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Fate/stay night Trial Deck

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Fate/stay night Trial Deck: 20 cards
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FS-S03-102 Saber & Sakura in Swimsuits Character  TD  search
FS-S03-103 Freeloaders of the Emiya Household Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T01 Saber After a Bath Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T02 Mitsuzuri Ayako Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T03 Ryuudou Issei Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T04 Saber, Most Skilled Spirit Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T05 Gilgamesh, Golden Hero King Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T06 Master Fuji Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T07 Saber, Bearer of the Sacred Sword Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T08 Summon Saber Event  TD  search
FS-S03-T09 Funny Lion Event  TD  search
FS-S03-T10 The Sword of Promised Victory Climax  TD  search
FS-S03-T11 Archer, Red Knight Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T12 Rin, Red Devil Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T13 Tohsaka Rin Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T14 Jewel-Magic Bloodline Rin Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T15 Archer, Iron-Wrought Spirit Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T16 Blackened Holy Grail Sakura Character  TD  search
FS-S03-T17 Words of Farewell Climax  TD  search
FS-S03-T18 Mischievous Smile Climax  TD  search

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