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Madoka Magica Booster Pack

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Madoka Magica Booster Pack: 120 cards
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MM-W17-020 Tiro Finale Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-057 Time Manipulation Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-060 The Girl From the Dream Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-018 Sudden Happening Event  search
MM-W17-094 Sayaka, Second-year Student of Mitakihara Middle School Character  search
MM-W17-081 Sayaka, Rookie Magical Girl Character  RR  search
MM-W17-081R Sayaka, Rookie Magical Girl Character  RRR  search
MM-W17-095 Sayaka, Magical Girl of the Sword Character  search
MM-W17-086 Sayaka, Hollow Eyes Character  search
MM-W17-086S Sayaka, Hollow Eyes Character  SR  search
MM-W17-085 Sayaka, Healing Prayer Character  search
MM-W17-085S Sayaka, Healing Prayer Character  SR  search
MM-W17-088 Sayaka, Found Her Wish Character  search
MM-W17-083 Sayaka, Fighting for People Character  search
MM-W17-091 Sayaka, Confrontation Character  search
MM-W17-087 Sayaka, Classmate Character  search
MM-W17-093 Sayaka, Childhood Friend of Kamijou-kun Character  search
MM-W17-096 Sayaka, Battling While Hurting Character  search
MM-W17-089 Sayaka, Ally of Justice Character  search
MM-W17-084 Sayaka, Admiration for Mami Character  search
MM-W17-098 Sayaka's Wish Event  search
MM-W17-079 Sayaka VS Kyoko Climax  CR  search
MM-W17-082 Sayaka Miki Character  RR  search
MM-W17-82SP Sayaka Miki Character  SP  search
MM-W17-019 Nothing Scares Me Anymore Climax  CR  search
MM-W17-056 No Longer Relying on Others Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-058 My Best Friend Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-054 Meaningless Chain Event  search
MM-W17-009 Mami, Wish for Survival Character  search
MM-W17-013 Mami, Veteran Magical Girl Character  search
MM-W17-001 Mami, Silver Magical Gun Character  RR  search
MM-W17-001S Mami, Silver Magical Gun Character  SR  search
MM-W17-006 Mami, Shouldering Fate Character  search
MM-W17-006R Mami, Shouldering Fate Character  RRR  search
MM-W17-004 Mami, Senior Magical Girl Character  search
MM-W17-004S Mami, Senior Magical Girl Character  SR  search
MM-W17-015 Mami, Kindly Watching Over Character  search
MM-W17-016 Mami, Graceful Character  search
MM-W17-012 Mami, Giving Advice Character  search
MM-W17-014 Mami, Entrusting the Future Character  search
MM-W17-011 Mami, Enjoying Tea Character  search
MM-W17-010 Mami, Binding Magic Character  search
MM-W17-002 Mami Tomoe Character  RR  search
MM-W17-02SP Mami Tomoe Character  SP  search
MM-W17-005 Mami in Pajamas Character  search
MM-W17-027 Madoka, Wavering Feelings Character  search
MM-W17-030 Madoka, Ultimate Character  search
MM-W17-030R Madoka, Ultimate Character  RRR  search
MM-W17-046 Madoka, Second-year Student of Mitakihara Middle School Character  search
MM-W17-033 Madoka, Protecting Hope Character  search
MM-W17-026 Madoka, Magical Girl of the Bow Character  search
MM-W17-026S Madoka, Magical Girl of the Bow Character  SR  search
MM-W17-043 Madoka, Infirmary Officer Character  search
MM-W17-052 Madoka, Feather-like Skirt Character  search
MM-W17-029 Madoka, Fate's Final Destination Character  search
MM-W17-029S Madoka, Fate's Final Destination Character  SR  search
MM-W17-032 Madoka, Confronting Walpurgis Night Character  search
