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Piece of Memory (Japanese)

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Piece of Memory (Japanese): 37 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Throne Technique  search
2 Rest Technique  search
3 Rest at Night Technique  search
4 Foreboding Technique  search
5 Connection Technique  search
6 Sora (level 1) Player/Light  search
7 Sora (level 2) Player/Light  search
8 Riku (level 1) Player/Light  search
9 Kairi (level 1) Friend  search
10 Namine (level 0) Friend  search
11 Mysterious Boy (level 1) Player/Light  SR  search
12 Kairi (level 0) Friend  search
13 Mickey Mouse (level 0) Friend  search
14 Donald Duck (level 3) Friend  search
15 Goofy (level 3) Friend  search
16 Sora (level 3) Player/Light  SR  search
17 Belle (level 0) Friend  SR  search
18 Snow White (level 0) Friend  SR  search
19 Cinderella (level 0) Friend  SR  search
20 Aurora (level 0) Friend  SR  search
21 Jiminey Cricket (level 1) Friend  search
22 Tidus (level 1) Friend  SR  search
23 Selphie (level 1) Friend  SR  search
24 Wakka (level 1) Friend  SR  search
25 Cid (level 2) Friend  search
26 Leon Squall (level 3) Friend  SR  search
27 Cloud (level 3) Friend  SR  search
28 Sephiroth (level 3) Friend  SR  search
29 Moogle (level 1) Friend  search
30 Oathkeeper Attack  search
31 Oblivion Attack  search
32 Destiny Islands (level 1) World  search
33 Traverse Town (level 1) World  search
34 Traverse Town (level 2) World  search
35 Traverse Town (level 3) World  search
36 Castle Oblivion (level 1) World  search
37 Twilight Town (level 1) World  search

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