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Promotional Cards

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Promotional Cards: 29 cards
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6 Big Doc's Casino Deed  search
17 Blackjacks (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
7 Bounty Hunter [Virtual card] Dude  search
18 Collegium (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
8 Crawford Talmadge Dude  search
12 Eureka?!? Event  search
13 Eye of the Storm Event  search
9 Harrowed Kenny Dude  search
1 Hit Me Action  search
15 Jack's Left Shooter Goods  search
29 Joker Special  search
20 Law Dogs (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
19 Law Dogs- Mob Justice [Virtual card] Outfit  search
10 Lilith Vandekamp Exp. Dude  search
21 Lost Angels - Guardian Angels [Virtual card] Outfit  search
16 Lucky Rabbit's Foot Goods  search
2 No Mas Action  search
11 Raymond Armstrong Dude  search
3 Readin' the Stars Action  search
22 Sioux Union (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
4 Start Again Action  search
5 Stop the Presses Action  search
14 Strange Days Event  search
23 Sweetrock (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
24 The Agency (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
25 The Flock (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
26 The Maze Rats (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
27 The Texas Rangers (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search
28 Whateley Family Estate (Mon-Backed) Outfit  search

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