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Echoes of the New World

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Echoes of the New World: 26 cards
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ENW-011 Ryula's Volition Chant  Uncommon  search
ENW-012 Sacred Record of Fairy Tales Chant  Common  search
ENW-015 Strange Miracle Chant  Rare  search
ENW-101 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone  Common  search
ENW-102 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone  Common  search
ENW-103 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone  Common  search
ENW-104 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone  Common  search
ENW-105 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone  Common  search
ENW-069 Abdul Alhazred, Sinister Vizier Resonator  Rare  search
ENW-036 Alice, Girl of the Blue Planet Resonator  Super Rare  search
ENW-038 Charlotte's Water Beast Construct Resonator  Common  search
ENW-037 Charlotte, Last Hope of Attoractia Resonator  Rare  search
ENW-054 Fox Spirit Resonator  Common  search
ENW-088 Kaguya, Love of the Moon Resonator  Rare  search
ENW-097 Mariabella, the True Shot Resonator  Rare  search
ENW-025 Melgis' War Beast Resonator  Common  search
ENW-008 Millium, Successor of the Future Resonator  Super Rare  search
ENW-009 Pandora, Queen of Miracles Resonator  Uncommon  search
ENW-060 Pricia, Ready for the Final Battle Resonator  Rare  search
ENW-016 Zero, The King's Blade Resonator  Rare  search
ENW-004 Book of Light Ruler  Rare  search
ENW-041 Dragon Shrine Maiden Ruler  Rare  search
ENW-068 Yggdrasil, Malefic Verdant Tree Ruler  Rare  search
ENW-099 Star Fragment Special Magic Stone  Rare  search
ENW-100 Time Altering Magic Stone Special Magic Stone  Rare  search
ENW-018 Adelbert's Crossflame Spell  Common  search
Total price for whole set:

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