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Gateway: 162 cards
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86 Yuu, Bookworm Hero  search
S-1 Yusuke, Raizen's Successor Hero/Team Leader  ST  search
L-1 Yusuke, Noble Fighter Hero/Team Leader  search
40 Yusuke, Entranced Hero/Team Leader  search
L-2 Yusuke's Tainted Glare Event  search
34 Younger Itsuki, Detective's Assistant Hero  search
71 Wicked Grin Event  search
T-21 Whip Mastery Technique  TC  search
20 What Friends Are For Event  search
96 Wet Shirt Item  search
95 Weapon of Destruction Item  search
T-17 Virus Carriers Event  TC  search
70 Viral Demon Insects Event  search
X-1 Ura-Otoko Technique  search
37 Tracking Device Item  search
T-20 Tough Love Technique  TC  search
19 Torture Event  search
110 Tiny Guardian Technique  search
94 The Chapter Black Item  search
69 The Arrival Event  search
32 Test of Champions Event  search
68 Team Sensui Appears Event  search
67 Taking Aim Event  search
L-9 Tag Team Event  search
9 Surprised Event  search
66 Stop it! Event  search
T-19 Splinter-Resshuuken Technique  TC  search
42 Spirit Tornado Technique  search
8 Spectacular Battle Event  search
18 Sorrow Event  search
65 Smoke Screen Catalyst Event  search
4 Sinning Tree Technique  search
64 Sinister Trap Event  search
101 Sinister Slash Technique  search
T-12 Sensui, Spirit Detective Hero  TR  search
99 Sensui, Kazuya's Personality Villain/Team Leader  search
41 Sensui, Dark Detective Neutral/Team Leader  search
31 Sensui's Energy Sphere Event  search
10 Sayaka, the Investigator Hero  search
85 Sasuga, Enchantress Hero  search
36 Rubber Slam Item  search
T-11 Recall Event  TR  search
T-3 Protecting The Innocent Event  TU  search
T-16 Possessed Event  TC  search
63 Panic Event  search
109 Palm Block Technique  search
T-15 Natural Reaction Event  TC  search
84 Murota, Mind Reader Hero  search
30 Morbid Event  search
44 Mitrai, The Seaman Villain  search
118 Mitarai, Misguided Villain  search
83 Mitamura, the Master Hero  search
T-10 Mini Game, Tennis Event  TR  search
T-9 Mini Game, Master Quiz Event  TR  search
T-8 Mini Game, Flight Shooter Event  TR  search
29 Mini Game, Action Battle Event  search
28 Metamorphose Event  search
TP-2 Meditation Technique  TP  search
27 Malice Event  search
62 Malevolent Glare Event  search
117 Makihara, Gourmet Villain  search
108 Mafuuken Technique  search
26 Madness Event  search
L-10 Mad Bomb Item  search
43 M4, Spineless Demon Villain  search
82 M3, Kai Hero  search
81 M2, Ryo Hero  search
61 Liquid Rush Event  search
107 Liquid Guardian Technique  search
60 Liquid Drill Event  search
93 Lamp Weed Item  search
119 Kuwabara, Righteous Warrior Hero/Team Leader  search
98 Kuwabara, Righteous Warrior Hero/Team Leader  search
X-0 Kuwabara, Noble Champion Hero/Team Leader  search
L-7 Kuwabara, Emotional Fighter Hero  search
L-8 Kuwabara's Tainted Glare Event  search
T-5 Kurama, Skilled Assassin Hero  TS  search
L-5 Kurama, Legendary Fighter Hero  search
80 Kurama, Entrapped Demon Hero  search
L-6 Kurama's Tainted Glare Event  search
59 Kurama's Determination Event  search
79 Koorime, Guilty Conscience Hero  search
97 Koenma, Young Ruler Hero/Team Leader  search
78 Koenma, the Determined Hero  search
39 Koenma, Disguised Leader Hero/Team Leader  search
22 Koenma's Pacifier Item  search
92 Koenma's Cloud? Item  search
77 King Yama Hero  search
76 Kenko, Cute Healer Hero  search
91 Kazuya's Pistol Item  search
116 Kamiya, the Malicious Villain  search
T-23 Kamiya, The Doctor Villain  TC  search
106 Kamiya's Territory Technique  search
75 Jorge Satome, Blue Ogre Hero  search
115 Itsuki, Demon in Love Villain  search
58 Invasion Event  search
57 Intensive Discipline Event  search
45 Imposing Evil Event  search
T-1 I Got Something For You! Event  TG  search
121 Humans on the Hunt Event  search
56 Huh??? Event  search
35 Hostage Item  search
74 Hiei, Enraged Demon Hero  search
P-1 Hiei, Determined Warrior Hero  search
L-3 Hiei, Dark Fighter Hero  search
L-4 Hiei's Tainted Glare Event  search
55 Hiei's Peaceful Stance Event  search
105 Heroic Strike Technique  search
25 Heroic Sacrifice Event  search
P-3 Head-On Assault Event  search
114 Hagiri, the Sniper Villain  search
T-22 Hagiri, The Hunter Villain  TC  search
104 Hagiri's Territory Technique  search
54 Guardians of the Human World Event  search
53 Going to Megallica Event  search
38 Genkai, Resurrected Hero/Team Leader  search
52 Genkai's Healing Event  search
T-2 Gathering of Villains Event  TU  search
7 Gateway Event  search
113 Gatasubal, Killing Machine Villain  search
T-7 Game Battler Event  TR  search
T-14 Full Tilt Event  TC  search
90 Framed Memories Item  search
3 Faces of Sensui Event  search
51 Exterminate Event  search
T-6 Energy Release Technique  TS  search
112 Elder Toguro, the Indestructible Villain  search
11 Doushi, Raizen's Messenger Hero/Team Leader  search
17 Double Block Event  search
16 Distractions Event  search
103 Discharge Technique  search
102 Devastating Combination Technique  search
T-18 Demonic Strike Technique  TC  search
21 Decoy Item  search
89 Deadly Dice Item  search
50 Dazed and Confused Event  search
2 Darkness Approaches Event  search
15 Dark Ritual Event  search
49 Dark Gambit Event  search
48 Dark Encounter Event  search
47 Cruel Punishment Event  search
P-2 Crazy World Event  search
R-2 Counter Strike Event  search
14 Contemplate Event  search
100 Consumer Technique  search
T-4 Concealed Blade Event  TS  search
88 Colorful Weapons Item  search
24 Clash of Champions Event  search
23 Champion Driver Event  search
87 Butterfly Knife Item  search
1 Bull's-Eye Event  search
73 Botan, Wise Scholar? Hero  search
33 Botan, Pilot of the River Styx Hero  search
13 Blade Storm Event  search
12 Big Brother Event  search
6 Bang! Event  search
72 Ayame, Koenma's Assistant Hero  search
5 Apocalypse Event  search
111 Amanuma, the Gamer Villain  search
T-13 Allure Event  TC  search
120 Aggression Event  search
46 Abduction Event  search

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