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Little Busters! Ecstasy Trial Deck

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Little Busters! Ecstasy Trial Deck: 18 cards
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LB-W06-101 "Friends" Rin & Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-102 Sayaka in Yukata Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T01 Looking Down at the Evening City, Rin & Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T02 "Wishing Star" Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T03 "Mood-Maker" Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T04 Rin & Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T05 Yuiko in Maid Uniform Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T06 "Self-Righteous" Sasami Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T07 Trial from Older Brother Climax  TD  search
LB-W06-T08 The Piano that Kept Playing Climax  TD  search
LB-W06-T09 Kud from Wonderland Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T10 "Rising Stock" Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T11 "Female Spy" Saya Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T12 "Quarter Girl" Kud Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T13 "Happy Spiral" Komari Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T14 "Western-Eastern Compromise" Kud Character  TD  search
LB-W06-T15 Incredible Deja Vu Event  TD  search
LB-W06-T16 It'll Be Okay Climax  TD  search

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