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Business cards for everyone!

Self-updated business cards, and new templates for Cardfight!! Vanguard and for Buddyfight. [read more...]

Detailed card lists

When searching for cards in our database or in people's lists you can now display them with all their details for easier identification. [read more...]

Trades reactivation

You can now reactivate your Tracked Trades if they expire by mistake and both parties still want to complete them. [read more...]

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Purpose of this site

This is the place to find all those collectible cards you need. You can trade, buy and sell cards, safely and easily.

All you need is here, together with a great community of card players and collectors. Please explore the site and all its many features!

When playing card games there is often a lot of strategy involved and generally games can be quite competitive, a lot of people like to compete and play holdem card games on the web. If you are American or infact based in the U.S you will probably also be interested to know more about the legalities of internet gaming.

For even more in online card games, offers many different variations on the classic card and table games, like Omaha, Stud, and Texas Hold'em.

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Card of the Week, from Cardfight!! Vanguard

Duo Temptation, Reit

Duo Temptation, Reit, The Standing Bouncer

written by mrinal69 Premium Member send message

General description:
Aaaahhh !!! Finally this card is available on the site.I have been waiting so long for
writing this review,so guys long story short Bermuda have a New subclan and a one which quite suits their concepts The 'Duo' And it Bring... ... [read more]

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Deck of the Week, from Duel Masters

Bazagazeal Dragon

Deck "Relentless Control X" - 65 Cards for Duel Masters

built by golden_phoenix Premium Member send message

My personal RUB control deck ..... I realized that Cloned Nightmare may work better than Ghost touch so I began testing it ............ and I was right . I rarely lose with this deck and this deck have even taken out rushes and Beatdowns .

I perfectly know that this must be like the 10000th RUB Bolmeteus Control u've seen but I don't believe in Original Deck Concept ..... if a good player has introduced a good deck Archetypr then the other players should have the right to try that deck with their own card choices....

I don't think I need to explain this deck strategy at all because its clearly visible on the first look .....

This is how I deal with rush decks ............................ I may get my 2 or 3 shields broken early in the game but later on ... i slow my opponent down with Coral or aqua surfer ...... Gain a little defence on the field with blockers like Squito ... use thrash crawler both as a strong blocker and as a way to bring out a card from my mana zone to be played in the next turn ...I also tend to destroy my opponents Small creatures with Volcano charger while at the same time getting some boost on the mana to then cast Apocalypse Vise for mass removal etc ..... this continues long enough for me to setup a good field control with blockers surrounding my attackers and especially my main finisher BOLMETEUS .......... ( trust me .... u must see my matches with as such decks ... ). This deck alos has a HUGE amount of discard ....... Cloned Nightmare works great and much better than Ghost Touch ..... Cranium Clamp and lost soul are 2 of my besties for discard .......... In terms of removal .... This deck really does great as it is basically a removal control deck ........... Terror Pit MUST be kept at 4 in such controls .... not only it provides u with an awesome removal on choice ........ but also a shield trigger ........ I had space in my deck so I added Hopeless Vortex for an increased Removal ...... Blizzard of spears I mostly use when my field is empty and opponent has some tricky creatures ... also I use it and searing wave as well has the more famous Apocalypse Vise to riddle my opponents small attackers .... OR to remove some dangerous blockers like Gigaslug to allow myself to hit my opponent with Bolmeteus ....

Draw power is essential for any deck containing Water ...... I mean ofc because that's what water does ......... Energy Stream is the best drawing card for this deck and Aqua Hulcus provides me both with a good draw and as a small attacker ....... Surfer needn't to be explained ............ Mana is never a problem in this deck due to Volcano and Corpse...........

I initially used Tanzanyte at 2 or 3 but after decreasing it to 2....i increased my bolme to 3 and I got a better gameplay but then I realised that Tanzanyte ..... agianst some decks dosen'tt help u as much as bolme so Tanzanyte reduced to 1 and Bolme to 4 ........... Bazagazeal is at his best at 2.

Thrash working perfect at 4 and searing wave is also at its best at 2............miraculous plague eh ? i use it to reduce the cards in opponents mana zone and also take out annoying creatures ............ especially if they are blockers which keep me from delivering my final blow...

Rate this deck plz and suggestions are welcome........

2 x Bazagazeal Dragon [SAToIW: 75, Creature, Rare]
2 x Apocalypse Vise [TCoUD: 36, Spell, Rare]

[see more...]

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Dream Card of the Week, from Future Card Buddyfight

See the Dream Card "Hidden Mage,Bestivious"

Hidden Mage,Bestivious

created by popisback7 Premium Member send message

[Call Cost]:Pay 2 gauge and discard a card from your hand.
[]When this unit enter the field,choose one of your opponents monster and destroy it
[]When you end your turn,return this card from the field to your hand,and place the top card of your deck to your gauge.and draw a card
[]Double attack

Now you see me.....and now you dont

  • Rarity: RRR
  • Card Type: Monster
  • World: Magic World
  • Power: 6000
  • Defense: 4000
  • Critical: 2
  • Monster Size: 2
  • Attributes: 72 Pillars

[see more...]

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April 18, 2014: Business cards for everyone!
As you know, you can design your own customized business cards to print them out or to share them on the web. These cards include information about your levels, number of references, or years on the site. Now we have made them so that they update themselves automatically. This way you can post them in forums or other sites and will always show the most current data about you and your progress on our site.

Just go to the card design form and copy the new share codes. Use them in your forum signatures or as your avatar and they will always show your correct data.

We have also added new templates for the latest popular games:

March 23, 2014: Detailed card lists
When searching for cards you can now list all the details for each card so that you have all the information displayed at the same time.

New detailed format for lists of cards in our searches

This way it's easier to identify the cards you are interested in when searching our database, or other users' lists, or when looking for cards to add to your decks.

Also, when browsing our card database you can also display just the cards images for a more compact view:

New display for card lists showing all the images

February 21, 2014: Trades reactivation
Our Tracked Trade system is designed and tailored to best accommodate the whole process of trading, buying and selling through the postal mail, with the corresponding risks and delays.

Nevertheless sometimes a Trade might expire due to extraordinary circumstances, like extreme weather conditions that delay the mail, or unanticipated personal events that prevent one of the parties to send or receive on time.

To accommodate for even these exceptional cases, we have now added the option to re-activate an expired Trade so that you can continue with it and take it to completion. This option has obviously its limitations:

  • it should be used only when both parties are willing to continue with the trade or purchase,
  • can only be used once per Trade,
  • and is available only during the 5 days following the expiration of the Trade.

So, when a Trade expires you will now be offered a "Reset Trade" button that you should use if both you and the other user are willing to continue it to completion.

I hope that will help to make the trading process even smoother on our site.

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If you are looking for that card you are missing to finish your collection, or for that perfect deck, Trade Cards Online is the right place.

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You won't have to visit different forums ever so often in search for messages related to the trade you want to make. You just register, enter the cards that you have and those that you want, and our system will let you know automatically whenever another user offers for trading the collectible or trading cards you are looking for.

And with the new system of Tracked Trades you have a useful tool to register and keep track of your trades, and to know who has already traded successfully multiple times and is therefore more trustworthy.

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