common  search
old-172 Soul Sword Spell  Common  search
old-142 Spirit Hounds Follower  Common  search
old-73 Suzume Roshi Personality  Common  search
old-18 Tamori Chosai Personality  Common  search
old-75 Te'tik'kir Personality  Common  search
old-226 Temptation Action  Common  search
old-228 Through the Flames Action  Common  search
old-20 Togashi Mio Personality  Common  search
old-100 Torii Arch Holding  Common  search
old-229 Torii Tattoo Action  Common  search
old-30 Tsuruchi Okame Personality  Common  search
old-101 Wall of Bones Holding  Common  search
old-230 Weapons Cache Action  Common  search
old-79 Yeiseo Personality  Common  search
old-32 Yoritomo Kitao Personality  Common  search
old-127 Archers Follower  search
old-167 Biting Steel Spell  search
old-81 Bridged Pass Holding  search
old-198 Charge Action  search
old-82 Copper Mine Holding  search
old-199 Counterattack Action  search
old-130 Elite Light Infantry Follower  search
old-131 Elite Medium Infantry Follower  search
old-202 Entrapping Terrain Action  search
old-108 Evil Feeds upon Itself Event  search
old-86 Gambling House Holding  search
old-110 Glimpse of the Unicorn Event  search
old-207 Iaijutsu Duel Action  search
old-151 Jade Bow Item  search
old-88 Jade Works Holding  search
old-26 Kitsu Okura Personality  search
old-135 Light Infantry Follower  search
old-27 Matsu Agetoki Personality  search
old-28 Matsu Goemon Personality  search
old-136 Medium Infantry Follower  search
old-153 Naginata Item  search
old-155 No-Dachi Item  search
old-216 Outflank Action  search
old-91 Pitch and Fire Holding  search
old-218 Rallying Cry Action  search
old-219 Refugees Action  search
old-93 Sanctified Temple (2ver/green back) Holding  search
old-72 Sanzo Personality  search
old-47 Shiba Tsukune Personality  search
old-95 Silver Mine Holding  search
old-97 Small Farm Holding  search
old-141 Spearmen Follower  search
old-225 Superior Tactics Action  search
old-56 Toku Personality  search
old-117 Unexpected Allies (Experienced) Event  search
old-62 Hantei XVI (Unique) Personality  search
old-1 Noble Halls of the Akodo Stronghold  search
old-2 Shrine of the Spirits Stronghold  search
old-3 Towers of the Asako Stronghold  search
old-180 Tsuko Sensei Sensei  search
old-181 Uona Sensei Sensei  search
old-94 Shrine of the Evening Star (Unique) Holding  R + F  search
old-21 Akodo Ginawa (Experienced 4) Personality  Rare  search
old-23 Akodo Quehao Personality  Rare  search
old-192 Ancestral Protection Action  Rare  search
old-128 Asako Riders Follower  Rare  search
old-48 Bayushi Baku Personality  Rare  search
old-50 Bayushi Yojiro (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
old-160 Beginning and End Kiho  Rare  search
old-103 Birth of the Anvil Event  Rare  search
old-104 Birth of the Sword Event  Rare  search
old-105 Birth of the Wolf Event  Rare  search
old-147 Bitter (Unique) Item  Rare  search
old-148 Bronze Lantern Item  Rare  search
old-168 Call the Spirit Spell  Rare  search
old-200 Crab Tattoo Action  Rare  search
old-13 Doji Reju (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
old-15 Doji Reju (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
old-106 Earthquake at Otosan Uchi Event  Rare  search
old-84 East Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding  Rare  search
old-107 Emperor's Favor Event  Rare  search
old-85 Emperor's Under-Hand Holding  Rare  search
old-132 Empress's Guard (Unique) Follower  Rare  search
old-109 Fall of the Alliance Event  Rare  search
old-204 Fall on Your Knees Action  Rare  search
old-122 Fields of the Sun (Unique) Region  Rare  search
old-123 Great Crater (Unique) Region  Rare  search
old-7 Hida Sukune (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
old-8 Hida Tsuneo (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
old-161 Hitomi's Glare Kiho  Rare  search
old-149 Honorable (Unique) Item  Rare  search
old-111 Imperial Census Event  Rare  search
old-176 Kaiu Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
old-14 Kakita Kaiten Personality  Rare  search
old-112 Kamoko's Constellation Event  Rare  search
old-9 Kuni Utagu Personality  Rare  search
old-17 Mirumoto Uso Personality  Rare  search
old-178 Miya Sensei Sensei  Rare  search
old-68 Morito (Experienced 2) Personality  Rare  search
old-214 Moto Technique Action  Rare  search
