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Avacyn Restored

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Avacyn Restored: 258 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
167 Abundant Growth Enchantment  search
125 Aggravate Instant  search
42 Alchemist's Apprentice Creature  search
225 Alchemist's Refuge Land  search
43 Amass the Components Sorcery  search
1 Angel of Glory's Rise Creature  search
2 Angel of Jubilation Creature  search
T1*-T5* Angel Token/Demon Token [Double-Faced Helvault Promo] Creature Token  search
T1 Angel [Token] Creature Token  search
3 Angel's Mercy Instant  search
211 Angel's Tomb Artifact  search
212 Angelic Armaments Artifact  search
4 Angelic Wall Creature  search
84 Appetite for Brains Sorcery  search
44 Arcane Melee Enchantment  search
5 Archangel Creature  search
126 Archwing Dragon Creature  search
6 Avacyn, Angel of Hope Legendary Creature  search
7 Banishing Stroke Instant  search
127 Banners Raised Instant  search
85 Barter in Blood Sorcery  search
128 Battle Hymn Instant  search
213 Bladed Bracers Artifact  search
168 Blessings of Nature Sorcery  search
86 Blood Artist Creature  search
87 Bloodflow Connoisseur Creature  search
88 Bone Splinters Sorcery  search
129 Bonfire of the Damned Sorcery  search
169 Borderland Ranger Creature  search
170 Bower Passage Enchantment  search
208 Bruna, Light of Alabaster Legendary Creature  search
8 Builder's Blessing Enchantment  search
130 Burn at the Stake Sorcery  search
89 Butcher Ghoul Creature  search
9 Call to Serve Enchantment  search
45 Captain of the Mists Creature  search
10 Cathars' Crusade Enchantment  search
11 Cathedral Sanctifier Creature  search
226 Cavern of Souls Land  search
171 Champion of Lambholt Creature  search
12 Cloudshift Instant  search
13 Commander's Authority Enchantment  search
214 Conjurer's Closet Artifact  search
90 Corpse Traders Creature  search
172 Craterhoof Behemoth Creature  search
46 Crippling Chill Instant  search
91 Crypt Creeper Creature  search
14 Cursebreak Instant  search
131 Dangerous Wager Instant  search
92 Dark Impostor Creature  search
47 Deadeye Navigator Creature  search
93 Death Wind Instant  search
15 Defang Enchantment  search
16 Defy Death Sorcery  search
132 Demolish Sorcery  search
T5 Demon [Token] Creature Token  search
94 Demonic Rising Enchantment  search
95 Demonic Taskmaster Creature  search
96 Demonlord of Ashmouth Creature  search
173 Descendants' Path Enchantment  search
97 Descent into Madness Enchantment  search
227 Desolate Lighthouse Land  search
48 Devastation Tide Sorcery  search
17 Devout Chaplain Creature  search
174 Diregraf Escort Creature  search
18 Divine Deflection Instant  search
98 Dread Slaver Creature  search
49 Dreadwaters Sorcery  search
99 Driver of the Dead Creature  search
175 Druid's Familiar Creature  search
176 Druids' Repository Enchantment  search
133 Dual Casting Enchantment  search
177 Eaten by Spiders Instant  search
50 Elgaud Shieldmate Creature  search
19 Emancipation Angel Creature  search
T8 Emblem Tamiyo, The Moon Sage Emblem  search
20 Entreat the Angels Sorcery  search
100 Essence Harvest Sorcery  search
101 Evernight Shade Creature  search
102 Exquisite Blood Enchantment  search
134 Falkenrath Exterminator Creature  search
21 Farbog Explorer Creature  search
51 Favorable Winds Enchantment  search
135 Fervent Cathar Creature  search
52 Fettergeist Creature  search
53 Fleeting Distraction Instant  search
178 Flowering Lumberknot Creature  search
242 Forest Basic Land  search
243 Forest Basic Land  search
244 Forest Basic Land  search
215 Gallows at Willow Hill Artifact  search
54 Galvanic Alchemist Creature  search
136 Gang of Devils Creature  search
55 Geist Snatch Instant  search
179 Geist Trappers Creature  search
56 Ghostform Sorcery  search
57 Ghostly Flicker Instant  search
58 Ghostly Touch Enchantment  search
103 Ghoulflesh Enchantment  search
209 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Legendary Creature  search
104 Gloom Surgeon Creature  search
180 Gloomwidow Creature  search
22 Goldnight Commander Creature  search
23 Goldnight Redeemer Creature  search
105 Grave Exchange Sorcery  search
106 Griselbrand Legendary Creature  search
181 Grounded Enchantment  search
59 Gryff Vanguard Creature  search
137 Guise of Fire Enchantment  search
138 Hanweir Lancer Creature  search
107 Harvester of Souls Creature  search
216 Haunted Guardian Artifact Creature  search
60 Havengul Skaab Creature  search
139 Havengul Vampire Creature  search
140 Heirs of Stromkirk Creature  search
24 Herald of War Creature  search
25 Holy Justiciar Creature  search
108 Homicidal Seclusion Enchantment  search
141 Hound of Griselbrand Creature  search
182 Howlgeist Creature  search
109 Human Frailty Instant  search
T2 Human [Token] Creature Token  search
T7 Human [Token] Creature Token  search
110 Hunted Ghoul Creature  search
61 Infinite Reflection Enchantment  search
62 Into the Void Sorcery  search
233 Island Basic Land  search
234 Island Basic Land  search
