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Dark Tournament

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Dark Tournament: 161 cards
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22 Zeru, the Phoenix Villain/Team Leader  search
94 Zenith of Fear Event  search
T-5 Yuu Kaitou, Taboo Master Hero  TS  search
45 Yuu Kaitou's Territory Technique  search
21 Yusuke, Unleashed Hero/Team Leader  search
20 Yusuke, the Student Hero/Team Leader  search
L-7 Yusuke, Resourceful Apprentice Hero/Team Leader  search
93 Yusuke's Sacrifice Event  search
6 Yukina, Ice Princess Hero  search
19 Younger Toguro, Transformed Villain/Team Leader  search
2 Yoko, the Spirit Fox Hero/Villain  search
92 X-Treme Defense Event  search
1 Wind Shinobi Hero/Team Leader  search
L-10 Whip Slam Technique  search
T-20 Watch Item  TC  search
42 Walking Stick Item  search
105 Villainous Talons Item  search
65 Ura Urashima, Demon in Disguise Villain  search
T-11 Trial Sword Item  TR  search
T-23 Tornado Fist Double Technique  TC  search
3 Together Until the End of Time Event  search
104 The Light in your Eye Item  search
G-0b The Dark One (reprint) Villain  search
G-0 The Dark One Villain  search
9 The Dark Angel's Presence Event  search
18 Suzaku, the Fierce Villain/Team Leader  search
91 Suzaku's Multiform Event  search
90 Surprise! Event  search
32 Surprise Attack Event  search
103 Sun Glasses Item  search
L-9 Substitute Event  search
33 Stand Off Event  search
121 Spirit Sphere Technique  search
120 Spirit Shield Technique  search
119 Spirit Reflection Blast Technique  search
89 Spirit Phoenix Event  search
11 Spiked Club Item  search
T-19 Souls Item  TC  search
88 Showdown Event  search
64 Seiryu, Cold Hearted Villain  search
63 Sakyo, the High Roller Villain  search
41 Sakyo's Lighter Item  search
118 Rush Technique  search
62 Ruka, the Malicious Villain  search
87 Rokuyukai Challenge Event  search
61 Rinku, Yo-Yo Master Hero  search
86 Retaliate Event  search
85 Reliving the Past Event  search
102 Red Rose Item  search
44 Rainbow Cyclone Technique  search
117 Quick Blow Technique  search
60 Puu, Teddy Bear with a Beak Hero  search
T-10 Precise Evasion Event  TR  search
P-3 Power Strike Event  search
116 Power Smack Technique  search
T-9 Persevere Event  TR  search
84 Painful Memories Event  search
83 Outnumbered Event  search
31 Ooops! Event  search
16 Onji, the Experienced Fighter Villain/Team Leader  search
115 One, Two Setup Technique  search
101 Mystic Whistle Item  search
59 Murugu, the Pestering Villain  search
58 Mitsunari Yanagisawa, the Copy Master Hero  search
114 Mitsunari Yanagisawa's Territory Technique  search
P-1 Mist Shinobi Villain  search
100 Microphone Item  search
40 Megiru Seal Item  search
57 Makintaro, Furious Fighter Villain  search
56 M2, Javelin Master Hero  search
55 M1, Blade Master Hero  search
82 Living the Nightmare Event  search
54 Kuwabara, Yukina's Champion Hero  search
L-5 Kuwabara, Honorable Friend Hero  search
113 Kuwabara's Spirit Push Technique  search
81 Kuwabara's Inspiration Event  search
53 Kuro Momotaro, the Ape Villain  search
51 Kurama, the Tactician Hero  search
L-6 Kurama, Caring Fighter Hero  search
112 Kurama's Whip Deception Technique  search
P-2 Kurama's Last Stand Event  search
T-13 Koto, the Experienced Neutral  TC  search
L-4 Koenma, Noble Leader Hero/Team Leader  search
15 Koenma, Disguised Hero/Team Leader  search
99 Koenma's Gavel Item  search
8 King Yama's Wrath Event  search
98 Key Item  search
L-3 Kayko, the Cute Hero  search
50 Kayko, the Class President Hero  search
52 Karasu, Mad Bomber Villain  search
49 Juri, the First Timer Neutral  search
39 Inter-Dimensional Breach Item  search
111 Inspirational Slash Technique  search
T-4 Ice Shinobi Hero  TS  search
T-3 I'm Calling You Out! Event  TU  search
L-2 Hiei, Unpredictable Warrior Hero  search
5 Hiei, the Stern Hero  search
30 Hiei's Secret Event  search
T-17 Hiei's Essence Event  TC  search
T-16 Heroic Stand Event  TC  search
T-1 Halt! Event  TG  search
TP-1 Gotcha! Event  TP  search
T-7 Genkai, Young Fighter Hero  TR  search
14 Genkai, the Mentor Hero/Team Leader  search
97 Genkai's Hat Item  search
24 Genbu, Master of Stone Villain  search
38 Friends Forever Item  search
80 Freak Show Event  search
4 Forlorn Hope Item  search
T-6 Flee the Arena Event  TS  search
29 Flashback Event  search
28 Final Gift Event  search
79 Fighter in Training Event  search
78 Falling Apart Event  search
77 Face of Death Event  search
T-2 Epic Showdown Event  TU  search
76 Entrapment Event  search
27 Empowered Emotions Event  search
48 Elder Toguro, Puppet Master Villain  search
17 Earth Shinobi Villain/Team Leader  search
75 Driven by Animosity Event  search
37 Dragon Pen Item  search
13 Dr. Ichigaki, the Demon Villain/Team Leader  search
T-22 Double Barrel Blast Technique  TC  search
T-8 Display of Power Event  TR  search
74 Determination Event  search
43 Desperate Assault Technique  search
110 Demonic Backbreaker Technique  search
73 Demonic Anger Event  search
72 Defiant Stance Event  search
109 Death Tree Technique  search
36 Death Seed Item  search
T-21 Dark Sphere of No Return Technique  TC  search
71 Dark Shadows Event  search
T-15 Dark Power Event  TC  search
70 Dark Glare Event  search
T-14 Confrontation Event  TC  search
12 Chu, Drunken Master Hero/Team Leader  search
108 Chorus of a Thousand Souls Technique  search
35 Captured Souls Item  search
34 Cape of No Return Item  search
26 Calling the Spirits Event  search
R-1 Burst of Power Event  search
47 Bui, Tormented Soul Villain  search
T-18 Broom Stick Item  TC  search
L-1 Botan, the Lovely Hero  search
23 Botan, the Assistant Hero  search
10 Botan's Tool Box Item  search
69 Botan's Calling Event  search
L-8 Binding Shinobi Villain  search
68 Baiting the Dragon Event  search
107 Backstab Technique  search
46 Asato Kido, Shadow Master Hero  search
106 Asato Kido's Territory Technique  search
67 And the Winner is! Event  search
25 Ancient Tactics Event  search
7 Allied Forces Event  search
66 Advantage Team Urameshi Event  search
T-12 Acid Blast Technique  TR  search
96 Ace of Spades Item  search
95 A Safe Place Item  search

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