MM-W17-031 Madoka, Bond with Homura Character  search
MM-W17-055 Madoka's Wish Climax  CR  search
MM-W17-048 Madoka of the Blue Sky Character  search
MM-W17-037 Madoka Kaname Character  search
MM-W17-047 Madoka & Homura, Best Friends Character  search
MM-W17-053 Law of Cycles Event  search
MM-W17-067 Kyubey, Supporting Role Character  search
MM-W17-003 Kyubey, Making Contract Character  search
MM-W17-075 Kyubey, Extra-terrestial Lifeform Character  search
MM-W17-092 Kyousuke Kamijou Character  search
MM-W17-069 Kyoko, Wishing for a Miracle Character  search
MM-W17-066 Kyoko, Shouting Character  search
MM-W17-066S Kyoko, Shouting Character  SR  search
MM-W17-063 Kyoko, Sharing Apples Character  search
MM-W17-065 Kyoko, Selfish One Character  search
MM-W17-065S Kyoko, Selfish One Character  SR  search
MM-W17-071 Kyoko, Red Soul Gem Character  search
MM-W17-073 Kyoko, New Magical Girl Character  search
MM-W17-064 Kyoko, Multi-Section Spear Character  search
MM-W17-076 Kyoko, Magical Girl of the Spear Character  search
MM-W17-072 Kyoko, Farewell on the Subway Platform Character  search
MM-W17-068 Kyoko, Confession of the Past Character  search
MM-W17-061 Kyoko, Battle-loving Character  RR  search
MM-W17-061R Kyoko, Battle-loving Character  RRR  search
MM-W17-077 Kyoko's Determination Event  search
MM-W17-074 Kyoko who Finally Arrived Character  search
MM-W17-062 Kyoko Sakura Character  RR  search
MM-W17-62SP Kyoko Sakura Character  SP  search
MM-W17-070 Kyoko in the Back Alley Character  search
MM-W17-049 Junko Kaname Character  search
MM-W17-097 Incubator Event  search
MM-W17-099 I've Been Such A Fool Climax  CR  search
MM-W17-024 Homura, Watching Over Character  search
MM-W17-039 Homura, Transfer Student Character  search
MM-W17-021 Homura, Tragic Determination Character  RR  search
MM-W17-21SP Homura, Tragic Determination Character  SP  search
MM-W17-035 Homura, Time-Travelling Backwards Character  search
MM-W17-041 Homura, Thinking of Madoka Character  search
MM-W17-028 Homura, Magical Girl of Time Character  search
MM-W17-028R Homura, Magical Girl of Time Character  RRR  search
MM-W17-050 Homura, Lonely Battle Character  search
MM-W17-040 Homura, Holding onto Bonds Character  search
MM-W17-025 Homura, Hidden Feelings Character  search
MM-W17-025S Homura, Hidden Feelings Character  SR  search
MM-W17-034 Homura, Determined Character  search
MM-W17-045 Homura, Black-haired Girl Character  search
MM-W17-023 Homura, Beautiful Looks Character  search
MM-W17-023S Homura, Beautiful Looks Character  SR  search
MM-W17-038 Homura Akemi Character  search
MM-W17-044 Hitomi Shizuki Character  search
MM-W17-017 Grief Seed Event  search
MM-W17-059 Don't Tell Anyone in Class! Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-100 Both Miracles And Magic Exist Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-080 Being on Your Own is Lonely Climax  CC  search
MM-W17-078 A Magical Girl Appears Event  search
MM-W17-042 "To Protect Everyone" Madoka Character  search
MM-W17-051 "Stage Device's Witch" Walpurgis Night Character  search
MM-W17-022 "Secrecy" Madoka Character  RR  search
MM-W17-22SP "Secrecy" Madoka Character  SP  search
MM-W17-008 "No Longer Alone" Mami Character  search
MM-W17-090 "Mermaid Witch" Character  search
MM-W17-007 "Dessert Witch" Charlotte Character  search
MM-W17-036 "Continue to Fight" Homura Character  search

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