old-89 North Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding  Rare  search
old-125 Obsidian Statues (Unique) Region  Rare  search
old-71 Otomo Dsichi (Unique) Personality  Rare  search
old-139 Ratling Scroungers Follower  Rare  search
old-113 Revealing the Bastard Event  Rare  search
old-114 Revering the Past Event  Rare  search
old-115 Right to Rule Event  Rare  search
old-36 Roshungi Personality  Rare  search
old-55 Saigorei Personality  Rare  search
old-40 Shasyahkar Personality  Rare  search
old-46 Shiba Ningen Personality  Rare  search
old-60 Shinjo Shono Personality  Rare  search
old-183 Shiryo no Ch'i Ancestor  Rare  search
old-184 Shiryo no Hotei Ancestor  Rare  search
old-185 Shiryo no Nyoko Ancestor  Rare  search
old-186 Shiryo no Rohata Ancestor  Rare  search
old-187 Shiryo no Shoju Ancestor  Rare  search
old-188 Shiryo no Taisa Ancestor  Rare  search
old-189 Shiryo no Ujik-hai Ancestor  Rare  search
old-37 Shosuro Chian Personality  Rare  search
old-224 Snow Crane Tattoo Action  Rare  search
old-98 South Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding  Rare  search
old-116 Sumai Match Event  Rare  search
old-165 War Paints Kiho  Rare  search
old-102 West Wall of Otosan Uchi Holding  Rare  search
old-231 Where Tsunari Fell Action  Rare  search
old-166 Yakamo's Smile Kiho  Rare  search
old-190 Yokai no Mizushai Ancestor  Rare  search
old-31 Yoritomo Aramasu (Experienced 3) Personality  Rare  search
old-33 Yoritomo Yukue Personality  Rare  search
old-22 Akodo Ijiasu Personality  Uncommon  search
old-175 Akodo Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
old-118 Amaterasu's Furnace Region  Uncommon  search
old-191 Ancestral Dictate Action  Uncommon  search
old-159 Ancient Knowledge Kiho  Uncommon  search
old-193 Arriving at the Imperial Gates Action  Uncommon  search
old-42 Asako Misao Personality  Uncommon  search
old-194 Battle at White Shore Plain Action  Uncommon  search
old-119 Cliffs of Golden Tears Region  Uncommon  search
old-120 Cursed Ground Region  Uncommon  search
old-11 Doji Kurohito Personality  Uncommon  search
old-12 Doji Meihu (2ver/green back) Personality  Uncommon  search
old-203 Fallen Ground Action  Uncommon  search
old-133 Fallen Legion Follower  Uncommon  search
old-206 Hesitation Action  Uncommon  search
old-57 Ide Gokun Personality  Uncommon  search
old-87 Intelligence Agent Holding  Uncommon  search
old-209 Interruption Action  Uncommon  search
old-124 Knowing Lands and Giving Trees Region  Uncommon  search
old-177 Lady of the Forest Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
old-212 Luring Tactics Action  Uncommon  search
old-65 Miya Dosonu Personality  Uncommon  search
old-66 Miya Yemi (Unique) Personality  Uncommon  search
old-53 Mokoto Personality  Uncommon  search
old-163 Mortal Flesh Kiho  Uncommon  search
old-29 Moshi Shanegon Personality  Uncommon  search
old-164 Moving the Wind Kiho  Uncommon  search
old-215 Nightmare Action  Uncommon  search
old-69 Noekam Personality  Uncommon  search
old-220 Return for Training Action  Uncommon  search
old-171 Ruin and Devastation Spell  Uncommon  search
old-221 Scaring the Masses Action  Uncommon  search
old-41 Shaunasea Personality  Uncommon  search
old-223 Sign of Weakness Action  Uncommon  search
old-140 Signal Corps Follower  Uncommon  search
old-51 Soshi Angai Personality  Uncommon  search
old-99 Spirit Bells Holding  Uncommon  search
old-173 Star-Filled Steel Spell  Uncommon  search
old-179 Suzume Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
old-74 Taikon Personality  Uncommon  search
old-19 Tamori Shaitung Personality  Uncommon  search
old-227 Three-Stone River Action  Uncommon  search
old-158 Treaty Item  Uncommon  search
old-76 Tsi Yoji Personality  Uncommon  search
old-143 Tsuko's Heart (Unique) Follower  Uncommon  search
old-174 Turn of Fate Spell  Uncommon  search
old-38 Uidori Personality  Uncommon  search
old-144 Undead Legion Follower  Uncommon  search
old-77 Usagi Gohei Personality  Uncommon  search
old-61 Utaku Yu-Pan Personality  Uncommon  search
old-145 Warriors of the Great Climb (Uni.) Follower  Uncommon  search
old-182 Wasp Sensei Sensei  Uncommon  search
old-232 Witch Hunt Action  Uncommon  search
old-233 Witch Hunter's Accusation Action  Uncommon  search
old-78 Wutho Personality  Uncommon  search
old-80 Yoee'trr Personality  Uncommon  search
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