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8 Human World's Protectors Event  search
7 Puu Hero  search
9 Recuperation Event  search
10 Reincarnation Event  search
11 Spirit Detective Briefcase Item  search
5 Yomi, Sightless God (Upper Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
6 Yomi, Sightless God (Upper Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
TX-1 Grim Determination Event  TX  search
T-3 Gaming System Item  TU  search
T-2 Twilight Event  TU  search
T-6 Demon Energy Scanner Item  TS  search
T-4 Jin, the Wind Master Hero  TS  search
T-5 Soul Exchange Event  TS  search
T-9 Bicycle Item  TR  search
T-7 Koto, the MC Neutral  TR  search
T-10 Mother's Tear Item  TR  search
T-11 Rurimaru Stones Item  TR  search
T-8 Youda, Veteran Advisor Hero  TR  search
T-12 Yukina's Gift Item  TR  search
TP-4 Hajime! Event  TP  search
T-1 Yomi, Sightless God (Lower Right) King/Hero/Villain/Team Leader  TG  search
T-17 ..... Event  TC  search
T-13 Atsuko, Inebriated Matron Neutral  TC  search
T-21 Demonic Inhibitor Item  TC  search
T-22 Double Bladed Axe Item  TC  search
T-18 Exterminated Event  TC  search
T-19 Final Sacrifice Event  TC  search
T-14 Hokushin, Paranormal Taoist Hero  TC  search
T-15 Miyamoto Hero  TC  search
T-16 Nankai Hero  TC  search
T-23 Spirit Blast Technique  TC  search
T-20 The Past Resolved Event  TC  search
21 Body Armor Item  search
14 Daunting Inferno Event  search
15 Destined Greatness Event  search
16 Grudge Match Event  search
17 Haunted by the Past Event  search
18 Insatiable Event  search
22 Joker Item  search
19 Life Energy Transfer Event  search
12 Roto, Malicious Shapeshifter Villain  search
20 Stern Teachings Event  search
13 Yusuke, Ma-Zoku Hero/Villain  search
32 All For One and One For All Event  search
44 Battle Aura Technique  search
33 Circumvention Event  search
34 Demoralize Event  search
23 Hiei, Mukuro's General Hero/Villain  search
35 Icy Glare Event  search
36 Inhuman Potential Event  search
24 Jorge Satome, Superhero Hero  search
25 Kazuma, Kuwabara Hero  search
26 Kokou, Repressed Lover Hero  search
27 Kurama, Calm Cruelty Hero  search
37 Materialize Event  search
38 Mischief Event  search
39 Overwhelming Kill Event  search
40 Overwhelming Odds Event  search
41 Provocation Event  search
28 Raizen, Bloodthirsty Pacifist Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
42 Retaliation Event  search
29 Seiryu, Blue Dragon Villain  search
30 Shura, Mischievous Prince Villain  search
45 Tornado Fists Technique  search
43 Trident Item  search
31 Yusuke, Demonic Heir Hero  search
P-3 Mukuro's Spirit of Words Item  search
P-2 Point Blank Event  search
P-4 Sanctuary Event  search
P-1 Serenity Event  search
2 Acceptable Losses Event  search
3 Ultimate Sacrifice Event  search
1 Yomi, Sightless God (Lower Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader  search
4 Yusuke's Fury Event  search
103 Ability Theft Technique  search
104 Acid Splash Technique  search
73 Apocalyptic Prevention Event  search
105 Aura Vortex Technique  search
95 Bandages Item  search
46 Binding Shinobi, Incapacitation Master Villain  search
74 Bond of Friends Event  search
106 Bone Scythe Technique  search
107 Claw Extension Technique  search
75 Cunning Bandits Event  search
76 Defiance of Authority Event  search
96 Demon Compass Item  search
108 Demon Spiral Technique  search
109 Demonic Absorption Wall Technique  search
110 Demonic Kremastos Technique  search
77 Domination Event  search
47 Dr. Ichigaki, Corrupted Geneticist Villain  search
48 Earth Shinobi, Shrouded Leader Villain/Team Leader  search
97 Fire Extinguisher Item  search
111 Flesh Puppet Technique  search
112 Flyby Technique  search
78 Friendly Fire Event  search
49 Genwaku Kyoushu, Assassin Neutral  search
50 Gunsotsu Hero  search
113 Handstand Kick Technique  search
79 Heroic Aspirations Event  search
51 Hiei, Cursed Child Villain  search
80 Human Enhancements Event  search
81 Humanity Returned Event  search
114 Icy Battlefield Technique  search
115 Identity Theft Technique  search
82 Impeded Progress Event  search
83 Imprisonment Event  search
52 Itsuki, Yaminate Villain  search
53 Karasu, Methodical Tactician Villain  search
54 Kirin, Demonic Arts Guru Villain  search
55 Kiseichu, Parasite Demon Neutral  search
56 Kiyoshi Mitarai Hero  search
57 Komada Hero  search
58 Kurama, Strategic Leader Hero/Team Leader  search
116 Lightning Absorption Technique  search
98 Makeup Item  search
59 Mukuro, Tortured Sovereign Villain/Team Leader  search
60 Natsume, Resilient Warrior Hero  search
61 Okubo Hero  search
84 Overextend Event  search
85 Overloaded Event  search
86 Preemptive Strike Event  search
87 Raizen Supremacy Event  search
88 Reality Shift Event  search
89 Renewed Kinship Event  search
62 Risho, Earthen Master Villain/Team Leader  search
90 Ruler's Regard Event  search
63 Sasuga, Paramour Hero  search
64 Seitei Hero  search
65 Shachi, Unseated Commander Villain  search
66 Shigure, Surgeon of the Damned Villain  search
91 Shinobis Unmasked Event  search
100 Shoe Item  search
67 Shougo Satou, Sympathetic Psychic Hero  search
68 Soruja Hero  search
117 Space Tornado Hand Technique  search
118 Sphere of Protection Technique  search
92 Spirit Siphon Event  search
93 Struggle for Parity Event  search
99 Suzaku's Orb Item  search
101 Switchblade Item  search
119 Sword of Second Energy Technique  search
120 Tactical Advantage Technique  search
94 Taunt Event  search
121 Tornado Attack Technique  search
69 Touou Hero  search
70 Ura Urashima Villain  search
71 Yoko, Systematic Larcenist Villain  search
102 Yomi's Spirit of Words Item  search
72 Yomi, Reckless Thief Villain  search

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