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Path of the Zealot

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Path of the Zealot: 20 cards
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21 Dwarf Miner Unit  search
22 Gromril Armour Support  search
23 Gustav the Bear Unit  search
24 Talabheim Detachment Unit  search
25 Gate of Sigmar Support  search
26 Vaul's Unmaking Tactic  search
27 Repeater Bolt Thrower Support  search
28 Arrer Boyz Unit  search
29 Wolf Rider Assault Tactic  search
30 Bule, Lord of Pus Unit  search
31 Bloodsworn Unit  search
32 Wolves of the North Quest  search
33 Dark Riders Unit  search
34 Call the Blood Tactic  search
35 Poison Wind Globadiers Unit  search
36 Chittering Horde Tactic  search
37 Zealot Hunter Unit  search
38 Veteran Sellswords Unit  search
39 Surprise Assault Tactic  search
40 Animosity Tactic  search

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