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Tooth and Claw

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Tooth and Claw: 20 cards
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42 Anvil of Doom Support  search
43 Blessing of Valaya Tactic  search
51 Blue Horrors Unit  search
52 Brutal Offering Tactic  search
57 Clan Moulder's Elite Unit  search
53 Cold One Chariot Unit  search
50 Dat's Mine! Quest  search
46 Dragonmage Unit  search
58 Errant Wolf Unit  search
47 Gifts of Aenarion Tactic  search
54 Grasping Darkness Tactic  search
41 Gurni Thorgrimson Unit  search
56 Gutter Runners Unit  search
45 Iron Discipline Tactic  search
49 Mob Up Tactic  search
55 Rat Ogres Unit  search
59 Reap What's Sown Tactic  search
44 Reiksguard Swordsmen Unit  search
60 Scout Camp Support  search
48 Ugrok Beardburna Unit  search

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