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Arcane Fire

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Arcane Fire: 20 cards
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101 Longbeards Unit  search
102 Rune of Hearth and Home Tactic  search
103 Hewn from the Mountain Tactic  search
104 Helblaster Crew Unit  search
105 Sigmar's Brilliance Tactic  search
106 Protect the Empire Quest  search
107 Ellyrian Reavers Unit  search
108 Morvael's Legacy Tactic  search
109 Charge of the Silver Helms Tactic  search
110 Snotling Saboteurs Unit  search
111 Da Brainbursta! Tactic  search
112 Easy Pickin's Tactic  search
113 Beast of Chaos Unit  search
114 Cacophonic Scream Tactic  search
115 Blessings of Tzeentch Tactic  search
116 Slave Driver Unit  search
117 Your Will is Mine Tactic  search
118 Witch Hag's Curse Support  search
119 Greyseer's Lair Support  search
120 Plague Monk Unit  search

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