235 Island Basic Land  search
183 Joint Assault Instant  search
142 Kessig Malcontents Creature  search
111 Killing Wave Sorcery  search
111* Killing Wave [Avacyn Restored Gameday Prize] Sorcery  search
143 Kruin Striker Creature  search
184 Lair Delve Sorcery  search
63 Latch Seeker Creature  search
63* Latch Seeker [Avacyn Restored Gameday Participant] Creature  search
26 Leap of Faith Instant  search
144 Lightning Mauler Creature  search
145 Lightning Prowess Enchantment  search
64 Lone Revenant Creature  search
65 Lunar Mystic Creature  search
112 Maalfeld Twins Creature  search
146 Mad Prophet Creature  search
147 Malicious Intent Enchantment  search
148 Malignus Creature  search
113 Marrow Bats Creature  search
66 Mass Appeal Sorcery  search
114 Mental Agony Sorcery  search
27 Midnight Duelist Creature  search
28 Midvast Protector Creature  search
67 Mist Raven Creature  search
68 Misthollow Griffin Creature  search
29 Moonlight Geist Creature  search
217 Moonsilver Spear Artifact  search
217* Moonsilver Spear [Avacyn Restored Pre-Release] Artifact  search
30 Moorland Inquisitor Creature  search
239 Mountain Basic Land  search
240 Mountain Basic Land  search
241 Mountain Basic Land  search
218 Narstad Scrapper Artifact Creature  search
185 Natural End Instant  search
31 Nearheath Pilgrim Creature  search
115 Necrobite Instant  search
69 Nephalia Smuggler Creature  search
186 Nettle Swine Creature  search
187 Nightshade Peddler Creature  search
219 Otherworld Atlas Artifact  search
70 Outwit Instant  search
188 Pathbreaker Wurm Creature  search
71 Peel from Reality Instant  search
149 Pillar of Flame Sorcery  search
230 Plains Basic Land  search
231 Plains Basic Land  search
232 Plains Basic Land  search
116 Polluted Dead Creature  search
117 Predator's Gambit Enchantment  search
189 Primal Surge Sorcery  search
150 Raging Poltergeist Creature  search
190 Rain of Thorns Sorcery  search
151 Reforge the Soul Sorcery  search
118 Renegade Demon Creature  search
32 Restoration Angel Creature  search
32* Restoration Angel [Avacyn Restored Launch] Creature  search
191 Revenge of the Hunted Sorcery  search
33 Riders of Gavony Creature  search
34 Righteous Blow Instant  search
152 Riot Ringleader Creature  search
153 Rite of Ruin Sorcery  search
72 Rotcrown Ghoul Creature  search
154 Rush of Blood Instant  search
155 Scalding Devil Creature  search
73 Scrapskin Drake Creature  search
220 Scroll of Avacyn Artifact  search
221 Scroll of Griselbrand Artifact  search
119 Searchlight Geist Creature  search
74 Second Guess Instant  search
35 Seraph of Dawn Creature  search
228 Seraph Sanctuary Land  search
192 Sheltering Word Instant  search
210 Sigarda, Host of Herons Legendary Creature  search
36 Silverblade Paladin Creature  search
36* Silverblade Paladin [Avacyn Restored Buy A Box] Creature  search
229 Slayers' Stronghold Land  search
193 Snare the Skies Instant  search
194 Somberwald Sage Creature  search
156 Somberwald Vigilante Creature  search
195 Soul of the Harvest Creature  search
120 Soulcage Fiend Creature  search
37 Spectral Gateguards Creature  search
75 Spectral Prison Enchantment  search
76 Spirit Away Enchantment  search
T3 Spirit [Token] Creature Token  search
T4 Spirit [Token] Creature Token  search
77 Stern Mentor Creature  search
78 Stolen Goods Sorcery  search
157 Stonewright Creature  search
236 Swamp Basic Land  search
237 Swamp Basic Land  search
238 Swamp Basic Land  search
79 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Planeswalker  search
80 Tandem Lookout Creature  search
81 Temporal Mastery Sorcery  search
38 Terminus Sorcery  search
196 Terrifying Presence Instant  search
158 Thatcher Revolt Sorcery  search
39 Thraben Valiant Creature  search
159 Thunderbolt Instant  search
160 Thunderous Wrath Instant  search
161 Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded Planeswalker  search
197 Timberland Guide Creature  search
222 Tormentor's Trident Artifact  search
121 Treacherous Pit-Dweller Creature  search
122 Triumph of Cruelty Enchantment  search
198 Triumph of Ferocity Enchantment  search
199 Trusted Forcemage Creature  search
162 Tyrant of Discord Creature  search
200 Ulvenwald Tracker Creature  search
163 Uncanny Speed Instant  search
123 Undead Executioner Creature  search
124 Unhallowed Pact Enchantment  search
223 Vanguard's Shield Artifact  search
82 Vanishment Instant  search
224 Vessel of Endless Rest Artifact  search
164 Vexing Devil Creature  search
165 Vigilante Justice Enchantment  search
40 Voice of the Provinces Creature  search
201 Vorstclaw Creature  search
202 Wandering Wolf Creature  search
203 Wild Defiance Enchantment  search
204 Wildwood Geist Creature  search
83 Wingcrafter Creature  search
205 Wolfir Avenger Creature  search
206 Wolfir Silverheart Creature  search
207 Yew Spirit Creature  search
166 Zealous Conscripts Creature  search
41 Zealous Strike Instant  search
T6 Zombie [Token] Creature Token  search
Total price for whole set:

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